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Women of Rwanda: marked for death

The legacy of genocide and war in Rwanda lives on ten years
Between April and July 1994, Rwanda was the site of a horrifying litany of human rights abuses - mass killings of unarmed civilians, rape and numerous other acts of torture. Bringing to justice those responsible has been an enormous challenge; even so, progress has been slow. For those raped or tortured, or whose family members were killed, justice and redress remain elusive.

The United Nations estimates that between 250,000 and 500,000 rapes were committed during the genocide. Degradation was integral to the physical violence, with some women being made to parade naked or perform various humiliating acts at the bidding of soldiers and militia.

Compounding the trauma of being victims and witnesses of horrendous brutality, many women raped during 1994 now suffer the reality of living with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS with little hope of legal recourse, medical care or compensation
When Victims Become Killers 09.Apr.2004 15:16

keith harmon snow

It is interesting that this Rwanda article is unsigned. What the author -- who ever that is -- doesnt tell you, is that many of teh deaths and rapes that occurred from April 6, 1994 to August 1994 -- the period which has been defined at the "Rwanda Genocide" were committed by US proxy soldiers under Ft. Leavenworth trained Major General Paul Kagame, the man in power in Rwanda today. While it is true that mass rape went almost entirely unreported, hundreds of thousands of women, both Hutu and Tutsi, it is very revealing that of hundreds of media reports on the "genocide" there were two or three only which mentioned rape. These by NYT and AP and Washington Post reporters -- e.g. Donatella Lorch -- who went out of their way to convince readers (read: a propaganda campaign) that a few rapes had occurred -- you know, less than ten -- at the hands of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (Kagame, pro-US forces) but that these soldiers had been punished. Read about RAPE AND THE RWANDA GENOCIDE on my web site, to be posted at www.allthingspass.com in the next week. Genocide survivors exist in all ethnic shades in Rwanda, they are not, today, just Tutsis.