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The Daily Poetry Movement

Weight of Empire by CJ Ciaramella. This poem speaks to me about the angst of the earth. Sometimes I wonder if the only reason we have not been swallowed alive is becuase we are the cramps of the earth while she has her period but as soon as she quits bleeding she will get off her ass and get shit done, cause she just wants life for all not just a few. Earth Liberation!
"Weight of Empire"
by CJ Ciaramella

At night I listen while the masses sleep,
and through the heavy silence I can hear
the faint yet powerful sound of the ground,
groaning under the weight of empire.

It shifts and sighs under the wet blanket
of asphalt oceans; concrete forests press
upon the chest of sullen earth, forcing
the air to squeeze and writhe through tiny cracks.

By day I listen while the masses roar,
and through the heavy ruckus I can hear
the faint yet powerful sound of the ground,
groaning under the weight of empire.

But look how civilization totters.
The shifting soil sways it back and forth,
and one day it will topple over, mass
reclaimed, like all the errant children - tucked
into the waiting bed of open earth.

Poetry should be left for the experts. I wish people would just quit writing poetry who have nothing good to say. So if you are from the academia elite, if you gather for elegant literary dinners that are eaten off dishes made from sweatshop labor: shut the fuck up! Leave poetry to the activists, Indymedia, pirate radio, the poor, the movement! LEAVE POETRY TO THE PEOPLE- WHERE IT BELONGS! And stop teaching poetry as a male sport of words that hunt the poor and people of color. If I gottta listen to how great Shakespeare is again.. I swear to the goddess... .If I gotta listen to another upper white class man espouse his natural superiority to all of creation and his conflict with it anymore... shit I'm I'm already rising up... Fact is we ARE going to take the anti poetry from our classrooms... No longer will any child in America, especially native descendents read the poem:
In 1492
Columbus sailed the ocean blue... .

We will have a funeral for Columbus and bury him in the elitist grave he deserves amongst all genocidal serial rapist freaks... We will take our history back with poetry, song, and dance... we will rise up and reclaim our culture, starting WITH YOUR PEN!


I want to thank contributors of real poetry like CJ Ciaramella for making the daily poetry movement possible. Please send your submissions, commentary and thoughts to me. But please do not send links or attachments.
But Shakespeare is great 08.Apr.2004 10:33


ifin yo done wanna lissen a massa no mo
staw lissenin a im
stobbuyin im wors
star sayn yo own wors

staw waisin yo time a dissin ole Bill
Bill im da bess wit de inlish langage

wassat y say, gir?
speak up, gir!
ay a cann hear yo.

Shakespear was propoganda for the queen and capitalism 08.Apr.2004 16:37

Migratory Bird

Ode to English and the spies who made it

Well it went sorta like this
Our masters spoke a different language
And to the peasants whom they stuffed like pheasants and ate
They could not relate
So they called over a an earlier corporate esquire
Said to him are you for hire?
And he said sure I'll spy on the other rich
And if it does not seem
Absurd I will create a language upon which we all can end the debate
So the Canterbury tales were written
And women were imprisoned,
And the bill handed over became known as the next great

What about the wall mounted peasants filling the dungeons?
Placed on the torture racks, the ones who spilt body for the church
They gave us the ava Maria's they took the poor's "secular" songs and
During "office hours" the monks made them into to religious collection plates

When the rich decided that we needed to narrow the movement they decided to make
The oxford dictionary cause the peasants were out of control
We were beginning to speak their own language again
We were beginning to speak of words they did not approve
We had begun a revolution of ideas and new philosophies which
didn't fill our masters desires of forever being
Idle powerful, lord masters, bible thumpers, of scripture they translated

Oh English
You had such a good run, you helped us run from cops, corporate goons
You helped us die in Chicago
You helped us ridicule the many small revolutions
You helped us divide the races
You helped us segregate the classrooms
You enabled us to keep immigrants away from Americans while being "educated"
Oh English how powerful you seemed

Oh English
You were a philosophy to yourself
You were a shackle to the belt
You were the guardian of many genocides
Oh English
How hard for many to see your young tongue
Chopped off for telling lies
But now I have made you mute
Can you see why you have always been despised?

I will create my own language with it's own
And shucks-a-daisy if I do throw
Websters out with badly translated confuscious editions
What if we do decided that websters definition of anarchy
Is corporate propganda
And what if we decided that if words missing
From dictionaries
Are because the dictionaries are written for one use only

Every year a language goes extinct so do numerous plants and
Animals in fact extinction
Has a direct correlation between languages

So Fuck the Engish I'll get tea with my liber!

Shrug 08.Apr.2004 18:04


Learn Mandarin, then.

Impoverished slurs 08.Apr.2004 18:50

Migratory Bird

It is not enough to be overtly racist but you must simply give up the argument w/ a shrug. Please Dio, do some back ground research on the orgins of english, the dictionary, and music....suddenly it will all come together for you...I really did appreciate the fact you tried to write a poem in retaliation, I was disappointed you did not write another...

Get thee behind me 08.Apr.2004 20:42


You charge the man, Shakespeare; but your complaints bear witness against the language, English. Did the language taste so foul as you avere, you would eagerly wash your hands of it, your tongue and beak, to follow.

