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Health effects of weapons of mass destruction in our own backyard

Community Action Forum April 21
PSU Smith Center Memorial Ballroom, 7pm. Suggested donation $5 to $10. With student ID no donation requested & no one turned away. Speakers:

* Leuren Moret, independent scientist & international expert on radiation and public health issues. Wrote the scientific report for the U.N. Human Rights Subcommission and will speak on depleted uranium use off the coast of Washington and in Iraq.

* Paige Knight of Hanford Watch, update on current issues at Hanford and trucking of radiation waste through Oregon.

* Rhett Lawrence from OSPIRG, speaks on the current status at Umatilla Chemical Depot.

* Catherine Thomasson, Physicians for Social Responsibility on international treaties governing WMD Dept of Human Services, Human Health and Preparedness.

For info visit  http://www.oregonpsr.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.hanfordwatch.org