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The Youth of America

Peace on Earth is in our corner now
I'm sure by now most of us have read the reports that it is very likely that Bush will instate a draft in his 2nd presidency. Alot of people compare this conflict in Iraq to the Vietnam war, thats not exactly accurate, because so far there have been more casualties in this war than there were the first year of the vietnam war. The Youth of America had a huge part in ending the vietnam war, even conservatives will admit that, usually with a hint of malice in thier voice. It is up to us, the people that would be drafted, to end this war. We have our work cut out for ourselves, the media was at least a little bit less biased back then. Now we have a media thats owned by conservatives, that will either ignore us, or call us terrorists. Now I'm not sure what we should do. I'm really just posting this because I'm freaking out, at being forced to get killed, or my friends getting killed, Not to mention all of the troops that are working with depleted uranium in thier bullets, which will cause SERIOUS health problems later in life. SO, do we run to Europe, or New Zealand? Looks like we can't run to Canada anymore... Or, do we stay and fight, knowing that getting noticed, and recognized will be incredibly difficult. We are literally fighting for our lives here people. I love this country, I love what it was based on, and what it could be in the future, but I am NOT dying for it, not the country that America is today.

Any thoughts?


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Keep speaking out 09.Apr.2004 13:53

be willing

to chain yourself to the draft office door. Be willing to sit down for your convictions and to go to jail for them if necessary. If a million young people refused to be drafted, it would shut this thing down. If a million of us older folks sit down in front of the tanks with you, we could topple this dictatorship.

We could do it people. We could take it back from them.

To Blake! 09.Apr.2004 15:07

JP Cupp, Iraqi Resistance Solidarity Network iraqiresistancesolidarity@yahoo.com

Sounds Like you have a lot of passion and thought about you!
In anycase, as much as I hate libertarians, on the website I co-edit on the Links page is a section for a link to a selective service project which has some resources for people who wish to dodge the selective service and still go to college, etc.