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i may have taken a photo of your child at the peace rally
Indy Media has been gracious enough to let me use their site for posting this notice.

If you were approached (by a woman) at the rally to have your child's photo taken (or if you are a minor and were approached), please contact me at the email address below. The photos are back and all came out great. I'd like to share a copy of the photo with you, and also I'd like to compile them for an art project, but would like your permission to do so.

I can be reached at  n.pierce@comcast.net. Sincere thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Naomi Pierce
to make money from? 07.Apr.2004 23:53

indy reader

weren't you the one who posted before and said you wanted to work on a "commercial" project with your photos?

f'n liberals. it's not enough to have ineffective events. some of you want to make money off them too.

please correct me if i'm wrong! i'd like to be!

TO BE NEGATIVE? 08.Apr.2004 19:33

Naomi Pierce n.pierce@comcast.net

Who are you to judge someone's motives based on so little information? I won't waste much time here responding to your negativity. I wonder why you are an "indy reader." Don't you have something better to do with your garbage mouth than post on this site? If you aren't a parent of a child whose photo was taken, the message wasn't for you.