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Open Letter to Portland ANSWER/IAC Event Co-Ordinators!!!

To the Local ANSWER/IAC contacts in Portland,

The e-mail address given as the contact for the portland organizers of tommorrow's rally and for event co-ordinating in general has been disconnected for whatever reason. Theirfore, I am posting this letter in hopes of better facilitating the Anti-Imperialist/ Anti-War Forces in the area. Also, with all due respect, 24 hours is a very limited amount of co-ordination. It is hoped to better facilitate and normalize ties for the purpose of future such emergency events in the future, in a spirit of cautious optimism.

Dear Comrades,
Greetings! My name is John Paul Cupp. I am the Co-editor of the Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network, formed after discussion and an internview with the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, and various anti-Us and Anti-Zionist Circles for Pro-Resistance in the US. Our webiste is located at


I request the opertunity to speak at tommorrows demonstrations in support of Pro-Resistance and against the redbaiting and demonization of Pro-Resistance Forces, and popular anti-imperialism. On March 19th we held a Pro-Resistance event, which was huge success. Due to my close ties to Socialist Korea, I was able to get it promoted in the DPRK. I am also the Chairman of a North Korea Solidarity and Study Group,


Also, On Spet. 25, is the international day of action to support the resistance in Iraq. While we are critical of this call because of its understanding of "the palestinian occupation" emplies that the zionist entity has a right to exist, we support the call of hands around the Iraqi resistance. You will find a link to the Anti-Imperialist camp list of signatures on our website in the editorial section towards the top.

About you? I have tried to find ANSWER or IAC people in Portland to no avail.
I would like to keep in touch with you and also the regional delegate in Dallas-Forth Worth, should that be acceptable.

John Paul Cupp, Co-editor
Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network
Ziad Shaker ElJishi, Co-Editor
Iraqi Resistnace Solidarity Network/

Socialist Arab Coalition of North America


homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity