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Message From Tre Arrow

Hello to everyone, I am alive and kicking behind these wall and bars. I'm staying strong.
Part of the reason I am staying strong is all the love and support pouring forth from folks.
No matter what kind of darkness the establishment tries to supress us with, they can't pierce the Light.
they can't stop the love, the consciousness, awareness. And the Truth will prevail.

Time is now to rise up, stand together, and oppose the injustices that are being committed, not just against activists, but the thread of life on this precious Earth.

When the film The Corporation (independent Canadian film) comes to town please go see it, and bring everyone you know. Together we will stop them, stop the corporate corruption, and create a healthier, more just planet for every living thing.

Peace, I love you all

Tre Arrow

4216 Wilkinson Road, Victoria, BC V8z 5B2

address: address: Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund 125 NE 83rd Portland, Ore 97220

Justice Will Be Served 10.Apr.2004 10:12

James Burton

I can not wait until Justice is served to you. Criminal acts against "Them" is setting back the movement for sound mangement of our forest for all of "Us".


chill JB 10.Apr.2004 10:56


easy there, tiger... he hasn't had a trial yet.

Hey Tre!!! 10.Apr.2004 11:17


Caught your act on the ledge... Thanks.

I support your intentions, but regretfully, not your methods.
The whole point (to me) is the ending of destruction. I cheered when you sat on ledge and showed us how to stand up!!! I was saddened when I heard that you put down the banner of truth and peace and (allegedly) picked up a fire bomb. What happened? You know that violence is a tool of our enemies. You know about Ghandi's path.

Also, the movement will not be served by your death. We need people who are willing and able to speak truth to power. People like you!!!

In the next phase of your journey, return to the path, put down your burdens and dance with us, we are missing you.

what? 10.Apr.2004 13:25

you know.

are you fucking kidding me? i was reading this like it was a call to arms, but it was a call to consumerism... While I am sure the corporation is a good film and that it is something we should all go see, should our brother and friend of the earth, enemy of "free people", be sending letters telling us to go see a movie?

or should he be telling us to stay strong, that we are out here for him and now that he is away others need to not only pick up the slack, but tighten the fucking rope and bbear down on our oppressors. but, no, i am going to see a movie. i hope I am not the only one that sees this as just silly.

perhaps it is a late april fools joke, you know? i am sure letters dont get out of prison very fast.

Refocusing This Thread 10.Apr.2004 14:21


First, as .. states above, there has been no trial yet. So it's a little premature for anyone to be chastising Tre for his "methods," thank you very much.

Second, what the fuck?

Are we to simply lay down and die in front of the chainsaws and the corporate machine? Are we to "dance" our way out of this madness? Tre cannot "put down his burden" because to do so would leave the state of the world in the hands of people who think we can just smile pretty at it and it will all go away. It won't.

If you really want change, if you really want to stop the machine (and if you want to survive, then you want to stop the machine), you must realize it will take work and sacrifice. We can't just dance it away.

I make no guess about whether Tre committed the acts he's charged with or not. I neither know nor care. The fact is, Tre is a comrade who deserves our support and solidarity, whether he torched the trucks or not. And, if he didn't, then whoever did also deserves our support and solidarity.

I can't believe I need to spell this out, but vandalizing log trucks is NOT an act of violence. If you continue to allow the corporate machine to frame this story for you like that, then you will never be free of it. Violence is death and injury to others. Ripping down a forest ecosystem, that's violence. Killing thousands of trees in a day, and all the species whose survival depends upon them, that's violence. Attacking someone who has climbed into one tree to save it, and then causing him to fall 100 feet to the ground, that's violence. Using guns and tanks and pepper spray to keep people from speaking against the destruction, that's violence. Encarcerating every voice against this insanity, that's violence.

