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Two Shootings Stun Portland Neighborhood

The violence that keeps us down continues. North Portlanders, we have to come together to stop these murders. Why are we slaughtering one another like cattle? We have to reject gangs and their repression - and that's what this violence is, a form of repression. When gangbangers from Los Angeles, Seattle, out of town come here to prey on us, let's send them right back. This is one area where we need a truce with the police - if you know who killed these people, come forward. Let's get these gangbangers off our streets before they repress all the hope out of us.
Residents and police are reeling after two shootings consume the same Portland neighborhood.
Late Friday night Portland police searched for a suspect or suspects at the scene of a fatal shooting at North Vancouver Avenue and Dekum.

Witnesses of the evening shooting said five gunshots were heard around 8:50 p.m. and a man was removed from a car with a gunshot wound to his head.

Police believe a black man in his 30s was shot in the driver seat of his car while parked in a driveway.

Neighbors said they are fed up with the shootings, and want people who are protecting killers to come forward.

"The key is, people need to start telling what they see because that's the only way we're going to stop these murders around here," said resident Linda Logan. "Otherwise the murders will continue. Everybody in the community needs to help say what they see."

Police are also investigating a deadly shooting that occurred blocks away from Friday night's shooting in north Portland.

That shooting happened around 2:00 p.m. at a bus stop on the corner of North Albina and Killingsworth.

The victim, a male, was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police searched for a suspect but they do not know whether one or more people were involved in the shooting.

"We do know that there were some people seen running from the location. We've established a fairly large area that we've cordoned off and are doing a dog track at this point in time," Cheryl Robinson with the Portland Police Department said.

Witnesses said they saw several men running south along Albina Street after the shooting.

Friday night, officials said evidence suggests the shootings were not related.

Police are asking anyone with useful information to come forward because they believe suspects could still be in the neighborhood.
the police are gangsters 10.Apr.2004 21:23


chase the cops out of town first, if you want to stop violence.

the real gangsters 11.Apr.2004 03:30


The real gangsters are the actual gangsters, kid. They kill fifteen or twenty every year, the cops kill one. That's a problem, but when the bullets start flying here in NP it's probably not the cops doing the shooting. We've got a gang problem, and we've got dozens of dead in the past few years to show for it.

police focus 11.Apr.2004 07:55

regular person

Maybe if the police concentrated on real crime rather than pulling people over for doing what white/rich drivers do all the time without adverse consequences, people wouldn't be getting murdered.
The disconnect between police actions that foster distrust for the PPB and police officials' cry for information from the public is phenomenal. As long as the PPB continues to hold back information and resist independent investigation of its officers' conduct, there will be little trust for the police and justifiably so. If officers are behaving honorably & humanely & according to law and police policy, as Robert King would have us believe, what do they have to hide?

this comment will be debunked by everyone 12.Apr.2004 01:26


cops. gangstas. violence. first of all, let me say how silly i think it is that there is all this hardcore animosity against cops. yes alot of them are PiGs. my point is, as soon as something goes down, against YOU, who do you usually rely on to find and arrest the perpetrators? the motherfuckin cops, that's who. when your car gets stolen or your house is broken into or whatever. i'm not writing this article though to support the police. i'm commenting on violence. if we really want the violence to come to an end, it has to come to an end inside everyone of us. otherwise, it's self-perpetuating. yeah, i know, it's a bunch of drippy hippy bullshit. it sounds so cliche to say such things, but dammit, it's the truth. rallying against the government, protesting this and demonstrating that are only gonna go so far until you come full circle in that vicious cycle. in the end you're puking your brains out because your so fucking dizzy. fo real ya'll, the only way its gonna happen is if it happens inside. otherwise people are still gonna lie, cheat, and steal. it's violence. and violence is alot more than just beating someone's ass or getting murdered. doesnt matter who does it, gangstas, or cops. it's violence no matter what. we all bleed the same color inside.

your ignorant neighbor 12.Apr.2004 06:03

would like to know what's going on

Anybody here know the victims? Anybody have any background info about ongoing neighborhood conflicts? What makes anybody think somebody's coming in from out of town to kill people? Help us out here. Some of us don't know shit.

black on black...black on any color 12.Apr.2004 09:13


i knew the shooting victim that died fri. night since he was in grade school. i coached and watched him play basketball through mid-school and high school. Julio was not black, he was american indian from the warm springs indian reservation of oregon, but chances are that he was shot and killed by a black. the empathy that i did have for the blacks and their "troubles" with the portland police, is now very little and next to gone. my family and i often leave the rez to visit the city, and for years my advise has been to beware of the police AND the gangsters, try not to get pulled over, (obey all the rules of the road), and stay out of certain neighbor hoods, unless it's absolutely neccesary. julio was probably the last person in the world that deserved to get shot in the head, and i know that someone knows something. whoever that is, please come forward.

Ever notice all black on black crime is called "gang-related?" 12.Apr.2004 11:20

Teddy Ruxpin

Just noticed that every time a black person shoots another black person, the media and police automatically call it gang-related. It is not possible that some crimes are just crimes? I find it hard, very hard, to believe that every criminal who is black is a member of a gang.

When white people shoot each other, it is called "murder," but when black people do it everyone calls it "gang-related shootings," before checking to see if either the victim or the killer are in gangs.

Ok, just a thought. I will quit rambling now.

Crazy Life 08.Jun.2004 13:30

Lil Loco 13 kcksur13@yahoo.com

Check this out ese, I'm from the 13 , you want to stop me you have to kill me thats the truth ese we'll never stop gangbanging sorry to break it down for you and all but you vato are dreaming portland is geting big so will my hood so fuck you. but to slow it down and help young kid out you must understand the hood. The pigs (Cop) don't understand us that why that can't stop us. Find someone who lived the life who understands us then maybe then you'll have a chance. Sometime i want to help out but i can't i just don't want my people and little kids to see what i saw. force on the kid think about the furture not the past and now that wont help. SS-C 13

lil loco 13? 06.Aug.2004 23:08


yeah, lil loco 13.

the streets of portland are so hard to live on and i'm sure you have it SOOOOOOoooOOo badly in this overgrown suburb of itself they call the rose city. grow up, get an education, get a job, and stop acting like you're an extra in some post-apocalyptic movie. you're a cliche. maybe if you understand THAT your "people and little kids" won't have to see what you've seen. stop letting the self-perpetuating stereotypes rule who you are. it makes you just as useless as the cops you generalize. maybe you and your little gang friends should use your bonds to form a mutual daycare centers, or non-voilent activities for everyone in the gang so you can take turns working and keeping your kids off the streets so they don't have to live the life you do, instead of thinking in the short term, losing your temper and condining shooting someone for some minor infraction of your "honor code" or whatever. if you know the principles that are causing your life, and the lives of your family to be so hard, then you can change them.

start with this book  http://www.twbookmark.com/books/34/0446677450/chapter_excerpt10368.html basic sociology 101 kinda stuff. check the library or go to powells or something.

then do something and stop friggin' whining. you obviously have enough time and money to a) surf the web and b) have internet access, and enough intelligence to find an independent media source. surely you have enough of all to realize that gang violence is stupid and just causes more gang violence.

Parts of north portland are truly ridiculous. my boyfriend and i jokingly have played a game called "gunfire or fireworks". little did we know, that's actually what we were playing.