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New Stoplight to Punish Suburban Speeders

Traffic engineers have created a traffic signal with a bad attitude...
According to an article today in the San Francisco Chronicle, Pleasanton California's traffic engineers have created a traffic signal with a bad attitude. It senses when a speeder is approaching and immediately turns from green to yellow to red.

This isn't a joke, when driver's approach the light the will see an electronic sign that gives the speed limit and then flashes their actual speed. If that speed is too high the light ahead turns red forcing them to come to a full stop. I'm debating the implications here, but my first sense after reading the article (and checking that the date wasn't April 1st) is that this would be a good thing.

I agree 07.Apr.2004 16:54


This *does* seem like a good idea. I wonder if we could get a few for the Portland area?

Damn, that's a good idea 07.Apr.2004 20:20

red suspenders

Great idea- they'd better replace the pavement in some intersections with asbestos or fiberglass reinforced concrete, Large SUV's not to mention tri-met busses actually damage the roads when they pound on the brakes.

here in portland, 07.Apr.2004 23:48

we need these lights

all up and down Powell Avenue, which people drive on like it's a freakin' interstate highway. living on one side and working on the other, i have to cross it at least twice a day (sometimes more) and i can tell you that i take my life into my hands everytime i do it, whether on foot or by bike. (i don't drive.)

Yes It Is Time For 08.Apr.2004 09:37

More Government Intervention!

Who are you people and what have you done with the regular folks who post to this site? Bad government, bad police, bad electronic eavesdropping, stay out of our lives. Until of course; something I agree with comes along. You all suck! You are all hypocrites! You bitch and complain about goverment until the bandwagon comes around your block. What about the invasion of the driver's privacy? Bicycles show up on RADAR too. What about the natural resources wasted to power up that light? What if an emergency vehicle sets off the light and colides with other vehicles entering the intersection on their fresh green light? What about giving the nasty po-po another eason to harass citizens (people of color speed too).

I visit this site to see what is going on or if there is something I'd like to be associated with. Lately, I have seen far too many hypocritical comments; or maybe many of your true colors are simply begining to show.

More of a police state needed sometimes............. 08.Apr.2004 15:17

The Green Redneck

I'm a hypocrite and damned proud to be one. If there is an underregulated, underpoliced, and yes undertaxed area of American life it is motor vehicle use. With the potential for harm done and with the apparent mental changes that convert human being to motor vehicle user, driving is a totally appropriate place for a full-bore fascist police state. If people want civil rights, let 'em walk, ride a bike, or take the fucking bus!

this is flat out dangerous! 09.Apr.2004 02:57


This will cause accidents, and all so that the gov's has one more way to gouge us!! How would you like it if you or one of yours was in one of these gov't caused wrecks?!?!

People who speed run red lights too 12.Apr.2004 21:00


Anyone who is speeding on a city street is likely to also be the kind of person who will run a light when it turns yellow in front of them. Comon sense loses again.