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Update On Womyn and Trans Action Camp

The Womyn and Trans Action Camp from March 30th - April 4rth was an all around success! The camp was held in a beautiful area within the Willamette National Forest. Three Hundred year old Douglas firs lay less than a quarter mile from where the majority of discussions and workshops took place.

The camp was made up of about sixty people coming in and out throughout the week. There were a lot of opportunities for people to get to know each other more closely, and I feel like people did an excellent job being aware of 'clickishness' that can sometimes be troublesome at large gatherings.

The atmosphere of the camp was very relaxed, despite some very intense discussions and workshops. These included discussions about sexual assault, the state of destruction in the national forest and racism in the movement. Workshops on yoga, acrobatics and dancing helped to keep people energized and focused during the long days. [ Read more... ]

Cascadia Forest Defenders Needs People
The Cascadia Forest Defenders are in need of conscientious people willing to live and work in a full time occupation of an endangered olde growth rain forest within the Willamette National Forest. This includes Womyn and Trans who are specifically interested in helping maintain the W+T action as well as people who are interested in the general action/occupation. There are a lot of places to work that require a large body of diverse of people. People who can come, learn and work, for any length of time are greatly appreciated... REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT!!

There is also an alarming amount of work to be done on the town end of the campaign, anyone that is interested in helping with that, particularly people living in the Eugene area are urged to call and find out how you can help. Any amount of time is useful, please don't feel like you have to be on board full time to be helpful. [ Read more... ]

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