Mandarin seems to me a suitable replacement. Although, I think God, in Genesis 11, revealed Himself to lack common-sense let alone omniscience and omnipotence.

And I lack enough Mandarin to construct a memorable sentence, let alone a poem. Although, if you would burn Baghdad in pursuit of a few Saudis gone to ground in Afghanistan, there seems little point in either.

A few short lessons 08.Apr.2004 21:13

Migratory Bird

Shakespeare furthered the attack of women by use of propoganda of them being witches, Shakespeare attacked Jews and if you had any knowledge of the "renassance" of which Shakespeare was a part of Shakespeare was asked to write peices of propganda for the masses. It is generally aknowledged that Shakespeare was state propoganda yet many would not so boldy assert it as I.

Do I attack a foundation built on lies? You bet your ass. If you would study the roots of the liber of music you would note that Opera was an attempt to win people back to the Catholic government. The old "office hours" of the priets which were used for singing secular songs stolen from drinking taverns of the poor they meant to enslave, that all your harmonies and beats come from the poor, and that it was galileos father who created opera. So while his son sat in prison on treson they sung their trills and frills.

In the renassacne their were guilds. Guilds were ways of keeping people to the same functions of enslavement. House slaves, field slaves, music slaves. Therefore the question "Which Bach?" comes to mind... Your history has a huge gap of truth in it. This renassance was so called becuase the slaves were now allowed to read and pick the roles they wanted in society. So while they may quit castorating your youngest son for the singing guild, you might still work for the better of your masters. Enter slaves of another skin color...

How easily you discount the attempted slavery of many white people by other white people in europe, how easily you make the war to have always been a colored language barrior. But from the celts, jews, gypsies, another story lingers in the bastions of the learned palaces of the rich! How easily you forgot your own history to learn there at their feet my poppet. What a good puppet you were. Play Dio! Play! Did you forget the poorhouses, the dungeons you were sent to for failing to pay your masters for the land that had orginally been yours? Did you forget the sight of the troubadors and ministrels being hunted down and killed for refusing to play music for the elite but playing it for the poor? And did you Dio, did you know that when the "protestant"/printing revolution took place it forever changed the written language of music as it was used to convey underground messages.

For you classical music is the swaying and turning bodies of the elite queens when really it was played by enslaved house musicians who were apart of a huge revolutionary movement to end human suffering of the peasants and paupers of Europe. It was the foul propoganda of house playwrights like Shakespeare who held governement positions who helped to undo their essential goal.

Poor Dio, the best you could do was quote the bible? Learn!!! And Rise UP!!!

literary giants 09.Apr.2004 01:40

gary aker

i like shakespeare, and whitman and poe; mmm, good, e e cummings, too. ginsberg, ferlinghetti and kerouac made me laugh; attack, and you look like a person with a weak mind, so afraid of the thoughts of others, expressed in their verse, that you are helpless to practice discernment in gathering their message; is poetry bad simply because it was written by a white male (all of the above)? seems silly to me...

i read plath and piercy, love the essays of rich, but, really, as a man, i lean more to the male voice in literature; there is no crime in this; if you don't want to read poems by educated white males, then, by all means, avoid that voice; if you don't want to read the classics, but only something scribbled on a napkin in a coffeehouse and published here the next minute, then, please, do so; why is everyone so concerned about this THREAT of art and poetry deemed classical, or, authored by a white male. sounds weak, whiney, waving the limp flag of victimhood.

i see words, not color, gender, classic or modern. i see sustenance and find it is necessary to partake of it whenever i can. art facism will never work; artists, thank god, won't stand for it.

as william blake (another white aristocratic male) wrote:

"If the doors of perception were cleansed,
Everything would appear...as it is, infinite."

Here is to all of us expanding our minds and horizons.

e e cummings 09.Apr.2004 01:53

e e cummings

somewhere i have never travelled

somehere i have travelled, gladly beyond
any experience, your eyes have their silence;
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
of which i cannot touch because they are too near

your slightest look easily will unclose me
though i have closed myself as fingers,
you open always petal by petal myself as Spring opens
(touchng skilfully, mysteriously) her first rose

or if your wish be to close me, i and
my life will shut very beautifully, suddenly,
as when the heart of this flower imagines
the snow carefully everywhere descending;

nothing which we are to perceive in this world equals
the power of your intense fragility; whose texture
compels me with the colour of its countries,
rendering death and forever with each breathing
(i do not know what it is about you that closes
and opens; only something in me understands
the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses)
nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands

e.e. cummings

Artists wouldn't stand for it.... 09.Apr.2004 02:17

Migratory Bird

Which artists wouldn't stand for it? Peltier? Mumia?

Or would it be the Bush's who just imposed a ban against translating North Korean, Iraq, and Iran's writings?

Why do think the idea of not teaching the Gentrified Money classes propoganda in our schools would make us sound
" weak, whiney, waving the limp flag of victimhood."

And which giant out of the books of celts do you pick on to tumble?

(Most of the men whom you mentioned would not be sitting at the table of the elite, now would they....)

