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ANSWER is holding an EMERGENCY IRAQ PROTEST IN PORTLAND and across the nation tomorrow, Sat. April 10th @ Noon at the Terry Schrunk Plaza.
ANSWER is holding an EMERGENCY IRAQ PROTEST IN PORTLAND, OR and across the nation.
Here are the details:


The anti-war ANSWER Coalition calls for "emergency local demonstrations" nationwide to protest the war in Iraq, to demand the return of U.S. troops from Iraq, and money for healthcare and education, not the war. ANSWER is an acronym for "Act Now to Stop War and Racism."

While this is not a Kucinich event, an indpendant organization called MVP (Majority Visibility Project) will be onsite and in full force. Volunteers are invited to join MVP around 11:30 AM to get signs, posters and materials! MVP is the store front of the Kucinich campaign and is committed to getting the word out about the Iraq war other social justice issues through public visibility.

Dennis Kucinich has turned the full attention of his campaign to Oregon and to insisting that the Democratic Party take a strong stand on getting the UN in and the US out of Iraq. As the tempo of resistance to the US occupation of Iraq increases, citizen involvement in such activities magnifies his voice and our voice on this issue.
Code Pink too ... 09.Apr.2004 18:20

Pink Emma

Code Pink is planning on having a presence there tomorrow - maybe not in "full force," but in PINK!

ANSWER is an Acronym ... 09.Apr.2004 18:25

for ...

Not to be too picky but it didn't make sense so I went to the website and checked.

ANSWER is actually an acronym for:
Act Now to Stop War and *End* Racism
See  http://www.internationalanswer.org/

Itsaboutfuckintime 09.Apr.2004 18:43


we need to say, stop the fuckin murder to Bush and his zionist buddies. Do SOMETHING!

Protests on Hawthorne Street and Bridge 09.Apr.2004 19:33


Just heard from a friend that there are plans for a Hawthorne Street and Bridge event. Any one know about this?

all for a protest 09.Apr.2004 20:31


all for a protest but let's not forget that ANSWER is fostered by and explicitly stalinist groups and supports dictatorships.

stay home, "me" 10.Apr.2004 00:03

Lars the Infidel

ANSWER is one of the few groups in the nation to give Shrub hell and not worry about the consequences. get off your highhorse "me."

like we aren't living under a dictatorship right here, right now.

see ya there 10.Apr.2004 11:40


yea! marching is fun

on such a nice day too!

What the hell happenened 10.Apr.2004 12:50


I went down there today, just got home. All I got was a hassling from the cops and some Kucinich stuff. Where was the protest? I was at Terry Shcrucnk. I was just sitting there, in the park, doing some reading and waiting for people to show up and things to get underway. While I was sitting there minding my own business, some cop came up to me, don't know if he was Homeland Security or what. He asked me for my ID for no apparent reason. I asked him why he needed to see my ID for sitting in the park reading. He replied that due to heightened security they were checking IDs randomly. I refused to give him ID, and he proceeded to ask me questions like if I was a student and if I was there for the ANSWER rally. I refused to answer these also and prompltly left before he decided to arrest me or something. Anyway, the whole thing was weird. Did anyone else have this happen? Looks like we're getting closer and closer to a police state everyday. Luckily I'm white or I might be shot dead right now...

Moved 10.Apr.2004 16:04

Den Mark, Vancouver

On my way to Schrunk, i was told that the event moved to P-Square. Went there & saw very few activists. But, about 22 of us Kucinich people had an impromptu rally on B'way for K, for about two hours. I thawt it was a pos thing. Oregon has major opp to influence the election when ballots are mailed out starting May 1. Washington State has major opp with upcoming county & state conventions. Both states can send seismic waves thru the democrat party structure, & maybe make a few cracks, & shift the foundation.

Justice! Peace! Kucinich!