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PDX Homicide

There has been a murder in N Portland.
I was just at the PCC Cascade campus, where I learned there had been a fatal shooting within the last hour. It seems the shooting happened on the corner of N Killingsworth and Albina.
N Portland Shooting 09.Apr.2004 16:44

someone riding by

There was a "gang related shooting" on the corner of Albina and Killingsworth.
I talked with some people that were around there, they say it was a younger boy who was shot and then the shooter left the scene.

corp media 09.Apr.2004 17:21


here is what I found online at the KGW site:

Man fatally shot in north Portland

05:15 PM PDT on Friday, April 9, 2004

By ANTONIA GIEDWOYN, kgw.com Staff

A man was shot to death in broad daylight at a bus stop in north Portland Friday afternoon, authorities said.

The shooting occurred at the intersection of NE Killingsworth and Albina streets, said Sgt. Cheryl Robinson, spokeswoman for the Portland Police Bureau.

Witnesses said the victim fell to the ground after he was shot in the side by an assailant who fled on foot. Police used dogs to search the area but haven't yet identified any suspects.

Several witnesses apparently attempted to chase the shooter.

North killingsworth was blocked off as of 5 p.m.

A throng of neighbors and onlookers stood behind police tape as investigators collected evidence in the area.

The shooting happened around 2 p.m.

(KGW reporters Jack Penning and John Becker also contributed to this report.)

I hate having to reference corp media 09.Apr.2004 17:32

but here goes

"gang related" 12.Apr.2004 07:06

like, by default?

What makes "some people" think it was "gang related"?

What does "gang related" even mean?

Need background here.

*fuck urban war! 12.Apr.2004 11:42


it's just not cool