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Bail and Defense funds for Tre Arrow Urgently Needed

I'm doing well, staying strong, thanks to all the love and support pouring forth from everyone, and being able to connect with Indogo Girls music when I call friends in "stump town". So thank you so much,.
Thanks also to everyone who wrote on my half for the bail hearing: thank you for you kind, loving words of support and truth. At this point what we need in bail money.
If everyone who wrote a letter could donate $20 (or $50 or . . .) specifically towards the bail funds that would appreciated immensely (enternal gratitude to those who have)

To contribute for bail contact my lawyer, Tim Russel, at 250-480-1529 ASAP

My first bail hearings is Thursday, April 15 at 2pm in downtown Victoria (contact Tim for exact room number, etc.)

With all the love and support, and the daily fresh air and direct sunlight, I'm staying strong and healthy through this hunger strike (which began the day of my arrest, March 13th) in protest of this incarceration and the lack of justice and democracy with in the US government and it's supposed "judice" system. This hunger strike is also serving as a reminder of the millions of sentient beings that are suffering in North America and throughout the entire world as a result of cooperate greed and corruption, which leaves in it's wake contaminated water, poisoned air, and lack of adequate healthy food. This suffering is entirely unnecessary, it is simply a consequence of cooperate agendas which put profit, property, and dirty money above the sacredness of life on this planet. The time is now to stand up against these injustices.

thank you


to contribute specifically to bail, contact attorney Tim Russel 250-480-1529 ASAP
to contribute to Tre's Legal Defense Fund, send checks or money oreders to 125 NE 83rd PDX 97220
hmmn April 15th, how apropo . . 14.Apr.2004 12:16

tre, not taxes!

i think i just came up with a better use for my savings then paying blood money ~"taxes"~
invest in a world of change, send tre your tax payment, or tax refund!

thanks you TALDF! 14.Apr.2004 12:19


for your awsome updates and getting tre's words our, despite the despotic "justice" system!we luv you all!!

Success at Tre Arrow Bail Hearing 15.Apr.2004 18:24

Nicholas Cornell (reposted from Victoria Indymedia)

Editors - please resubmit this comment as a stand-alone article. (Error in publishing.)

April 15, 4:30 pm
Victoria, BC

An emotional line of roughly ten of Tre Arrow's friends and supporters were present at his bail hearing today. Lawyer Tim Russel presented evidence for bail including over 60 letters received from Tre's family, friends and supporters from across North America. All letters specifically refering to Tre as a kind, non-violent and loving person.

Crown prosecution presented a wanted print out from the FBI's website, apparently in an attempt to implicate Tre as a fugitive of the United States, providing possible reason for bail not to be set and Tre to remain in custody. Tre's lawyer Tim Russel was quick to point that the FBI's allegations were simply that and held no evidence of guilt in any way. He brought the court's attention to the relatively petty nature of the charges brought against him (shoplifting & providing a false name) and focused on Tre's non-violent character and clean Canadian record. In light of this, the judge set bail at $2500 Canadian Funds. Tre's release now seems contingent on an immigration hearing set possibly for Monday.

Tre's supporters erupted in tears of joy at this news and remain hopeful they will be reunited with Tre in the days to come.