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Freedom of speech, the cops, and public schools

With all the police shootings taking place in my community I'll be damned if I'm going to sit by and do nothing.

Today started out like any other day, I woke up, got ready, and headed off to school. As I got there and waited for class to start I couldn't help but think about some fliers I saw posted up in north/north-east portland. In my opinion I think the fliers are a good step in the right direction to help make the cummunity more aware of the officers who are killing us and getting away with it. Too much talk is happening and not enough action. Yes I know talk is a good thing but lets face it, we have been talking for years and people are still getting murdered by the police.

Now when I say "action" I don't mean a protest that lasts for a few hours and then fades away (although protests do have a purpose), no. What I mean by action is taking a firm stance and not backing down. Not letting the corporate media, the police, or anyone else for that matter tell you what you are doing (like posting fliers for example) is "disgusting" or "wrong" as portland police cheif foxworth puts it.

Its not. You have the legal right to.
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