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Look For Jack Grimes On The Internet Archive

"Phoenix: Up From The Ashes", a short campaign film for the 2004 election, shot by Sally Parker, featuring Mr. Grimes on camera, is up on THE INTERNET ARCHIVE now.
The Internet Archive exists to promote the free exchange of political ideologies of minor parties, that might otherwise not be heard, given the nature of the press in the USA today. 0n behalf of Mr. Grimes, and his staff, I am to tell you, we of the United Fascist Union, are honored to have been invited to work with the I.A., and are proud of the U.F.U.'s small contribution to the Internet Archive to date.

The Internet Archive encourages downloads from TV stations, film buffs, and just about anyone who can download and preserve moving picture film footage. The United Fascist Union's movie, "Phoenix: Up From The Ashes", is on the I.A. in the election 2004 section, under candidates campaign films. Keywords for accessing it are Election 2004, candidates films, Jack Grimes or the United Fascist Union.

We hope that you'll view our motion picture short "PHOENIX: UP FROM THE ASHES" on the Internet Archive at www.archive.org. And, that you'll vote for our candidate, JACK GRIMES, this fall, as FASCISM is the one great ideology that's time has come again!


This stuff doesn't really pan out 07.Apr.2004 18:09

politics as possible

THE INTERNET ARCHIVE and www.archive.org are real and moderately interesting. But Jack Grimes? Some problem with the server in getting to "PHOENIX: UP FROM THE ASHES" and could not download or view that. "United Fascist Union" said that the "United Fascist Union" had denied access for anything. I did find something by Jack Grimes, as follows:

Forum: New Age Journal Forum
Date: 2001, Oct 09
From: Jack Grimes

I am a telepath, I can send and receive, mostly scanninng thoughts of others likewise receiving these from other psychics when need arises. Rarely, verry rarely, I get preconition or sense future events. I seldom know whether these are thoughts or psychic manifestations. For some reason I believe when next terrorists hit this country they will use chemical weapons and bio hazard devices. If Fla. was one case, it is probably not what I sense, as I see something big and really bad it will come through water or food and cause confusion. J. Grimes: UNITED FASCIST UNION/PRPA: POB 5214; Wilkes-Barre, Penn. 18710 USA.

The Internet Archive & The United Fascist Union 15.Apr.2004 09:56

Mr. J. Grimes

It's up there, I've saw it listed myself. I can't say I ever tried to download it, as I've got several copies of "Phoenix Up From The Ashes".

Go to Election 04, candidates section, I should pop up with Kerry, Bush and all the rest. According to site logistics the U.F.U.'s batting average is 9, as we've had 36 downloads.

I also try to post regularly on the I.A.'s Forum under "election 2004", on any number of topics and current events. I think their URL is  http://www.arhive.org/ but, it might be a dot com.

I was also in the Wilmington, Delaware News Journal's, letters section on the 12th of this month, my letter being entitled "Homeland Security is like Russian KGB". But, for some reason, they said it was by Frank Grimes and didn't mention that I'm the United Fascist Union's Presidential candidate.

If you have any trouble with dowloading "Phoenix: Up From The Ashes", post it here and I'll call Zane Vella, whose in charge of I.A.'s 2004 Election film collection, for you, to see if the problem lies on his end or yours.

My psychic abilities tell me you've found a bogus Grimes post, somewhere or other floating around in cyber space.


The Right URL 15.Apr.2004 10:04


That's "www.internet-archive.org". Both Mr. G. and I were wrong. Sorry.

Heil Grimes!
Vote Fascist 2004!