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10 Years of the Northwest Forest Plan (PART I)

Tuesday marks the 10 year anniversary of the Northwest Forest Plan, a Clinton-era rule enacted to address the decline of the Northern Spotted Owl and (supposedly) to create a truce in the "Timber Wars" of the 1980's and early 1990's. Although lambasted by radicals and criticized by some mainstream environmentalists, loss of support from big green groups on fighting the plan eventually led to its enactment. While creating some protections, the Plan mandated that logging continue on 1,000,000's of acres of publicly owned National Forests. The Plan allowed for major loopholes, such as the infamous Salvage Logging Rider. Old-growth logging - with taxpayer funded corporate welfare subsidizing the destruction - continued, as did grassroots resistance. The rule of profit over life remained unchanged.

Enter Bush II.

Of W's innumerable, well-documented environmental rollbacks, his changes to forest policy are amongst the most severe. Bush has made Cascadia a special focus, visiting us (1, 2) under the strangest circumstances when he announces new forest-death laws. What little protection the Northwest Forest Plan offered is now in shambles, with the elimination of rare species and aquatic protections under the plan.

Stay tuned for Part II: "10 Years of Cascadian Eco-Resistance" in the coming days...

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[NOTE: This was written by the Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network - the web server (which includes several of the sites below) is temporarily down! Contact 503-493-7495}

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yarding claws
yarding claws
DEMOCRATS passed the healthy forest initiative 13.Apr.2004 13:46

not a liberal

i am sick and tired of liberals whining about BushBushBush when it comes to forest issues. the biggest rollback was a piece of legislation put together and pushed and passed by DIANE FEINSTEIN, DEMOCRAT OF CALIFORNIA, and RON WYDEN, DEMOCRAT OF OREGON. Bush tried for 2 1/2 years to pass his healthy forest initiative, and couldn't do it. it took DEMOCRATS to sell out our forests.

Ron Wyden takes more money from the timber industry than any other politician except Bush, and is oppressive toward the forests in a state where the majority of people are against commercial logging on public lands.

this BlameBush and forget about the Democrats game is useful for those wanting to kick Bush out of office, but not for those of us who want to change the SYSTEM that destroys the forests. That system is run by Democrats and Republicans working together, and not working together unhappily either.

This story has some good facts, but the Bush-bent is myopic and, in the long term, dangerous.

O2, Rogue & CR 13.Apr.2004 14:23


Rogue IMC, Cascadia Rising and the Oxygen Collective's websites will all be back up by noon on Wednesday the 14th.

all too true! 13.Apr.2004 17:35

cascadia rising eco-defense network person moonwort@cascadiarising.org

All too true about the democrats, Bush's plans (and they we're his, well, more acurately the timber industry's) to begin with would never have passed without the democrats support. And of course the whole northwest forest plan - as discussed in the article - was a Clinton project, and was a tradegy for not even providing strong protection for old growth. Nontheless, Bush's anti-forest and anti-enviro activities are stunningly worse than Clinton's, although the democrats do get bad guy points for doing their very best to appear pro-environment when the truth is both party's are horrific.

demonizing bush distracts from the real issues 13.Apr.2004 20:24

not a liberal

responding to "cascadia rising eco-defense network person", you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the timber industry. indeed, it is they, and not bush, who are to blame. corporate greed, in control of the political process.

just to review some history (courtesy of jeffrey st. clair), when clinton entered office, there was an injunction against any commercial logging on public lands in the northwest. this injunction was put in place by a REAGAN-APPOINTED judge. first thing clinton does when he gets into office, environmentally speaking, is work successfully to get that injunction overturned.

bush, on the other hand, had to work for 2 1/2 years to get anything done against the forest, and only -- ONLY -- under the leadership of the DEMOCRATS. bush's rhetoric and plans are worse than clinton's but his record has yet to measure up.

i really dislike how in election years like this, all the blame is put on individual politicians, when the problem is a system, in this case monopoly capitalism. go ahead and get bush out of office. will that save the ecosystems of cascadia? no, it won't. only community effort and direct action will do that (and yes i've been involved in those things). efforts at building those efforts and executing those actions always go by the wayside during election years as everyone loses sight of the truth and focuses on a personality or one party. it disgusts me. it really really disgusts me.

by focusing so much on bush, the poster of the original article is doing long-term harm to the forests. more energy should go into bottom-up tactics (which work) rather than top-down ones (which rarely do).

see you in the roots.

??? 13.Apr.2004 20:24


Didn't Wyden have something to do with the cancellation of Eagle Creek? Some of you may not have been forest activists long enough to remember that. Other than that he deserves little credit for doing anything to preserve forests.

only community effort and direct action 13.Apr.2004 21:36


Those who urge us to abandon the evidence of our own eyes, and to vote the next plastic messiah, are lackies of the oppressor.

couple of things 13.Apr.2004 22:14


"not a liberal" the person who wrote the comment you said "hit the nail on the head" WAS the original poster - both were me! Totally appreciate your concerns: to clarify, my intention in the feature was to draw attention BOTH to Clinton and Bush's anti-environmental politics; the first paragraph all refers to Clinton bad stuff, the second all to Bush. It was actually explictly my point to draw attention to both - it even says that under Clinton's plan "The rule of profit over life remained unchanged". Sorry if that was somehow less than clear...but I assure you we're in agreement on the issue!

As for Wyden, as a friend of mine put it Wyden's enviro scorecard is about 2 in the plus column and ten in the hole: His support for the Healthy Forest Initiative more than undoes his advocacy for protections on Mt. Hood. His new wilderness proposal pales in comparison to the 1984 Oregon Wilderness Bill - which was made by a very conservative, anti-enviro republican. And yes, I have been a forest activist long enough to remember Eagle....