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Orion and Anglea's Murderer, Lindsey Llaneza never went to trial...........

Instead, next Monday, April 12th there is going to be a plea-bargain is a Portland judge's chambers..........
Memorial Mass at 39th/Belmont
Memorial Mass at 39th/Belmont
Statement from the bike accident survivor
by OLAlise, 7/2/03 13:50 ET

July 1, 2003

Portland, Ore -- "No one in Portland should be discouraged from riding their bike at night or at any time of the day because of the unfortunate incident that took place on Wednesday, June 25. Rather, I hope that community members will be encouraged to live their lives outside of the automobile and to promote pedestrian/cyclist visibility and safety. It is important for automobile drivers to have continued awareness when sharing the road and this will take everyone's cooperation. DUI laws in Oregon need to be more stringent and citizens need to find better transport options if they choose to drink. Drunk driving should not be tolerated and there must be active enforcement of past offenders. I have no doubt that justice will be served in this case and that something positive can come out of the untimely death of my friends. I will miss my friends dearly but I know that the impact of their lives will inspire others to do great and powerful things. This tragedy has not gone unnoti!ced in Portland and I thank all of the friends, cyclists, activists, and community members for their continued support. We canot do it alone and I know that the strength of our spirit will keep our vision strong."


I began this journey of sad and angry words yesterday enjoying a wonderful spring bike ride to work. I have not owned an automobile since 1997 yet I am constantly surrounded and threatened by them. Ever vigilant and constantly defensive I have survived over 40 years on the streets with nothing worse than one shattered leg and enough road rash and cost in medical bills to pay for a new hip-hop Escalade. I am still alive and healthy and having fun on my bikes. Over the years I have lived in the Portland area I have made many friends while riding a bike as I am not insulated from the world behind a fašade of steel, leather and glass, marketed to make me think I am sexier or more powerful than if I were exposed and vulnerable on a bike.
But I digress. Every day since last June 25th when 2 people that I would have loved to have met were killed and another was maimed by a drunk driver while enjoying a bike ride on a beautiful early summer night I have been reminded by a strange twist of fate involving an automobile with a vanity license plate.

Every day I ride to work I pass an automobile in Hillsboro with the vanity license plate "ORION2"... ... ..

Every day I am forced to remember the murder of Orion Satushek. For a few months last summer I went out of my way so that I would not have to be reminded, so that my eyes would not cloud with tears and reduce my ability to see and be safe. Gradually I found that I could once again ride my usual paths and was able to bear the pain easier.
Every day I find my eyes drawn to that plate and every day I say a prayer for Orion.

Two days ago, out of the blue, I found myself saying a prayer for Lindsey Llaneza. I hoped that, condemned to live the rest of his life with the guilt of killing 2 people and maiming a third he would someday be able to find peace. I realized that my buddhist compassion had finally overcome my anger and sadness. I found that I had finally gotten to a space that I was able to forgive him for murder.

There is no other word in the English language for what he did. Yes, the criminal justice system in the U.S. and in Oregon failed, failed miserably. The first time, 18 years ago, he should have been helped overcome whatever problems he had that his only solution was to drown and mask his pain with his addiction to alcohol. Over and over he was arrested while driving drunk. A slap on the wrist later he was back behind a wheel, driving drunk.

Everything that has happened in our world the last year has caused my energies and the focus of almost all of the others in this community that take a personal stake in fighting the systems and injustice in the world to be focused elsewhere than on something that everyone figured was a done deal. Not that anyone wanted to forget Orion, Angela or Caroline, but we felt we all had more important things to worry about. After all, they were dead and justice would be done. We should have known better... ... ... ..

When I called the D.A.'s office today, thinking I was going to be able to find out what sentence had been handed down to Lindsey Llaneza, where he was incarcerated, as I was thinking of approaching some of my fellow bicyclist in order to try to do something for him as the system had failed him and he IS PART OF OUR COMMUNITY... ... ... who would have thought I would find out what's going on?

There has not been a trial.

The new D.A. assigned to his case, Rod Underhill, has agreed to a plea-bargain hearing Monday, April 12th in the office of Judge Kimberly Frankle.

I now find myself once again questioning almost everything that I used to take for granted. The world I grew up in here in the U.S. in the 50's used to be so much clearer. Good and bad were easy choices. The good guys wore white hats. Air and water were clean. When my family and I went for a bike ride or a walk around the neighborhood, if we saw a police officer, we knew his first name, he smiled and tipped his hat, and knew our names too. I learned that the Japanese living next door were not enemies, even though they had just been released from prison camps a few years before. They were neighbors and friends and I learned their ways, their culture becoming blended with my native-american heritage.

What is justice?

I don't think that the man, who should be guilty of murder, originally charged with manslaughter, could afford an expensive lawyer. I am pretty sure that he had not much money at all, as myself and the bicycling and music community helped pay some of Caroline's hospital bills from OHSU by organizing and contributing to fund-raisers.