It's a sad irony that so many people who pretend to want change are squeamish about ever actually doing anything to attain that change. And it's sickening that anyone who pretends to be a friend of the forest would take this opportunity to chastise Tre Arrow, whether you think he vandalized some log and cement trucks or not. You wait for someone else to make the changes you long for, and then you look down on them for getting their hands dirty. While you're off "dancing," the forests are falling. Until you're willing to get up and really do anything at all to stop those trucks from claiming the last remaining trees, until you are willing to stand up to the timber industry that is converting our very world into their profits, you have absolutely no room whatsoever to pass judgement on what Tre, or anyone else, may or may not have done in defense of the forest.

it might be an inspiring movie, with 10.Apr.2004 14:22


facts that many in the movement don't have, and methods of fighting the system. it so, that's legitimate. it will be hard to criticize his recommendation until you see what it is that he is recommending.

perhaps you don't know that ghandi's nonviolent methods alone were not what liberated india. please stop trotting out that tired line, without the facts of history. right next to ghandi was a movement that resisted with force. same with south africa. same with the black liberation movement in our own country.

ahh...tactics! 10.Apr.2004 17:23


Hello tre! don't know if you can get online to read any of this, but I wanted to wish you well.
regarding this thread:
I hope that the day comes when all people working for social/environmental change (me included) will be able to understand criticism regarding tactics. From the direct action folks to the policy folks. all directions are reliant on each other to create lasting change.

i truly understand the pain of cat woman when she weighs the violence of a few trucks against the ecosystem of many forests. It is a huge sacrifice to lay one's self for another human, species, or just a noble idea. I personally am not interested in seeing my fellow humans have to sacrifice their lives. I don't want to support martyrdom or see the young sacrificed on trees anymore. Too many of my friends have lost their fervor from long hard battles in the trees, realizing that without their life, how can they sustain. to consent to this behavior seems incredibly unsustainable as activists. violence is violence straight up. whether against a logging company or the forest.

Also, we have the capacity to inflict violence on our own selves, willingly. At what point do we stop and recognize that violence stops with us choosing to stop lashing out against 'the other'; lawyer and treesitter, neighbor and messy yard neighbor, poor and wealthy. not just buddhist 'meditate on peace and the world will know peace' stuff; peace of body, speech, mind and in action. It is hard work that each of us must reflect on our contribution toward.

Anyway, ultimately I am interested in seeing forest and community activists use their brains and their bodies, learning to be sustainable and love the work through the tactics they choose. I am willing to support lots of diverse methods, and truly endeavor to dedicate my will and spirit toward holistic goals. thanks for all the amazing work that all of you do in this world that goes un thanked. I see it and thank you now.

still 10.Apr.2004 17:44


people are still being attacked by police state.cops still act like theyre perfumed gods.see police harassment every day in bellingham wa. theyre treating people like its a shhep pen.the whole city

Charla: I refuse to call damage to an 10.Apr.2004 18:21


inanimate object "violence." I will call the physical assaults inflicted on animals in labs, and hunted animals in forests, and other animals and people being physically assaulted "violence." Please don't spread the lies of the ignorant. "Violence" is sensibly defined as directed a living being.

to 'heyubob' 10.Apr.2004 18:34

i'm really sorry, but -

it's spelled G_a_n_d_h_i,

not "Ghandi".

Tre - we support and admire you, and we hear your message - stay strong, brother.

submission hold 10.Apr.2004 23:18

scott thompson

if i use a submission hold against someone that has both hands clamped around my neck, is that "violence?" if i can twist their fingers back, even break them to make sure that they don't grab me again.... oh, wait, no actual humans were harmed in the crimes tre is charged with. how do the postings from the faux gandhi's get here since portland jail has no internet access, and of course they must be out there everyday getting sheepily arrested.

the one's I've seen who are 10.Apr.2004 23:37


constantly preaching Gandhi are doing NO-THING. Really, nothing. They go to a rally every now and again, but they're not out there on a consistent basis, being called to activism. They're not out there on the front lines, but they *enjoy* criticizing those who do quite a bit, from the comfort of their living rooms with their laptops. Nice.

wasting time and space 11.Apr.2004 00:41

shut up already

This guy Tre is a total flake. Why is Indymedia wasting the space on this oxygen thief when the police are gunning down citizens? (I realize it's open publishing, but does it always have to be a feature) Aren't there more important things?

to 'p' and '*' 11.Apr.2004 01:03


it will be equally hard to convince me that the verbal judgement you both generate does not relate to a general isolation you feel toward the world that ultimately condones more violence. i do not consider my words lies, only my perspective. to purposefully insult generates violence, and won't bring us toward mutual understanding. Besides, it's not like I don't understand the impulse to destroy objects--sure, all my human models teach me that--but (and here is where it might get fun) isn't the point to generate mutual understanding, or at least evolve beyond what the world bombards me with daily?

