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INDYMEDIA Reporter gets arrested for documenting story on DR Horton

I was arrested twice for documenting a story about DR Horton. The builder used fraudulent names and a fraudulent contractor bond number. Dan Olson, a city attorney, approved the Christopher place housing development. The Builder was not licensed or bonded and the Washington County Sheriff's acted as enforcers for DR Horton to intimidated and harrassed me & my family.
I was arrested twice. Once for taking pictures of DR Horton representatives moving fences and changing property lines and the second time for gardening in my front yard. DR Horton built the housing development that my sister and I lived in. They have harrassed and intimidated my family and we had to move out of our house. The builder used fraudulent names on the building permit and a fraudulent contractor number. The statutory warranty deed lists a fraudlent name as the grantor. The police arrested me for documenting the harrassment of my family and all of the charges were dropped. Officer Jensen and Officer Willard were engaged in false swearing on the face of the charging documents. An unidentified undercover K-9 unit officer failed to identify himself in the line of official duty. My attorney Gary Bullock and Wade Regier charged me over 78,000 and never filed a formal notice of appearance. My sister and I filed a 42 USC 1983 claim against Washington County and the Builder, DR Horton and the case is currently on appeal.If anyone can help us please call me. Our cases can be reviewed under Kate Brown v. DR Horton filed in Multnomah County and JAnet Christenseen OBrien and Kate Brown v. Washington County and DR Horton in Washington County. I have published articles in the LA indymedia and in the NY Indymedia. THese articles can be found under the search topic: DR Horton. THIS IS A PUBLIC INTEREST ISSUE. THANK YOU- DR Horton is on the New York Stock exchange under DHI. We have sent information to the Oregon Bar Association and the Oregon Attorney General, the New York Attorney Elliott Spitzer and the Texas Attorney General and no one seems to care.My Phone number is 206 624 9624. I own a private detective company called the Seattle Detective Bureau. If you can help me please call.

phone: phone: 206 624 9624
address: address: PO Box 1627, Portland, Ore 97207

Contractors Board 09.Apr.2004 13:50


Have you concted the state board of contractors? It won't help you with the legal system but they take liscensing very seriously. You maybe able to keep them from obtaining an Oregon liscense or get theirs revoked if they have gotten one. For Oregon they are based in Salem.  http://www.ccb.state.or.us/

claims:  http://ccbed.ccb.state.or.us/New_Web/asp/new_search_claims_history.asp?regno=130859

Looks like they have one claim against them in the last 3 years and a current liscense.

Good Luck

INDYMEDIA Reporter gets arrested 09.Apr.2004 15:07

Janet OBrien Seatt;edetectivebureau@hotmail

My sister did contact the Contractor's board and they ruled that King Phillips should give us notice the next time he decides to trespass on our property. The Contractors board waived the $500 dollar fine against King Phillips and the decision was written in 2001. The claim we filed was a complaint against King Phillips for trespassing on our property as a representative of DR Horton. We also filed a cliam against DR Horton and that claim was dismissed without futher investigation. DR Horton aka RMP aka RMP Properties aka RMP Properties Inc did business in the state of Oregon using fraudulent contractor bonds. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR RESPONDING TO MY STORY. WE HAVE TRIED THE CONTRACTOR BOARD, the BAR ASSOCIATION, THE INSURANCE COMMISSION, DR HORTON DOES NOT HAVE INSURANCE IN OREGON THEY HAVE INSURANCE THRU COLORADO. COLORADO DOES NOT HONOR THE INSURANCE THEY HOLD. THE INSURANCE COMMISSIONER TOLD US TO FIND A LAWYER AND FILE A CONSUMER FRAUD CLAIM. WE FILE A TRADE PRACTICE VIOLATION CLAIM AND THE HONORABLE JUDGE JONES Dismissed it. WE ARE IN APPEALS because The honorable Judge Jones ruling is inconsistant with Oregon Law. In Oregon unlicensed builders are not supposed to be able to maintain lawsuits until they become licensed. THIS IS A CONSUMER FRAUD-RICO -ASE.THANK YOU FOR TRYING TO HELP. IF YOU CAN THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW. THANKS...