So, it is not money that has diverted the criminal justice system from its normal course. What has? I want answers.
I want laws changed here in Oregon and in the rest of the U.S. I want it to be safer to ride my bike anywhere and any time. I DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER YEAR OF GREIF WHEN ANOTHER BICYCLIST IS KILLED BY A DRUNK DRIVER. I do not want to be forced to question "WHAT'S GOING ON?"

I am tired of seeing MonsterTrucks crush friend's bikes and getting away with it and that friend getting arrested for "criminal mischief". The truck driver felt threatened... ... ..

I am tired of seeing police stealing bikes that are used for fun rides on Sunday's down the west slope.

I am tired of being pepper-sprayed when a police officer sees me taking a picture of him doing something that is illegal.

I want to once again wake up in a world that is sane, where the police are friendly and smile; a world where sick people are taken care of by their community and healed with love and understanding.

Before I die I want to breath clean air and ride free. I don't want to die, killed by a drunk talking on a cell phone while they are driving to the next bar ignorant of the wonderful world around them and only intent on escape from reality while the police consider me a terrorist because I'm "different".
Drunk drivers 09.Apr.2004 10:40


When will bicyclists grow some fucking balls, and start stalking and assaulting creatures such as this Lindsey to modify their behavior? Torching their cars wouldn't be a bad idea either.

This is terrorism........... 09.Apr.2004 10:52

The Green Redneck

Not Velocio/s comment, but the original homicide. Terror must be met with strength, and a willingness to use any means necessary to break and defeat the terrorists!

Hearing details 09.Apr.2004 11:33


I called the D.A.'s office. The plea bargain hearing is open to the public. Judge Frankel's courtroom (#616) is small, so arriving before the 9:00 a.m. start time will be necessary to get a spot. Curiously, I was unable to learn any details about the terms of the plea negotiation. Perhaps someone with contacts in Deputy D.A. Rod Underhill's office would be able to find out. 503-988-3162. Revenge is not my motivation for interest, but rather making sure that Llaneza is never allowed to drive again. He had his chances and he's blown every one.

strategy to raise awareness 09.Apr.2004 11:38

Fenbar 2

An idea...

Pro-bike, pro-community cartoonist Andy Singer will be coming for the first half of the Village Building Convergence this year (www.cityrepair.org). He will be using a part of his time to specifically focus on what Portland is doing right and what remains to be done, and to articulate what he sees through images. I will be taking him on tours of the city, pointing out meaningful sites like 37th and Taylor and 40th and Belmont. If anyone wants to interact with him as a means toward getting your pro-bike message out there, keep watching for VBC4 announcements.

peace out.

hang juries, not people? 09.Apr.2004 12:37

White Lilac

Velocio, I don't see why assaulting Lindsey or torching his car would solve the underlying problem, which is alcoholism--a complex medical, psychological, and emotional problem. To me, assaulting him wouldn't "modify his behavior" except to perhaps drive him to drink even more. Bikers already have plenty of balls ... getting on my bike and heading out into traffic where I know that statistically speaking, some drivers will be drunk and others high, many will be talking on cell phones, and some even like to swerve for bikes the way they like to swerve for cats and squirrels--that takes balls.

99th monkey, I think that money is an issue as to why this is taking place. Trials are expensive for both the DA's office and for public defenders (if in fact Lindsey has a public defender). Plea bargains are so commonly used these days ... national statistics I've read (although I can't quickly find a cite for this) show that only around 5% of civil and criminal cases actually make it to trial--they either settle or the defendant takes a plea bargain. The idea is "efficiency," but it seems that justice gets left behind in this bargaining process.

On the other hand, if you were Lindsey's attorney, wouldn't a plea bargain be the right thing to do? There's no way he can credibly deny he killed people. It would at least be worth spending a morning arguing with a prosecutor in a judge's office about what kind of a deal can be worked out. If this case went to trial, Lindsey wouldn't look very sympathetic to a jury, especially considering the publicity surrounding the case.

unappreciative 09.Apr.2004 14:34


i didn't appreciate the association between hip-hop and an escalade; but i'm sure you meant mainstream "rap"

What Velocio seems to be saying 09.Apr.2004 14:59

The Green Redneck

Is that it would benefit the world around Lindsey if he were to be scared out of ever driving a car again in his natural life. Concrete behavior modification strategies don't sound too unreasonable to me. He needs to be made to fear driving.

Hey its all ok 09.Apr.2004 15:49


When the law fails, you just take it into your own hands, its that simple. Obviosly this guy is a smooth talker with good aturnies. Lets see how well all that fairs against pissed off people with ball bats and crowbars. YOu never know, you might just make the world a better place!

