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Pulling up and Identifying the Roots

I live in North Portland. I am white. I am not the only white person living in North Portland, seems that I feel more and more comfortable every day as new white people move into this neighbourhood for its cheap rent and its diverse culture. Just the other day there were a bunch of white people, that looked like yuppies, walking around only a block away from a "gang-related" murder...but they werent scared, they felt safe.

I would like to think that a large part of the minority community tension is directly related to the middle class/well-off youung white people moving in to their neighbourhoods. They are coming up here with no regard for the community as it was, they just want to be by their friends, the new art galleries and the new restaurants. By doing this, they are raising property values (which translates into higher rents for those that dont own their homes).

These already impoverished/low-income minorities find themselves in a pickle. Their community is going to white, their rent is being raised and they can either pack up and move to St. Johns or Vancouver for cheaper rent, or they can stay where they have been until they have no choice. But if they move, it doesnt stop or even dent this machine that is driving them away, it is called GENTRIFICATION.
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