206 624 9624
PO Box 1627, Pt Or 97207

Thank you for responding 09.Apr.2004 15:57

Janet OBrien seattledetectiveburea@hotmail

DR Horton representatives have trespassed on our property nine times and re-surveyed and moved our fences. DR Horton representatives use fraudulent names on police reports. They called themselves representatives of DR Horton Custom Homes and DR Horton Construction in 1999 and 2000. They were not licensed under those names in 99 or 2000 or 2001. On April 26, 2001 DR Horton representatives trespassed on our property and cut our driveway with a concrete saw Washington County Sheriff deputies stood by as enforcers and supervisors. DR Horton representatives use intimidation and threats as a means of doing business. I have been terrizied to the bone.

206 624 9624

Washington Co. police harass people 09.Apr.2004 19:36

They work hand in hand with the PPD

I was harassed by Tualatin police and falsely arrested by the Sherwood PPD (standing in my lawn) for filing a complaint a PPB officer. My name was even up in a police station listed a "a threat to police officers." It sucks that the police conspire against people and their families. I was scared to file another complaint against a police officer. There a lot of government employees to blame for these acts of misconduct and coverups.

this is really creepy 11.Apr.2004 03:43

and I totally sympathize

because this is the way "family law" is done. It's a complete farce--all contracts and torts law thrown out the window, and children being ordered to live with their proven molesters--all the while the judges and lawyers get a steady stream of money in their wallets. Like you said, it's a real social problem. It makes one mad that the lawyers don't help, when they're in the best position to help.
I totally sympathize--I know exactly how you feel. I would try calling the United Way, or StreetRoots to get the best real advice. I will pray for you all. I would help more, but unfortunatley my family, like the majority of families in the US, is buried by that damn court. I hate it, and I would bet that a lot of other families out there can trace their outrageous living constraints on family law. I feel for you and want America to wake up to the fact that we are stabbing ourselves in the heart, and this fraudulent contractor and others like him are what we have to deal with because we're all too damn busy at home to help each other out. I hate it!!

rumor 15.Sep.2004 17:04

Kathy and Ken Lewis

Bill Lurz a personal friend of DR Horton Inc has personal knowledge of Tax Fraud and stock manipulation and the rumor is that DHI uses shell companies to buy land and hide from IRS. Bill Lurz owner of Fidelity Homes in Venice Flordia.

insider trading at DR Horton 02.Jan.2005 21:41

James R

in 1998 a person who owned DHI stock came to me to sell all of his DHI stock because the person was not making money for the last few years and wanted to dump all of their DHI stock. DR Horton Inc Portland was created after this.

DR horton DDHI insider trading 02.Jan.2005 21:54

James R

" " approached me to sell all of his stock

iNSIDER TRADING AT DHI 02.Jan.2005 22:08


person unidenitfied tried to sell all of his stock in dhi. prior to establishment of dr horton inc portland

indymedia reporter janet obrien 09.Jul.2006 12:47

janet obrien

The e mail address listed above does not seem to work to leave me messages so if you want to contact me call me at (503) 888 6101 or (206) 624 9624. I'm looking for witnesses or business associates who can testify or give me a statement. See also my business listing in Martindale Hubbell under services in Washington book which says that I'm looking for witnesses for DR Horton buying land using shell companies to avoid paying the IRS. I have recieved several calls from witnesses and I give all my information to IRS in Fresno California for them to follow up. So give me infor and I will refer it on for you. Mike Taylor is FBI in Fresno if anyone wants to talk with him directly. Thank you for calling me from Flordia re: your real estate problem paying millions on contract and now having trouble. Please call me again. The lawyer's name you gave me is not a correct fax and number. Call again and leave me new infor. THANK YOU. I own Seattle Detective Bureau, we are a private detective company as well and we would like to hear from you if your a witness on this case. Thank you. My number is 206 624 9624. See also Key Bank story about Steven Miller in LA Indymedia called Key Bank lawyer lies to FBI. Those are the only stories Im interested in. DHI and Key Bank lawyer Steven Miller lying about Cythnia Tyler embezzlement of over 1 million dollars from Mt Vernon branch of Key Bank. Both articles are featured in the Martin dale Hubble listing for Seattle Detective Bureau. If you are a witness call me.