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North Koreans say they are on the brink

repost from Australian Broadcasting
North Korea continues to bluster in preparation for Cheney's visit. Also this might be an indicator that their assessment is that the U.S. and the Japanese are distracted by events in Iraq, so its a good time for the Koreans to ratchet up their rhetoric.

Story appears on Australian Broadcasting website.

Last Update: Saturday, April 10, 2004. 7:30am (AEST)
N Korea on 'brink of nuclear war' with US
North Korea has issued its latest pronouncement in its diplomatic stoush with the United States, saying it is on the brink of nuclear war with the US.

Pyongyang has dismissed the recent multilateral talks on the region as fruitless.

The Korean Central News Agency says Washington is "driving the Korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war".

It argues Pyongyang has no choice but to step up its push for nuclear weapons.

In February, six nations, including North Korea and the United States, held talks in Beijing.

Pyongyang is describing the negotiations as "fruitless" and blaming Washington for the lack of progress.

US Vice-President Dick Cheney is about to begin a tour of the region.

The nuclear crisis will be high on his agenda.

That's fucking great. 09.Apr.2004 20:58


Well that's fucked up, it be kind of funny in a sort of sick way if the North Koreans ran the DMZ, while the US was getting it's ass handed to it in iraq.

Submit! 09.Apr.2004 22:55

Happily Licking Dear Leader's Boots!

Submit now, American pig-dogs, and maybe Dear Leader will give you a ration card after the Revolution!

The Only Good American is a Dead One 10.Apr.2004 05:04


You American punks have no idea how much your malevolent Empire is hated around the world.

The bottom line is this: you fucks have no business in Korea any more than you have in Iraq. If North Korea is "ratcheting up the rhetoric" while you are getting your murderous American asses kicked by Iraqi Freedom Fighters, all the better. To paraphrase Che Guvara, let there be one, two, three Iraqs around the world for your "liberators" to deal with.

Let's see if your American Evil Empire has the guts or balls to fight on many different fronts. I hope they reinstitute the draft ASAP and draft some of your bratty Whitebread asses into the US Army. Just think, you might have to live without Freedom Fries and Reality TV--and live in perpetual fear that there is an RPG with your name on it.

Good Job Fedayeen! 10.Apr.2004 17:36

John Paul Cupp anti_imperialist_solidarity@yahoo.com

I am sick of the anti-war movement in the US being the "left-liberal" wing of the imperialist pole and calling it an alternative to anti-imperialism and pro-resistance! Plus for the record the DPR of Korea has offered the US about a milion chances to get the hell out of the south and sign a non-aggression treaty. If you killed four million of my people I would play nuclear politics too! it is a defensive not offensive act!
Death to ameriKKKa!

Fuck... 11.Apr.2004 13:00

Bush's war all assed up

...the draft. If the neocons bring the draft back, there's gonna be hell to pay.