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two more dead men, no more answers

First ONE, then TWO more men were shot dead in the north/northeast Portland corridor over the weekend.

"netrunner" says:

"i knew the shooting victim that died fri. night since he was in grade school. i coached and watched him play basketball through mid-school and high school. Julio was american indian from the warm springs indian reservation of oregon. my family and i often leave the rez to visit the city, and for years my advise has been to beware of the police AND the gangsters, try not to get pulled over, (obey all the rules of the road), and stay out of certain neighbor hoods, unless it's absolutely neccesary. julio was probably the last person in the world that deserved to get shot in the head, and i know that someone knows something. whoever that is, please come forward."

Meanwhile, as murders go unsolved, and known multiple-homicide perpetrators plea-bargain their cases down to who-knows-what, Our Fearless Leaders are busy creating new drug crimes ...