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voting ends today by 5pm. vote on banweb where you register for classes or at www.clickforpsu.com
Please vote if you haven't yet: we NEED a Progressive ASPSU that knows this is a working class campus and will fight for extended student benefits and lower tuition!
Polly and Maude for Pres/VP................wwww.clickforpsu.com.............
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Student Leaders and PSU Student Body!

Tired of not knowing what is happening with student government on campus?
Wondering why tuition hikes have gone unchallenged?
Pondering the wisdom of supporting a Rec Center that will raise student fees
$50.00 per term during a recession?
Wondering why people are so frustrated that they protest a senate meeting?

So are we.

It's time for a change in student government at PSU.

The Progressive Slate is committed to creating an ASPSU that actively
pursues student opinion about what should happen with OUR money, on the
campus that we pay for, in the student government office that our student
fees fund at $250,000 a year. We're students who pay our own tuition and
rent, and know what it's like to put yourself through school.

This is about money and representation. It's about experience, community
based student leadership and accountability. ASPSU needs to be a body open
to the voices of all students on this campus- not just special interests.
The Progressive Slate will create student committees to keep ASPSU
accountable to the student body.

We have the experience and committment to give you what you need from ASPSU.
Thanks for all your support- we pledge to make this process accessible to

vote at clickforpsu.com!!

Polly Birge for President
- An advocate on student senate for civil rights
- Co-coordinated the Women's Resource Center
- Works closely with student groups on collaberative projects
- PSU Ambassador
- Student Activities Peer Advisor

Maude Bowman for Vice President
- Peer Mentor
- Student Organization Council (SOC) Coordinator
- Community Garden Organizer
- Former Senate pro-tempor

Kathleen Wylie for SFC Chair
- SFC Member
- OSPIRG Chapter Chair
- Active & Engaged student leader!

kayla goldfarb kayla goldfarb
matthew wallace jesus acosta
ali mohamed erin devaney
erin devaney
adas lis
alexis romanos
write in jamie hogue at large

homepage: homepage: http://www.clickforpsu.com