If I destroy something important to you and expect that that destruction will teach you to live without it doesn't bring forth a dialogue (about consumption or whatever)--only marginalizes. And that is fine I guess, if that is the goal. I even understand the concept of concurrency of tactics. but when does a whole strategy ever get discussed? are the folks 'on the front lines' really psyched to be there? how does this effect their sense of spirit and contribute to so much cynicism? I have so many observations of what being on the 'front lines' does to the soul--

it's like war--so awful and full of memories that don't erase easily.
even more, i believe that gandhi was actually violent not only to himself but indirectly advocated for it. he was not passive. a passionate spirit that sometimes lost control. read it. he was a crazy f*cker. sure there is wisdom there; and also perfect martyrdom.
There are so many dying to emulate this way, but it takes much more personal exploration to do that kind of work, and leaving it to the angry, in my opinion is not safe.
all my talk of martyrdom makes me remember that it's f*cking easter martyr weekend. too much catholicism in my life. i'm so over it! so over it.

Tre may be alot of things but he is not my f*cking role model hero for how to be effective. Though i do wish him courage & strength. he is going to need it.

Bourgeous liberals just don't get it 11.Apr.2004 11:46


while you're talking to yourself with candles and jacking off to the self-righteous teachings of bourgeousie Gandhi, I'll be working for change.

I could go into a million different reasons why Gandhi did very little to change anything but the conscousness of some rich people, but I won't. Oral history and books do that well enough if you ever would bother to pick one up or talk to the people who are actually being oppressed. Is India free? According to the folks I work with who immigrated from there, Gandhian tactics have been doing nothing for the last 30yrs. In fact, people who participate in satyagrahi tactics are just killed off and no one is even hearing about it(not even there, really). Who has actually successfully brought revolution? Oh yeah, the working class people who fought for it. Yes, in schools where the curriculum is designed by and for the upper class, they will give the credit to the bourgeous heros(Gandhi/MLKing). Because they fear their power actually being challenged. A subserviant, non-violent working class is certainly eutopia TO THEM. You must dig a little deeper into history and get past all that crap(and living in a few houses with some working class people wouldn't hurt). Direct action gets the goods, always has, always will. Of course "activists" who come from middle to upper class homes will fear revolution. Revolution to them means their racist grandma and their capitalist dad might not be so well off. These "activists" want us to be patient with their oppressive friends and relatives. Wait around for change to come from these "activists" getting through to their people with their tactics. The upper class would like us to beg for our freedom and promise we'll be good boys and girls if we get it. It's not up to them. It's up to us. It's time to burn the plantation and take our freedom back.

Violence v. Vandalism 11.Apr.2004 15:34

Portland resident

I'm glad someone else brought up the meaning of the word "violence." While the dictionary definition of the word might not provide explicit support, I've always felt that the word "violence" should be reserved for actions that harm people or other living things. Where only non-living, inanimate objects are harmed, words like "vandalism" or "sabotage" are more appropriate. Using the word "violence" too loosely erodes its significance.

Agh 11.Apr.2004 16:45


Support each other!

Don't let in-fighting destroy our movement. If you don't support Tre then don't support him, why try to get everyone else to leave him hanging? Gandhi didn't liberate India, India is still fucked. Just ask the World Bank or Union Carbide.

Good luck Tre, we're working on helping you out.