Blake was RICH? 09.Apr.2004 02:21

Migratory Bird

PS BLAKE WAS POOOOOOR he made the other elites like Byron look good for hanging out with this hallucinating poor man.

My Grandmother once said, Migratory Bird, you only have so much time in life why force yourself to read a book you do not like when their is so much to read. She has such wisdom. We will never have the time to read all that has been written why should we force kids to read what is obvious propoganda of the capitalist state to the exclusions of the Hills, the esvm's, the peltiers?

Get thee behind me, ACT II 09.Apr.2004 12:40


It doesn't matter whether you believe in
the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth
the Withering Away of the State
the Joyful Land or Nirvana
the Happy Hunting Grounds
or a World of Bicycle Paths
leading to Dumpsters Full of Neat Stuff,

if you think like George, you will act like George.

Maybe you don't have a billion-dollar stealth-bomber
but you might throw a cobblestone at that mean cop.
Maybe you won't help him burn Baghdad
but you might go for Beograd.

Who acted evilly?
William Shakespeare?
the English Language?
all English Speakers?
CJ Ciaramella?


Consider Prince Siddhartha Gautama,
the Enlightened One.
Before he could erect his penis his parents gave him women.
They took the best women and trained them to be better.
Nobody asked those women if they wanted to serve little Siddhi.
Indeed, it is unlikely that they,
neither the parents nor the women,
could form the question.
Did Siddhartha rebel against the oppression of women?


He thought he was better than everybody else.

Do we burn all the Sanskrit scrolls,
the Prakrit, the Pali,
the Ardhamagadhi, if we can find any,
the Buddha
is a

Here is one story, of many, from the Pali Canon.

'Subject to birth, subject to aging, subject to death,
run-of-the-mill people
are repelled by those who suffer
from that to which they are subject.
And if I were to be repelled
by beings subject to these things,
it would not be fitting for me, [to live] as they do.'

Anguttara Nikaya III.38

This haughty pride seems to be common in the English translations of the stories. The haughtiness is entirely our projection. Our attitude toward pride differs markedly from theirs. The pride expressed in Pali Scripture -- and in early European and First Peoples 'literature' as well -- says, I am better, bigger, stronger, smarter, wealthier; therefore, I do more, give more, whatever more. Mediaeval European pride is fear : so many natives, so few conquerors, the latter are scared shitless and treat the former as shit. Lest they get ideas.

Our attitude towards pride, although legitimately rejecting feudal romance, is decidely dysfunctional. Hunk Hogan is all right. Kobi Bryant is all right. But the unwashed poets, the pointy-headed intellectuals, anybody who can see through Sen McCarthy and Barbara Bush, -- the ability itself, to think clearly -- we have to take that down a notch. Lest they get ideas.

You might say, no, to Bill,
when it means, yes, to Joe and Barbara.


And you protest 09.Apr.2004 12:48


"I don't think we have to take poets down a notch."

But you say we should take Shakespeare down a notch.

And Joe and George will never let him back up.
And Joe and George will push CJ Ciaramella,
as Barbara pushed Sam Hamill,
down with him.

The Daily Poetry Archives 09.Apr.2004 14:29

Migratory Bird

Gary I do like your literary picks. Every single poet that you picked (except for Poe and and Shakespeare) had socialist leanings, were not men who tried to use their white male privelege in society. In fact neither did Poe, poor syphilitic Poe. Almost every poet you mentioned I have featured on the Daily Poetry Movement.

My favorite daily poetry pick for ee cummings is: a salesman is an it that stinks.

Please check the archives of that daily poetry movement and read these poets to your hearts content.


Dio, I have no idea what your last poem is to mean. That if I criticise George Bush that I am criticizing CJ Ciaramella. That is bullshit. All you weird mixings of religious metaphor were very hard to read through, which probably means that you are just getting interested in spirituality. I suggest that you do read as much as possible on spritituality. Indian (meaning india) spritituality is often a caste built religion. The castes are built on skin color. The darker your skin the lower teh caste. If you have blue skin you are a god. This is the reason that white people are always going off on the innate spirituality of india. The plight of the untouchable class is a real lesson in dispair. It is also a lesson in sick religious practices.

What does humility have to do with my ideas? Why should I be humble and espouse the paths of George Bush? Dio, your saying that I need humility is very funny...

Yes, we need to dumpster dive, garden, recycle, critical mass, stop illegal occupations, teach children not declare them armies and shoot them down in cold blood.

William Shakespeare was a corporate pawn. Read him if you like but I will deffinitely educate anyone who comes near the poetry movement that he was a corrupt corporate figure working for the queen and holding government office.

I actually spent a great deal of time reading him before. I also spent a great deal of time reading about him. I have spent a great deal of time reading the bible and about the bible. Doesn't mean I agree either have a clear understanding of human nature.

Whose protest? 09.Apr.2004 14:33

Migratory Bird

"I don't think we have to take poets down a notch."

I never said that.

? ? ? 09.Apr.2004 17:08


I don't know whom you address up there in 'A few short lessons', 08.Apr.2004 21:13.

I promise : it isn't me.