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Pagan response to JCI religious war

"Pagan" people view Mother Earth and all her life as sacred. The current war perpetuated by the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) is damaging life on Earth. We call for all people to return to an Earth-centered spirituality that honors and respects life instead of the three (JCI) religions that destroy the planet in their "hOILy war"

by Dale R. Gowin

"Paganism" is a term that is used in widely disparate senses. Generally, it refers tothe traditional religious beliefs of indigenous peoples. Here, we will use the term to describe an approach to spirituality that is based on reality on Nature and Life rather than on abstract concepts of Deity.

The word "pagan" is etymologically related to the Latin words pagus, the countryside or rural areas, and paganus, a peasant. The term came into use during the European "dark ages" as a pejorative reference to the rural population that maintained allegiance to the "old religion".

The word was used by Roman Christians who had established their new religion by force, and whose center of strength was in the cities. Christianity was the mandatory religion of the urban population and the ruling classes, and Paganism was the traditional religion of the rural peasants who rebelliously adhered to their traditional ways.

The ancient Pagan religions included a wide variety of beliefs and practices in the different lands and cultures of the world, but certain common themes united them and serve to distinguish them from the imperialist, patriarchal religions of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. These common elements deification of Nature and the feminine, and an animistic and pantheistic respect for Earth and all living things have been identified with by numerous modem groups that have chosen the terms "pagan" or "neo-pagan" to describe their religious beliefs.

Instead of basing their spirituality on an abstract deity defined as separate from nature (a "creator" distinct from the "creation"), Pagans relate to the presence of life in all of its varied manifestations as an actual, perceptible presence of Deity. In the words of William Blake, "all that lives is holy."

Pagan spirituality differs from that of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic (JCI) tradition, firstly, in the idea of gender. The JCI deity is conceived of as male, and the culture that has developed from this ruling archetype relegates women to a social status of subjugation to males.

In contrast, Pagan ideas of deity are focused on the idea of the female as mother, the source and nurturer of the universe. Ancient Pagan cultures honored women and tended to be matrilineal (i.e. family descent was traced from mother to daughter) and matriarchal (i.e. collective decisions were facilitated primarily by women).

JCI-dominated cultures are largely hierarchical, authoritarian, and competitive. They are characterized by distinct class divisions a small ruling class that enjoys wealth, power and privilege and a much larger disenfranchised class that lives in poverty, toil and drudgery. These conditions exist in all of the modem industrialized nations, "capitalist" and "socialist" alike. In contrast, Pagan cultures were characterized by common tillage of lands, community sharing of resources and labor, and a generally egalitarian and humane social attitude.

A similar distinction can be seen in attitudes toward sexuality. JCI-based cultures repress sexuality and malign it as "sinful", while Pagan cultures tended to view sexual energy and activities as sacramental, as manifestations of the holy creative life force.

Attitudes toward nature show the same contrast. Urban-oriented JCI faiths teach that Man is Master, Conqueror and Owner of the Earth, of nature and other living beings, having the right to use, consume, and destroy them at will.

Pagans respected nature as the embodiment of the Goddess, the Great Mother, the womb from which we spring, source and substance of Life.

The JCI-based belief that nature is created for Man's use laid the groundwork for the Western scientific/technological view of nature as an inert, lifeless collection of "raw materials" and "resources" rather than a living Being of Whom we are an integral part. These attitudes have led to the arrogant and thoughtless destruction of the environment, a continuing pattern throughout the history of Western civilization that now threatens us with global catastrophe.


The symbols that relate most universally to Pagan spirituality are Mother Earth and FatherSun. Through these twin archetypes we will examine the key ideas of Post-Apocalyptic Paganism and its relevance to the major struggles of our time.

The Pagan idea of Nature as Mother is rooted deeply in our language and culture. It has survived despite its suppression by the dominant JCI archetypes throughout the thousands of years of their reign.

article cont' on website below;

would like to add that African Earth-centered beliefs were almost destroyed by Islam and Christianity. Still today many Islamic governments in Africa do not recognize the rights of "pagan" Earth-centered or animist peoples (see Nuba in Sudan). They suffer at the hands of Islam like the indigenous of Americas suffer at the hands of Christians..

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beeutiful over generalization. . . 09.Apr.2004 22:02


good use of over simplifications - i especially liked the equations. you really proved many points in a propositional fashion. thank you for communicating the unified expression of paganism - im not sure that just anyone could have made such broad brush strokes - you are an artist, a real specialist. while many can identify with your presupposistions - you thrash the enemy. bravo - bravo - bravo. i cannot wait to see what you do next. kill the ideas - or those who have them - education is tolerance of all ways that are my own and my friends. history proves things. people do bad stuff and are under banners that are bad banners because of the bad stuff. pagans kill kids - christians kill jews - islam kills americans - everyone is right! yeah - t-o-l-e-r-a-t-e! there bad stuff out there and im not going to take it - i know its bad because i am using my western axiology - slightly tweaked to include paradoxical aspects of other cultures, and so validating my universal love and rightness - to asses the situation where others' axiological praxis veries from my "enlightened[ness]. hell yeah! woo - hoo.

[a/neo]dadais[t/ism] who is in complete solidarity with my syster/brother who wrote the above!

Things in Iraq 09.Apr.2004 23:17

Have Gone

Beyond religion. What we are seeing is desert power. The power of a people who taste of the possibility of freedom for the first time - all the tribes united against a common enemy. A first in Arab history?

Thanks for the words 10.Apr.2004 11:20


When the JIC religions are studied (studied all the way back to their formings), it is found that the people who were good with words were the ones who created their respective religions, they were the first spin masters of the human race.
The took it upon themselves to mold their selective religiosity into what they felt the people needed in fictional stories.

"The JCI deity is conceived of as male, and the culture that has developed from this ruling archetype relegates women to a social status of subjugation to males."
This is a prime example of religion being created by spin masters; Women having subservient status is the very definition of ingorance, not god.

During my male life I have come to believe in God, there is proof everywhere (our human bodies for one, what a complex computer!), but I do not believe in any organized religion.

oh yeah - i was being sarcastic 10.Apr.2004 22:27


"When the JIC religions are studied (studied all the way back to their formings), it is found that the people who were good with words were the ones who created their respective religions. . ."

hmm or maybe the ones good with words communicated well, and thus there message was carried on? kinda like - when the writings of the literary past are studied - the ones who wrote well were read and passed on in a grand conspiricy theory - as the illiterate and mute ineffable utterings were marginalized (because they were so subject[ive]). When the JIC relgigions are studied? dont those Js Is and Cs study - how come they think different? oh yeah - its a kantian dilema (but dont mention that - it will weaken your frail arguement).

"they were the first spin masters of the human race."

damn "them"! "they" always are the ones! "those" "theys" and their craftiness - spinning intricate webs. three cheers for those who write poorly and cannot articulate anything well enough to spin it on purpose!!!! may they (not to be confused with "they") become the future of media!

"The took it upon themselves to mold their selective religiosity into what they felt the people needed in fictional stories."

way to deconstruct the metanarrative on this one. but i wonder - how do i know you are not a neo-they? spinning your poor arguements with hidden presuppositions in a language popular with the kids these days? or perhaps you are merely parroting something someone else spun? when the fragmented reasoning of people is studied (studied as much as possible - back to their formings), it is found that we have very little idea - and cannot prove what we believe (such as this - and its opposite - so one so forth - ad infinitum).

screw it - bad things come from bad people who do bad things and so the things they do collectively are bad - except me, i think. in the race for individualism everyones a winnner! i belong tooo, and im important. i have a right to exist! so there.