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Blood and oil still flowing

After Iraqi children slaughtered in Fallujah for continued oil theft occupation, maybe the American SUV drivers need a fucking wake-up call..
American military/mercenaries provoked yet another bloody episode of the ongoing Iraqi oil theft occupation. The combo of CIA/Mossad operatives could have led to the sacrifice of the 4 Blackwater Security mercenaries that were traveling through Fallujah. More patriotic frenzy as American Zionist media propaganda pumps the heads of Americans with more lies..

Iraqi children died in the most recent bombing, Al-Jazeera has pictures of their dead bodies yet the American media refuses to show the atrocities committed by their military..

Americans drive their SUVs on stolen Iraqi oil unimpeded as Iraqi blood flows down the Tigris and Euphrates towards the sea..

The lives of Iraqis must not mean much to the American SUV drivers, maybe they need those American flags they so proudly fly shoved up their tailpipes..

If your SUV engine doesn't start, get out and start walking, you asshole Americans..

Exxonmobil, Texaco, Shell etc. need to be shut down by any means, people are dying throughout the world already..

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