Human life isn't valuable people, quit lying to yourself. One less fuckup on the planet can only be a good thing, and this asshole isn't worth the money it would take to imprison him anyway. Kill him, make it slow and painfull too.

Violence 09.Apr.2004 16:48


and the darkness that provides it are the problem not the solution. When someone dies because of this kind of mistake the answers are in community action and real change. Give some respect to the lives of my friends Orion and Angela and drop these childish revenge fantasies that only objectify others. You and I need to really do something to change this status quo. In the case of Lindsey, ensure his sentence (or bargain) is just. But reach out with this and a need for more accessable streets for cyclists. Thanks for post!

Road Accessability didn't kill them 10.Apr.2004 21:56


A DRUNK DRIVER driving on a SUSPENDED LICENSE for DRUNK DRIVING did! This is not OK. He should go to jail for manslaughter. I really don't understand why it is ok for car drivers to run around tagging bicyclists and motorcyclists with no consequences.Somehow "I didn't see him" exonerates you from any wrongdoing.

If this bastard walks with no jail time I hope to hell someone does take some sort of revenge upon him because he deserves it. Maybe it would send a message to car drivers that they can't get away with running us over.

Information 12.Apr.2004 10:19


I think it is okay to say anything once. And it is o.k. for someone to express outrage. This situation reminds of the WHITE NIGHT RIOTS of 1979. In san francisco, they had HARVEY MILK the first openly GAY elected official, they also had the MAYOR who passed the contriversial GAY RIGHTS bill, so that folks could NOT be fired for coming out. Along comes right wing DAN WHITE, who shoots them both after coming into city hall through an open window to avoid the detectors. He shot reloaded and shot some more. Two men dead but because they were gay , and gay supporters DAN got off with manslaughter. That night SAN FRANCISCO felt justice was not done so they had a massive riot called the white night riot. Several police cars where torched, if you look at the cover of the first dead kennedy's record you can see one. You read about that riot in a book called THE MAYOR OF CASTRO STREET,or you watch the footage of it in the documentary THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK, and you will side with the community every time.

I wonder 12.Apr.2004 16:09

Jo Routens

What would have happened to Mr. Llaneza had he been standing in a doorway and shot two cyclists with a gun? Also, is it true that he hadn't had a valid drivers' license since the mid-1980's and that a large number of DUI's were the reason he
'd lost it?

the only justice is changing the laws of dui and alcohol offenses 12.Apr.2004 16:43

aunt shelly sstewart@elmnet.net

12 years in prison for the loss of such sweet lives is not justice.people must pursue our legislators to change theses laws.i will miss ang for many more years...

I am tired of bicyclists riding on the sidewalks 12.Apr.2004 17:57

Food chain

There are times I feel like carrying a club to smash the assholes who would rather ride on the sidewalks and impede my right of way than travel on the bike path right next to them. Apparently, fear of traffic means bullying pedestrians.

he had a life too... 23.Apr.2004 07:39

friend of the family

I know what Lindsey LLaneza did was wrong and he has put some families through pain that no one should have to experience and I pray for those families everyday in hopes that someday they will feel peace in knowing that their loved are watching over them everyday. Not to lessen the severity of the loss that has been suffered by those families, imagine the loss Lindsey's family is facing right now also. Killing Lindsey or beating him with a bat like some of you sick freaks suggested, only perpetuates the excessive violence that we have in this city alone, not to mention this country. I know he took the lives of two very special people, but that doesn't mean that he went out looking for someone to kill. He is an alcoholic and that is a disease that grips a lot of people in this world. Maybe with his time in prison he can overcome this monster and figure out a way to help his family members get through this and steer clear of this crippling disease. He has children that will always have to live with the fact that their dad is a murderer....is killing him going to help his children and the rest of his family through this tragic time? I am not defending him or his actions, he does deserve to have some sort of punishment, but I think living with the knowledge that he killed 2 people, damn near 3 people is enough to cripple him for the rest of his life.

Spoken from the heart 20.Jul.2004 22:18


To tell everyone the truth I am not sure where to begin, however I guess I can start by saying that my intentions are not to label anyone or judge anyone on a personal level this is just my point of view. The accident "yes" was horable and never should have happened however there are much deeper underlying issues involved. All points of view have to be explored and understood before you can judge. The victims and their families should get justice but if purposely, willingly, and knowingly beating another human being to death with crow bars or bats or setting them on fire is justice are we sure that even judgeing this man is usefull. I mean wouldn't acts like that just make us more horrible than him. I hope he doesn't "walk" for what he has done, he definitly should pay the price, but how can we give the amount of price the value of these lives lost if we are all running around with crow bars and bats and setting fires. Yes it is in our D.N.A. (rage & revenge)but when will we evolve or how can we help the victims and their families if we are this way. **My heart goes out I too need peace for my injustices**