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Against the Occupation/With the Resistance Rally Tommorrow at Noon!

Rally called By ANSWER
Dear Friends the ANSWER Coalition has called a demo at noon Saturday. I just e-mailed them, and do not know all the sponsors ( that is if it will be as reactionary as the leadership for March 20th) but in any case this is a valuable opertunity to affirm support for the Resistance in Fallujah, and the sweeping sense of Shia Identity in the south.
Pro-Resistance is the sole and correct stance. The "alternatives" nothing more than the liberal-left wing of the Imperialist Zionist pole, which means ITS NOT EVEN ON THE SAME SIDE!

I know their are legitamite differances with ANSWER, but none the less, any Pro-Resistance, Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Capitalist Forces should come out tommorrow to show support FOR THE IRAQI RESISTANCE TO THE IMPERIALIST MASSACRE AND AGAINST THE OCCUPATION! More than 1 million people Marched in Italy in support of the Iraqi Armed Resistance. This is not extremism. It is that our country and the so-called left in it is extremely backwards.

Affirm the Right of Iraq to Self-Determination, and Resistance!
Long Live Palestine, From the River to the Sea!
Death to the US Imperialist/Zionist Global Dictatorship!
Smash the Fascism in Power of Our Era!

Unite as One against the Bush Dictatorship!

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity