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Kid's mini-Hummer

I know everyone here just loves SUV's, so I thought I'd repost this ap story. Pretty wonderful country we live in, huh??? Can't you just picture a gated community filled with little snots driving around in mini hummers? i sure hope we can maintain our way of life around these parts.
Move over Mom and Dad, here comes the child's pint-sized Hummer
Associated Press

HUDSON, Ohio - Children impressed with a parent's bright-colored Hummer SUV now can get their own miniaturized version of the highway behemoth with the familiar chrome grill.

The battery-powered Hummer riding toy made by Little Tikes Co., based in this Akron suburb in northeast Ohio, was unveiled at a preschool where children got a chance for a test drive on Tuesday.

"We knew the popularity of this highly coveted item among adult auto enthusiasts would be just as strong with children," said Clancy Lavins, president of Little Tikes.

The Hummer H2 SUV, which will be sold exclusively in Wal-Mart beginning in May, will carry a suggested retail price of $250 and features a forward-tilt hood, chrome grill and a "radio" with a five-song play list.

The $300 Adventure Series Hummer H2 SUV, which will be sold exclusively through Toys-R-Us beginning in July, has additional features including fog lights, running boards and two walkie-talkies to keeping in contact with the neighborhood kids.

The Hummers, which are made under a General Motors Corp. license, are meant for ages 3 and up, can go up to 5 mph and come with a device allowing parents to trim the maximum speed. The Hummer comes with a rechargeable 12-volt battery.

With the popularity of the adult civilian Hummer and wartime images of the military Hummer, the child's version should be a hit, according to Reyne Rice, who follows trends for the New York City-based Toy Industry Association.

"Kids aspire to be adults, they aspire to be a teen, they aspire to do things adults do and Hummers are hot right now," Rice said. "It's like getting a new car for adults. It's a kid's first vehicle."

The Little Tikes entry into an area dominated by Mattel's Fisher Price should be helped by selling through Toys-R-Us and Wal-Mart, which rank No. 1 and No. 2 respectively in terms of toy sales.

Last year a radio-controlled Hummer model car was one of the top-selling items in its category at Wal-Mart despite a price tag of more than $100, Rice said.

The toy industry recorded $20.7 billion in sales last year in the U.S., including $250 million for battery-operated riding toys, according to NPD Funworld, which tracks toy and video game sales.

Heather Paul, a Toy Industry Association safety advocate and former executive director of the National Safe Kids Campaign, said battery-operated riding toys like the Hummer can be safe if operated as intended and if parents supervise their children.

"These riding toys are great and fun but they can present injuries and they can be serious," she said.

Paul said risks include falling from the riding toy or colliding with a car, tree or other item. Such riding toys shouldn't be used near swimming pools, ponds or other bodies or water and people should realize the risks in a parking lot at an apartment or condominium complex.


Little Tikes Co.:  http://littletikes.com

NPD Funworld:  http://npdfunworld.com

Aww, how cute. 07.Apr.2004 19:30


Little meat-eating sweatshop-clothes-wearing junior can learn how to best use up natural resources and pollute the environment.

This has little to do with the article but... 07.Apr.2004 23:18


I picked up a copy of the old film Koyaanisqatsi the other day. And we're all watching the freeway scenes and my darling astute little daughter asks, "Where are all the SUVs?" I had to explain to her that the film was made in '82 way back when there hardly were such things. There were lots of VW beetles though.

We also noticed a lot of large V8 sedans that guzzled lots of gas too. So just made me stop and think that gas guzzlers are nothing new.

And nothing really to do with this article.

About This 08.Apr.2004 09:50


Yep, it mentions the nasty Walmart. However, I failed to see the gated community shit. I saw hard wroking Americans in one of the few remaining blue collar industry cities building an American product. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing the workers at that factory earn real wages vice bowls of soup. I'd also suspect that the EPA monitors the factory waste. While I whole heartedly agree that the actual H2 is a gas guzzler and an overall waste of space, this particular article was a surprise. I figured those stupid little battery operated cars were all made in Bangladesh or China.

something good 08.Apr.2004 19:21


maybe something good will come from this, later on he'll buy another battery powered car.