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Ellis Excessive Force Appeal Goes to Full Hearing

Independent Police Review Division (IPR) held its monthly meeting in Portland City Hall. CRC meetings are open to the public.

On the CRC's agenda at this meeting was Bill Ellis, a Portlander in his mid-20s, who appealed the IPR's denial of his claims of excessive force against numerous Portland police officers during a war protest on March 25, 2003. Video taken by several cameras at the scene on SW Fifth Avenue and Taylor Street show Portland police officer Leo Besner approaching Ellis on a bicycle. As Ellis ambles up the sidewalk, protest sign in hand and accompanied by a large group of peaceful protestors, officer Besner instructs him to 'come here.' Seconds later, Besner grabs Ellis' arm and swings him out into the street, throwing Ellis off-balance as Ellis tries to avoid falling over Besner's bicycle. Ellis is body-blocked, slammed head-first into the pavement, handcuffed, and pepper sprayed in the eyes from point blank range while dozens of stunned demonstrators look on in disbelief. [ READ MORE... ]

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