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How biotech infiltrates schools

Biotech, bioweapons and pharmaceutical corporations influence the school system through various grants and funding of textbook publishers. Students are encouraged to be open minded about genetic engineering and the consequential animal testing that follows..
biotech, bioweapons and pharmaceutical corporations are all in favor of less restriction on animal testing to experiment with their genetically engineered products. These same corporations will be in SF 4 the BIOtech 2004 conference June 3-9th, no doubt attempting to force their chemically altered products on animals and people..

Why are these corporations becoming so powerful, besides US gov subsidies?

Biotech scientific establishment has a hold on the youth from an early age, some of the intro biology textbooks published by Peter Raven may hold clues why biotech is accepted by so many people. The Raven biology textbook contains info on how to genetically engineer life forms by inserting a viral/bacterial plasmid into the DNA of another living organism. This presents the genetic engineering method as acceptable and students are encouraged to pursue research in that field. ("Biotech's where the money is" said my biology teacher at community college) Raven is also head of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, heavily subsidized by Monsanto. Raven called out to the scientific community to document all the living plant species on the plant and record their taxonomy info. This is a form of biopatenting, claiming intellectual property rights of the genetic sequence of plant DNA/RNA. Medicinal plants are sought after the most, pharmaceutical products come from derived plant chemical compounds. By claiming ownership of the plant's DNA, it becomes easier for the corporations to manipulate the molecular biochemistry of the plant itself..

The pharmaceutical corporations step in next, finding various chemical compounds in the medicinal plant that they attempt to isolate and duplicate in the form of a pill. Not only medicinal plants are used, others are used because they have strong chemicals used as cleaning and/or solvents. These are also tested on animals to determine their safety to humans..
Genetically engineered products will be tested on animals also, and there's nothing the animal rights activists can do about it. Security fences shield the biotech corporation from any outside influence, private security patrols the electric fence perimeter. Society believes the animals suffer for the benefit of humans, so most people are not outspoken against the cruelty of these institutions..

The problem is greater than animal testing, it comes from the pharmacuetical/bioweapons/biotech corporations itself. This is the root cause of the problem, animal testing is one of the side effects, along with Prozac molecular compounds in the sewer water that is taken up and later discovered in the tissue of ocean fish..

To stop animal testing corps like HLS and Chiron, we must stop the pharma/GE/biotech corporations that make the products they test on animals in the first place..

Medicine is a healthy lifestyle and natural herbal remedies (no animal testing needed), avoiding petrochemical pollution that makes people sick with cancer in the first place..

On a personal note, i am a former biology student at Humboldt State University. The material forced upon us by the state institution is all about continuing this disgusting molecular manipulation of life. My reasons for withdrawing from class for moral reasons were deemed unacceptable by the chemistry teacher Joshua Smith and the head of the Chemistry department. Assume the same for biology chair Milton Boyd, a man more concerned with securing grants from biotech corporations than the well being of students and the ecosystem. The interaction made me feel worthless and irrelevent, like my life had lost meaning since i was no longer interested in performing research for the scientific establishment..

So i fail their pro GE science classes, how does that compare to farmer's lives being stolen by GE corps or primates chewing off their thumbs while being experimented on in cages?

The cold hearted attitude of HSU establishment science saddens me but am also glad to be free from this oppressive institution that is anything but a free education. This gives me more time to study permaculture and holistic understanding of nature like deep ecology. Unfortunately these fields are not as well funded because corporations cannot become wealthy if people plant corn, beans and squash (3 sisters) on their own instead of depending on expensive equipment to genetically engineer plant seeds..

We will reclaim the commons and free animals from their cages when we shut down the biotech corporations in SF..

homepage: homepage: http://www.reclaimthecommons.net/

all to keep it out of the hands of 09.Apr.2004 12:29

the people

"Raven called out to the scientific community to document all the living plant species on the plant and record their taxonomy info. This is a form of biopatenting, claiming intellectual property rights of the genetic sequence of plant DNA/RNA. Medicinal plants are sought after the most, pharmaceutical products come from derived plant chemical compounds. By claiming ownership of the plant's DNA, it becomes easier for the corporations to manipulate the molecular biochemistry of the plant itself."

I was suprised to be told recently that patents were being considered for applications of particular chemicals, which is a great facilitator to biopiracy, ripping off and patenting traditional ethnobotanical uses. Formerly, for many years, you could not patent something that was found in nature, as I understand it at least- that was a given reason why natural medicines were not joining in with man-made pharmaceuticals under the umbrella of "respectability" that man-made stuff enjoys.

Keep an eye out for things that help achieve a proprietary monopoly on the genetic or plant material themselves. There's a staggering bunch of import / export / phytosanitary / conservation laws, and I cannot find anyone who truly seems to even understand them, including the people who enforce them, or who know whether the laws posted on their respective sites are even current. The only people they seem to not discourage from participating in conservation are the corporations seeking to monopolize the gene pool in various ways, which of course also try to take the form of vague blanket regulation on anything potentially "medicinal"- unbeknownst to most people giving an approving nod to this stuff, that may be most of the plant kingdom, actually.

All of these laws may have some vague basis in legitimate need, hence they are able to take on the very noble guise of protecting us from invasive plants, blights, and pests, but they generally seem streched far beyond the limit of reason. If someone / anyone cared to check the mud in my boots for plant diseases as I was coming from Canada, in addition to possibly being supposed to check (or fumigate, without labelling them as to whether they and their packaging been chemically treated?) every packet of seeds that came from Canada, for example, I might begin to see the sanity. At this point I mainly see a wealth of possible ulterior motives advantageous only to industrial monopolies.