Let's go out and save some damn forests, there's a lot of work to do this summer and it's not gonna get done if we don't form solidarity with each other and take each other's words of advice as advice, not commands. Let's listen to each other, support each other, and push full force against the one's who hold us down.


blowing up trucks 11.Apr.2004 18:19

what did it accomplish?

If tre fire bombed the trucks or not what happened as a result of the destroyed vehicles? Some bad media coverage? Maybe....the time isn't right to be resorting to these tactics and I can't speculate when that time will be. From what I've seen in the states here...people don't know the first thing about non-violent civil disobedience. It doesn't work becaues it isn't being done. People are scared shitless of the cops and of spending time in jail, having this fear how do expect to confront the empire? We have to be smarter than they and let them have their bombs and guns. break a window...blow up a truck...can't we all just grow up.

to 'shut up already' 11.Apr.2004 20:27

who's the waste of O2?

here is your mentor:

Grow up... to be what exactly? 11.Apr.2004 23:01


"Let them have their bombs and guns"


Wow. What martyrdom! Jesus has nothing on you. You WANT an unequal struggle? If they have weapons and you don't, guess who gets killed, maimed, imprisoned and raped? Hint: certainly not them.

Catwoman is right. Solidarity is needed now. Whether you are believe in Tre's tactics or not, To those who sell out anyone who has tactics that differ from yours: grow up. Support activists, not the police state. Being obedient has never changed official (or private) policy. Ever.

if I could clarify 11.Apr.2004 23:24

shut up already

As I said, there are armed thugs (the police) gunning down fellow citizens, an illegal war being waged in our name, and all this space is being wasted on this total son of a bitch, Tre Arrow. For christ's sake, the guy was caught shop lifting while supposedly in hiding, if it says anything about his intelligence.

OK 11.Apr.2004 23:29

I'll shut up now

I'll lay off on the negativity now, just voicing some frustration. (See "if I could clarify" and "wasting time and space")

Thanks Charla 12.Apr.2004 00:50


I think the hostile nature of most posts and discussion on this site really speaks to the need for the kind of thoughtfulness you are advocating. While I appreciate being able to access alternative media and discussions here, I often am left feeling completely turned off and discouraged by the culture of violence and hostility that comes through most posts. I'm not referring to tactics (I don't think property destruction against corporations is violence) but in terms of how we treat other people. How are we supposed to challenge the current state of war and environmental destruction when we can't even speak to each other like human beings or disagree without attacking one another?

Anyway, thanks for being a rare voice of compassion and speaking to some of the things this community really needs examine if we are ever to create the kind of world most of us would want to live in.

StevetheGreen 12.Apr.2004 07:19

Catwoman said it all!

The reverse logic that is used by some "liberal critics" on this thread is indicative of the uphill battle we must fight, not only against the capitalist machine but the liberal mindset that has bought into what they tell us are the "acceptable rules of dissent".

Perhaps this rooted in the same denial that refuses to acknowledge one's own role in this consumer society and the ecopocalyspe that is now upon us.

But whatever it's roots, it is wrong.
If you decide to abide by the rules of the system which is refusing to represent you and who is slowly killing you, that is your decision and you should save your judgement of those who are not willing to stand idlely by as you have chosen to do through rationalizations of self preservation.

Stopping the destruction of our planet for short term profit is not just admirable, it is paramount to our very survival. Burning up log trucks and SUV's may only have some symbolic meaning in the final analysis, but then aren't most things we do to expedite change?

The Boston tea party was not going end unfair taxation in and of itself.
Rosa Parks refusing to go to the back of the bus was not going to stop racism in and of itself.
Emma Goldman's attempts to bring focus to women's rights was not going to stop sexism in and of itself.
The black panthers show of force was not going to stop police oppression in of themselves.
The anti-war protests in the 60's were not going to stop the war by themselves.

All of these actions were but small pieces of the greater struggle.
But all of these pieces were the catalysts for the greater movements.

It is people like Tre who make the ultimate sacrifice in an effort to get the ball rolling.

Liberal supporters of the status quo need to take a step back and judge their own lack of action before they judge the tactics of those who refuse to use rationalizations.

