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Movie Review: The Dreamers Sucks

Ok, quick movie review for anybody who was wondering about the flick "the dreamers"...supposedly about subversive sexuality, film and rioting in Paris '68: it was a waste of five bucks and two hours. none of it was the slightest bit interesting, not the sex, not the film discussions, not the rioting/politics. it's a bunch of cliches about rich kids and the two dudes never do get it on, they just squable over the sister. none of the charecters are intelligent or interesting, they're just sexy (and they are sexy) in a physical way...no substance. not even very much sex in the movie, though more than there was footage of street battles with the cops. the sex was not liberatory in any way that i could tell (unless trading incest taboos for co-dependency is your idea of liberating.) the overtly political stuff was shockingly stupid. real bummer cause the sexual implications of political uprisings seem like a very important topic to discuss, given for example the rate of sexual violence allready experienced in what's called a state of political stability. likewise, hardly anybody young anymore knows about paris 68. this movie is another missed opportunity to engage with lots of important topics.
Re: What the Bleep Do We Know? 07.Apr.2004 21:25

Out only three bucks at the Mission

There was a review here on this movie describing it as good. It was almost painfull to sit through this production. The makers took some good premises (i.e.-your perception of your reality influences it) then tried to back up their positions with some inaccurate half true ties to quantum physics. There were too many technical problems with this movie to name.

Basically, they took some fairly obvious concepts, and supported there positions with a mountain of horseshit. This was quite obviously a Ramtha propaganda piece and it was predictable, cheesy, and irritating all at the same time.

review 08.Apr.2004 14:07

gekko gekko_26@hotmail.com

wow what an insightful review