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The Daily Grind: Adiós

It has been a wonderful couple of months for me and my chainsmoking rabbit. Reader response to "The Daily Grind" was better than I expected or could have hoped for, especially here at Portland Indymedia, easily the most active and vital IMC in the network. Unfortunately, I've recently run out of time to devote proper attention to the strip. Although I'll continute donating occasional items of interest to the newswire, Jacob and Lazlo must bid you all a fond adieu.

As for what the coming months have in store for us, if Bush's press conference last night was any indication, expect a spectacular meltdown. An administration this blatantly corrupt is just plain bad PR for an amoral power structure that's usually quieter about its amorality, so I have every expectation that Dubya and Co. will soon be consigned to the dustbin of American political history. But what next? John Kerry? Pffft...

It really is up to us, folks.

in solidarity,
Aaron Neathery

homepage: homepage: http://www.upsaid.com/jjackrabbit

it's been an honor and a pleasure 14.Apr.2004 12:25

indy worker drone #742

Aaron, one of the things that I feel is most important in this country and in the world is to open people up to the possibilities that exist for living and working in new ways. I felt that you helped show that someone can be inspired and choose a medium in which to express themselves and make a truly meaningful statement. I hope that you have opened some doors and minds of others to the things that they may accomplish. You have my best wishes with your current pursuits and though I cannot speak for anyone but myself I suspect that you will always have a home here and elsewhere on the indymedia network.

Thank you for all your work.

nice run jackrabbit 14.Apr.2004 12:49

empire slayer


i truly enjoyed your strip, and will be sad to see it go. the heaping pile of lies is so deep within this nation, that sometimes all we can do is laugh, work hard and hold out hope for an alternate future. you helped me remember to laugh many mornings, when all i wanted to do was crawl under a rock after looking at the headlines from the corporate whore press. be well, jackrabbit. hope to see you pop up on pdx imc every now and then.

waahh 14.Apr.2004 12:56


Thanks for the chuckles, groans, eye rolls, nods, smirks, uh-huhs, tears, guffaws, belly laughs, and honesty over the last two months. Sorry to see you go. Perhaps a full time political cartoonist is on the horizon for you? We'll give you high recommendations!

Hasta luego.

Thanks for the laughs, Aaron 14.Apr.2004 13:03


The strip was always enlightening and funny.
An ocassional visit from the Jake is better than none at all.
Looking forward to whatever you do next.

goodbye 14.Apr.2004 14:57


this makes me want to cry. i loved the daily grind... thank you.

bye bye bunny 14.Apr.2004 17:02


It was great while it lasted-I hope you continue to rattle the cage bars!

:-) 14.Apr.2004 17:41

dailygrind dailygrind@emailaccount.com

Honestly, these messages are making me misty. Believe me, I still hope to revive the angry rabbit back at the next available opportunity. If/when that opportunity comes, you'll find him right here at Portland IMC. There's so much more to say...


I already miss you! 15.Apr.2004 05:15


I'm from Switzerland and it was big luck when I discovered the daily grind a few weeks ago through www.indymedia.org. I liked your comic strips so much that I installed  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/grind.shtml as my start page. So, the first thing I saw when I started my internet was the daily grind which expressed for the most part my own opinion in a very funny, ironical way. In the internet, there are enough political texts, enough news and enough written statements - but there are absolutely not enough political cartoons like you did/do (and hopefully will do..).
I hope you find as soon as possible enough time to continue the daily grind; and remember, you even have fans in Switzerland!

Say it aint so! 15.Apr.2004 06:56


If I brought you baked goods and organice, fair trade coffee would you stay? Pens, I could donate pens and tree-free papaer . . . donations for your rent? . . .beer?
What about a _weekly_ comic, dont let the rabbit go quiet into that dark night, we love him so.
How we gonna keep the revolution going if we cant dance ~and chuckle at the sad ironies and witty observations expresses in your strip?
I loved your stip more than I can say, and hope to see it again someday

Quarterly Comic? 15.Apr.2004 07:01

toad zine@griffinsforge.com

Hey there,
We are working on starting a zine that would run quarterly, would you consider a quarterly strip??

My best wishes.... 15.Apr.2004 09:56

Tony Blair's dog

to whatever endeavor you want to pursue!

It is people like you(who use your talents
and humor to make the world a better place)
who change more minds than any "politician"
ever could.

Take care Aaron, and, May the force be with you!


Seems like I just got here 15.Apr.2004 11:28

And now Jackrabbit's going

I wish I'd figured out what that Daily Grind link was sooner. I miss Daily Grind already, too. I like Gary Trudeau okay, but it was amazing to see the stuff go on around us be treated like it was actually important enough to be tackled on a daily basis, and to see someone who can so tastefully and consistently make us smile about what isn't very easy to see much humor in. Daily Grind ought to be in major national syndication, and if it isn't
"patriotic" enough for the funnies page, it ought to be on the editorials page of major papers next to those other "unpatriotic" cartoons...

And with the reluctance that many of our leaders seem to have, to taking the same bulls by the horns, I sort of have this feeling that there won't be any shortage of fiascos that are worthy of comment, any time soon...

If we can't change your mind, Aaron, best of luck to you whatever you do, and thank you so much for the smiles and the awesome job you did with Daily Grind.