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Joe "Bean" Keller APpearing on Community Television Program

Joe "Bean" Keller, will be the guest on the Community Television program, "A Growing Concern" this evening, Friday, April 9, live on channel 11, from 7-8 pm.
Deonte Keller, Joe's son was shot in the back by the Portland Police in 1996. Since that time, -and actually before that time, many others, mostly people of color, have been victems of similar unprovoked violence at the hands of local law enforcement, with no accountability for their actions. I first Met Joe Keller when he appeared on this program in October of 1998 when we were featuring coverage of the death of Dickie Dow, who also died at the hands of the PPD. Yet, this is not just a Portland story, but one that repeats itsself in cities across the country.

Joe spoke briefly at the Rally which took place last Sunday at Terry Schrunk Plaza. Here are his words:
A HREF="http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org/realaudio/joebean.ram">Joe "Bean" Keller

And a 46 minute file of some of the speakers:
In Memory of James Perez

In other developments, according to an Indy Article, the website Joe which has set up to field complaints against the Portland Police Bureau has been spammed since his appearance at the Rally last Sunday. Joe will be discussing this, as well as his 8 year struggle to get justice for his son, Deonte.
It isn't firmed up yet, but said he might be able to bring along a member of the Coalition of Black Men, the group that organized the extremely well attended Rally mentioned above. The show is cablecast on channel 11, from 7-8 pm, and will accept phone calls during that last 20-25 minutes or so.
"A Growing Concern" repeats on channel 23, Sunday evening at 10:00; and again the following Thursday on channel 22 at 10:00 pm.

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