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BEATING black man downtown

BEATING black man downtown
sittin here with my laptop in pioneer square (guess starbucks is good for somethin... free wireless net access) and i just saw two police officers grab a black man who was just getting off the max. he looked clean cut to me.. business casual.. he looked very surprised. they bent his arm back.. looked extremely painful. then they slammed his face down against their car (parked.. illegally?.. on the same street as the max) several times. a girl sitting next to me said she heard the cop say "nigger". anybody else see this? more details after i talk to some people down here.. departing max train blocked my view at one point.

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free wi-fi at Pioneer Courthouse Square 09.Apr.2004 16:07


I believe the free wi-fi access at the Pioneer Square is provided by Personal Telco Project. The one available at Starbucks is from T-Mobile USA and it's not free.

My daughter just called me on her cellphone 09.Apr.2004 16:30

she too

saw same incident and wondered what was going on? It's for real it seems! The pigs are misbehaving

kkkops 09.Apr.2004 16:34


cop in bellingham wa. used racial slur directed at black man.

PPD like to assalt people 09.Apr.2004 17:58

de-boarding public transit

Whut up with that?

kind of 10.Apr.2004 11:30

annoying question but...

has anyone seen this on corporate news yet?

I really like indymedia but it doesnt have the same spread as corporate news. If it does get on corporate news expect some shit to go down. People are pissed off, another beating is going to make folks go crazy.

perhaps someone can look into this 10.Apr.2004 15:24


can anyone else verify this? was the man arrested or just beaten? if he was arrested i'm sure there's some sort of record. i have to work soon but perhaps someone can look into this...
it's definitely not surprising if it's true, but we need to start being a lot more proactive rather than just discussing it on this page until it fades away...

the beating of black man downtown 11.Apr.2004 12:18

concerned about the police

What surprizes me is that the police get the blame. If I got in that kinda trouble with the police nobody would care because I'm white. Anyways if you get the cops attention you probably get what you deserve.

max incident 11.Apr.2004 13:55


I saw the same thing! The difference is, I was on the Max and saw the black guy showing off his penis and making death threats to a mother and her two children. The "n" word was used, but it came from the mouth of the black guy, not the officers. Sorry to dissapoint...

civil rights? 11.Apr.2004 21:39

fed up

If it is true that this man did show his private and was threatening someone on the max, he still doesn't deserve to have his head bashed in several times. The police are to protect and serve, to uphold the laws, and arrest when the law is being broke. Excessive force such as beating someone head into car several times and shooting unarmed people over traffic violations should not be part of their job description. They do it because they can, and they know it.

If only i was on duty 12.Apr.2004 23:54

Jason sery

i would have done more than bash the stupid nigger's head into the car, it'd be splattered over half of downtown. I'll get you people, i will, never turn your back on me and always use your turn signals, Vera's my babe and gives great head, I'll never let her down in her quest for global domination.

Portland police beat people 13.Apr.2004 18:58

when they know they can get away with it

If you come forward about the police brutality, they will just attack your credibility. If they don't have anything on you, they will make stuff up and complete the coverup.

The truth - what else do you want? 14.Apr.2004 09:41


"Fed up" told you the TRUE STORY. The guy deserved what he got. The police handled him appropriately. He was obviously 12-34 (whacko) and dangerous, to boot, since he made threats.
Yet, the liberals among us will continue to piss and moan and whine about anything and everything.

Am I the only one who's tired of it??

civil rights 15.Apr.2004 19:31

fed up

George, apparently you can not read. I am fed up and I did tell the truth, but not your truth. Read it again and bask in the liberalism because it is the truth!!

Traffic Stopped to death 25.Apr.2004 09:52

28wm, Wonder Why?

I have a problem with the way I have guns put in my face for "routine" traffic stops. When I get pulled over the guns come out. I was told
"never point a gun at a person". The police point guns at people everyday. The finger is put inside of the trigger hole. I think if a gun is pulled out and pointed at a person that is a threat to their life. The police should be required to do paperwork everytime they pull there pistols out of its holster. I don't think they like the word "work" so I guess they will never do that. The fact is there are too many people killed by guns in America. I also find it funny that you can go and buy a gun, but if you want to buy a bullet proof vest you can't.

shhh 10.May.2004 07:21

john brown

shut up , he wasnt fat