Hey 12.Apr.2004 08:30


Tre can write all he wants, but we can all sleep better knowing that his days of eco-terrorist activities have come to an end.

DON'T WORRY... 12.Apr.2004 12:08


"Tre can write all he wants, but we can all sleep better knowing that his days of eco-terrorist activities have come to an end."

...there are others who would fill his place.

On Tactics 12.Apr.2004 12:30


In response to some of the arguments going on tactics, as a Pacifist of 18 years I would like to say a thing or two about non-violence. Passive resistance is not rolling over and dying. I recall mention many years ago about the effectivness of passive resistance. The story that comes to mind first is in reguards to ww II. During the assault on Britain the Nazis invaded, I believe it was Norway (though to be honest my memory fails me a bit and it may have been Sweden) to get another direction of asswault on the British Isles. In the middle of the night The people of the occupied country went out and destroyed all their train tracks depriving the enemy of the quick attack route that they desired. To all of you critisizing the destruction of property to combat the destruction of life I ask you was what I just described an act of violence? I hope not. Because when we lose sight of the difference between the damage of a living being and property damage... we might as well give up as we have already defeated our selves.

Agreed, Andi. I don't 12.Apr.2004 16:43


know what it takes for people to get that. Most self-proclaimed pacifists like to do it the easy way--take snipes from their computers towards people who are out there doing the real work.

Hey, and you who consider "violence" to mean scratching a logging truck--keep doing whatever you're doing--just stop trying to tear down the others who are doing their activism even though it's too radical for you.

So, Andi... 12.Apr.2004 17:12


You wouldn't have defended yourself against the invaders? You would have attacked only train tracks? In 20/20 hindsight, we now know that nazis would have killed socialists, gays, unionists, jews, gypsies, etc in their death camps after catching them. So any attack on them would have been self-defense. Do you believe in ever defending yourself? Would you be passive if your family was being attacked, raped, etc?

bunch of whiners...? 12.Apr.2004 19:18


Quit your whining. This is from Canada. Tre Arrow was braver than most at a critical time. Period. He is now locked up. Period.
When the day comes that any of you can make a claim as powerful as his, walk the walk, baby... Support him by lightening up on the psuedo-intellectual analysis and consciuosly sending blessings of a positive nature - OR put money in the defense fund. If you have not done either of those two things yet-- analyze that.

Wow... 13.Apr.2004 11:05


Gringo, I was merely pointing out that an attack against property differs substantially from an attack on living beings. Do you have issues with me personally or are you just looking to attack someone?

EnviroHippie Cowards Betray Tre 13.Apr.2004 18:22

Agent Maxwell Smart AgentSmart@fbi.shadow.gov

LOL These yellow-bellied young punx who think that "nonviolence" (a complete illusion, as everything humans do as part of evolution is necessarily violent)will stop multinational corps from ruling the planet and destroying it at the same time. You think Charly Hurwitz will shed a tear at your hunger strike or pay close attention to your multiracial/transgender puppet shows?? GROW UP!! This is WAR. You don't shoot arrows at a tank! You fight fire with fire! The era of tree sits and protest marches is OVER. When loggers kill protestors without so much as a slap on the wrist, when 95% of old growth is GONE, when the world is under the oppressive thumb of multinationals, the World Bank runs countries (to ruin), an idiot sits in the White House after a scam "election," etc etc etc there is absolutely no alternative but to FIGHT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Sip your freakin' latte and scribble your god-awful coffee house poetry but you are doing NOTHING to change ANYTHING. You "nonviolence" hippies can't even take a bath on a regular basis. Maybe a few years in the fed slammer will wake up Tre too. Sitting on ledges and climbing trees is nothing. We have to follow the example of all revolutionaries (like the ones who started this country after all) and BURN BURN BURN. Speaking metaphorically, of course. After all, I don't really want anybody hurt. This is all just an imaginative exercise, like marching through the streets of Seattle with Cheney puppets. Now I'll just go back to listening to violent/sexist hip hop muzak and drinking Diet Coke like the rest of you hypocrites ....