While little may be actually prohibited per se, the permit process, the expenses, and the confusion are demonstrably deterrent to conservation of this material- looking for someone to ship a particular plant from the UK that is not available here (and there are many such plants, and many European growers are small and working in limited space and therefore geared to production of small plants not large seed producing plants) may be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Some of the people making use of public comment periods on some of these laws are active gardeners in the larger Rock Gardening societies. Many of these societies have seed exchanges which are affected in many ways by these laws, and they have a vested interest in having an impact on the laws so that they can keep their seed exchanges going. These seed exchanges can also be opportunities to obtain seed of certain medicinal or potentially medicinal plants, cleverly disguised as rock garden ornamentals, although the supply of a certain seed may be a few packets that came from a single gardener in a given year, and nothing will be very consistent without more active participation in that process.

They also have a vested interest in challenging absurdities in the laws, i.e., laws that refer to regulation of seed by quantity, where some seed is too infinitesimally small to count. Again, I can't seem to find where anyone fully understands these laws including their enforcers, but this seems like a good place to look for those who are trying, and fighting this fight on that particular field of this battle. Or so that is what the battle looks like on that front, to the best of my understanding...

OHSU continually goes into the 09.Apr.2004 12:52


schools and "sells" the primate center to young students. They do presentations and pass out slick fliers lying about how well they treat the animals, and how welfare laws protect them--which is patently false. They sell animal research as necessary, which is highly debateable; and carefully monitored, which it is not. They refuse to even debate the issue, or have public disclosure on their research (or I should say our research, since we're paying for it).

The money and power resides with the pharmaceutical and chemical companies, and research institutions that get huge grants of OUR money from the NIH...and it is time now to say enough. Enough of torturing animals and poisoning humans and the earth to put money in their pockets.

no good people or no good science? 09.Apr.2004 14:27

man with formal biotech education

well first off I love science and the persute of knowledge.

second corporations are inherently non-moral

third science is inherently non-moral

It all comes down to the people that use the science. Not the science itself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know how something works or how to tweak it when you figure it out.

I think the problem comes in when people and corporations try to make money on the science and government trys to put laws inplace to protect the intrests of the corporations instead of the people of the country they are sworn to serve.

The current system is very much flawed but I think it is important to continue studying genetics because of all the good that can come out of it.

It is up to the people of the world to use the science in a way that benifits mankind and does not harm the planet at the same time.

man with biotech education... 09.Apr.2004 14:42


that sounds nice. So, are you someone who's using your knowledge to stand in the way of those who do true evil with their resources? Are you using your knowledge to fight the torture of primates and others in research labs for faulty toxicity testing? Are you raising your voice to say that burning a dog while alive and conscious and giving it no painkillers afterwards because it "might interfere with the study" is not only morally wrong, but scientifically useless? And so on? Those with science educations are best poised to educate themselves further and help to bring the suffering to an end. It won't end by itself--those with money to gain will continue until their community requires them to stop.

BioGOOD? 24.May.2004 00:49


I laud you for I for saying what you said -- I Needed what you said to stand up to a VIVIOUS group of people who are trying to "make" my LIFE as miserable as they say it is going to be??? No one can control anyone else and NO one has the Right to do so. Everyone needs to live their OWN LIFE...I Appreciate Very Much your comment!! As for the Abject Cruelty to Animals - it just sickens me!!!! to no end. Its Got to STOP!! Do MORE public awareness...
As you can see it is the neonazis's that are doing the research on our companions - the animals. If they had a SHRED of Humanity in them they would at the VERY LEAST give the animals pain killers. How can they get up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror.
To: no good people or no good science? You may be just voicing your opinion and it sounds good, but yes, some of us like to look into nature and see how it works and experiment for the Good of mankind, but for who's GOOD. The corp.'s getting BILLIONS of $$$ from us or will the money be evenly distributed to others the taxpayers; one woman that is desparate for $$$ and for Lawyer's fees would Dearly LOVE to have some of the MONEY that they STEAL off of us for THEIR "RESEARCH", when WE DON'T want that kind of "research"!!
On www.peta.org it states that there are Alternative ways to do the proper research that benefits Every Being, not just a few(us?).
People are OUTRAGED that they are buying with their own $$ products like cosmetics so they can look pretty at the expense of others SUFFERING and TORTURE!!!! When they find this out then they STOP buying those products. Its as simple as that, like at www.tibet.org - do NOT buy, "Made In China" so the Chinese Regime can torture, kill and take the Tibetans Homeland!!! Save Tanzin NOW...
N.B. People can go onto indymedia comment boards and they are on the evil side of things as the activists are aware. I sure am. So almost any comment that tries to persuade us that what they do is "good" for us is sadly Dissillusioned!!!! How can we know they are lieing to us: one way is just look at the $$$$$$ they are putting in THEIR pockets!! Look at the corporation's profits and then look at how much the employee is paid! Then look at all the single mother's and singe people who are trying to get by without a job!! LOOK AT ALL THE CORP'S PROFITS - THAT PROFIT ALONE COULD MAKE JOBS FOR US. SIMPLE AS THAT.... www.killercoke.org