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Fall Creek Injunction

Someone just sent me this info regarding stuff at Fall Creek.
Hey, I just read the post from indy media and wanted to let you all
that Fall Creek is still under injunction* for at least the next month.
The law suit that got the injunction last summer is still in effect.
ONRC is supposed to be meeting with the judge in the next month or two
after that meeting the judge will decide whether they can log or not.
story short they can't come in and cut FC tommorow or any day until
meeting happens. I think the bulldozers were probably from the part of
the fire they cuit on 1817. Ya'll should have someone calling and
in with the ONRC about when that meeting is supposed to happen or if
anyone answering this knows me IU can let falks know as soon as there
an end to the injunction.

*An injunction means they are required to cease logging and not allowed
start logging either
injunctions and bulldozers 09.Apr.2004 22:17

the notorious john doe

Based on the history of fall creek, one would expect bulldozers about this time. They usually come through between march and may, and again between september and october. This isn't written in stone, but it is historically based. This doesn't mean not to be on guard, it just means that the fufs like to keep the number of road bloackades down, so that if they decide to log it won't take as long to clear the roads. I also would not trust the forest service, but then again the forest service can't really trust the forest either... never really know what them crazy forest critters are up to.... wouldn't want to get a cougar in a corner.

PS- Did they take the damn gate again? hahahahaha
Say hi to those kids for me. they kick big fat forest service booty.