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Official Report: Largest Genocide in History was in N. America

The Belgian Ministry of Defense released a report on genocides yesterday.
The minister of Defense of Belgium, Andre Flao, on Thursday signed an official report on Genocides in which he affirms that the worst genocide in the last 500 years was committed in North America. The sixteen page document was published commemoratively for the ten-year anniversary of the mass-murders in Rwanda in 1994, from which there were about 800,000 victims.
In the report, it is reported that as a result of the genocide perpetrated against the indigenous population of North America, since 1492, roughly 15,000,000 people were killed. Runner up is South America with about 14,000,000 victims among indigenous peoples since 1500. As reported by the press secretary for the Belgian Ministry of Defense, the report was based on information taken from the two-tome treatise "The Encyclopedia of Genocide," published by an Israeli Historian.

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genocide 09.Apr.2004 10:34


The largest genocide wasn't "THE HOLOCAUST".Speaking of which there's one going on right now over in the Middle East!

Pretty Funny 09.Apr.2004 23:05

Belgian Hypocrisy

The Belgians forgot to mention their unbelivably awful genocidal behavior in the Belgian Congo for some reason... (which killed millions of Congolese)

Question... 09.Apr.2004 23:46


How many Africans were simply pushed over the edge of the ships which brought them here over a period of centuries when they failed to survive the oceanic voyage in the belly of the slave ships? Millions? Nobody knows and most people could not give a fuck. Then or now. They were cargo and not worth counting. Just dump them if they "expired." Like dumping junk fish on a factory trawler.


Beacon on a hill.

The world's greatest hope.

One nation under god.

The legacy of this nation then as now is how the blood and flesh of certain largely non-caucasian peoples is used to grease the wheels of commerce.

More On Genocide 10.Apr.2004 12:18

Belgian Hypocrisy

I think that the Belgians also forgot to mention the Arab slave trade, which went on much longer (in fact, it continues today in the Sudan) than the Atlantic slave trade and killed a lot more people.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Arabs to apologize, though...


Why is the enslavement and use and slaughter 10.Apr.2004 13:54


of innocents only important when it happens to humans? I'd say the 32 billion animals per year that are slaughtered in the US, and the many billions more that are slaughtered worldwide, for your FOOD constitute a greater mass of lifelong misery and cruel death than all the humans put together. Animals are our equals in their ability to suffer. Get the dominator out of your own mind and life and dinner table, rather than pointing fingers back at history.

Very convenient 25.Sep.2004 06:14


It is very convenient for modern Europe to believe in the very rough estimates showing genocides larger than the Holocaust. It's a wet dream for Belgium to pass guilt of their surrender and cooperation with the Nazis to America regarding native american genocides. Belgium is still, after Germany, the larger mass murdering regime in Europe, after the genocides in Congo.

And about the alleged ""holocaust"" in the middle-east- more jews were murdered in terror (more than 1000) than Palestintians since 2000. How about them apples?