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Food Not Bombs Int'l Gathering CANCELLED

The International Food Not Bombs (FNB) Gathering has been cancelled. Due to poor planning and a lack of time there will NOT be an International Gathering in or around New York City in the week before or during the Republican National Convention.

FNB organizers across the United States worked with FNB people in NY to come to this conclusion. There was alot of intense discussion that went on between the people in NY and outside of NY...the only clear choice was to halt the planning for this and do more local organizing.

Along those lines, FNBers have began planning smaller regional gatherings before the RNC so that people can connect and share ideas/visions about the future on FNB. The first of which is the Rustbelt Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio. There are also plans to have a gathering in Richmond Virginia towards the beginning of July.

FNBers are also talking about a gathering in Boston, but they also have they Democratic National Convention to deal with in the middle of July. There is an infrastructure of at least a national (empire based) FNB network that will help plan future gatherings and events.

Portland FNB activists have also began discussing a local FNB network. Currently There is a serving each day in Portland at either the North Park Blocks or O'Bryant Square. The servings start between 5pm and 5:30pm generally. Soon there will be contact information for each Portland FNB to help get people involved and hopefully to make FNB into a more efficient tactic.