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Is Kerry the lesser of two evils?

Just watched O'Reilly Factor while doing stuff (it's entertaining, it's so
openly fascistic, no attempt to hide behind a liberal veneer), he
interviewed a top Kerry foreign policy strategist, Chris Lapetina, an
ex-Marine, he said what's needed is to flood Iraq with US troops and put
down this rebellion. O'Reilly kidded him with "Ted Kennedy will have a fit",
Lapetina responded "Ted Kennedy isn't the party's nominee".
that about sez it.
We don't need an advertisement for O'Reilly's spin crap --- c'mon now ! ! 08.Apr.2004 21:33

politics as possible

I realize that I won't make any friends now and that this comment will be taken as an advertisement for Kerry by a "Democrat whore" (as I have been called before at pdx.indy) --- but somebody has to point out the inaccuracy of this "report". Statement: "a top Kerry foreign policy strategist, Chris Lapetina, an ex-Marine, he said what's needed is to flood Iraq with US troops and put down this rebellion." Is someone interviewed by O'Reilly really a "top Kerry foreign policy strategist" just because he's an "ex-Marine"? For that matter, the reality about the O'Reilly "no-spin zone" is that there is nothing but spin to be had. What obvious bull about O'Reilly being "openly fascistic" and therefore, of course (???) we have to trust this source of bull crap over the other sources? C'mon now!

What Kerry proposes is probably not what most readers here at pdx.indy like to see, but we should not accept this spin that Kerry proposes flooding Iraq with US troops in order to "put down this rebellion." It could be argued that the result of Kerry's proposed strategy will be that more and more U.S. troops will be required and that the result will be another Vietnam. But that isn't what "c'mon now" argues. What "c'mon now" claims (based on O'Reilly's "no spin" crap) isn't what Kerry says, as carefully spelled out at the Kerry website. On April 8, 2004, Kerry repeated his view as stated in his Brookings Institute statement, as follows:

"First, we need a new Security Council resolution to give the United Nations authority in the rebuilding of Iraq and the development of its new Constitution and government - including the absorbing of the Coalition Provisional Authority. This shift of authority from the United States to the United Nations is indispensable to securing both troops and financial commitments from other countries.

"Second, we need a new UN Security Council resolution authorizing a multi-national force under US command - a command that properly should be ours because we are the largest troop presence. We will not put 130,000 American troops under foreign command. But internationalizing the force and placing it under a UN umbrella will spread the burden globally, reduce the risks to our soldiers, and remove the specter of American occupation.

"Third, the resolution must include a reasonable plan and a specific timetable for self-government - for transferring political power and the responsibility for reconstruction to the people of Iraq. Their participation in rebuilding their country and shaping their new institutions is fundamental to the cause of a stable, peaceful, and independent Iraq that contributes to the world instead of threatening it.

"Fourth, the Administration must accelerate efforts to train and equip Iraqi security forces -border, police, military, and civil defense- so that Iraq will have the capacity to provide for its own security over time. To do this we will need assistance from our allies and others to train and equip the forces as quickly as possible, to monitor their progress as they take to the field, and to serve as interim security personnel while the process is ongoing."

Personally, I support Dennis Kucinich's view that the presence of U.S. troops must be seen as a big part of the problem, not of any solution. But that's where my argument with Kerry lies, not in giving any credence to a Republican Party apologist like Bill O'Reilly --- a paid, professional liar!

If you have objections to Kerry's statement, then make your argument against it --- not against some straw man originating with Bill O'Reilly. And, for sanity's sake, TUNE OUT JUNK LIKE THE O'REILLY FACTOR! (Better yet,. blow up your teevee and get rid of all that spin coming out of the Republican Party National Committee forever --- it will improve your life immeasurably.)