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Portland Pigs Spamming Deonte Keller Website

Joe Bean Keller started a website to get out the truth about what happened to his son, Deonte. Deonte Keller was gunned down by the Portland police in 1996. It wasn't enough to murder Deonte, now the PPB is harassing the Keller family by spamming the website devoted to telling the truth about that crime.
At the rally for Jahar Perez on Sunday, Joe "Bean" Keller spoke eloquently on behalf of his own family, and the families of many others who have been touched by the violence of the Portland police bureau. In the course of his speech, he mentioned a website, www.ppbcomplaint.com, devoted to the story of Deonte and the continuing violence of the police state.

I checked the site, and found that, indeed, he makes a good case that police lied and covered up important facts relative to Deonte's murder. I refer readers to the site to learn more. This is a story that is both sad and outrageous, as are so many acts of violence committed by the police.

While searching the site, however, I discovered something else that is quite alarming. The site is being attacked, and it appears to be police officers who are doing the attacking. Spammers are railroading discussions into silence, the way they once did here before the compost bin. Here's a small sample, cut and pasted as-is from the original posts:

"Based on recent events, I guess it's socially acceptable if they [African Americans] commit genocide. However, when they threaten the life of a white police officer, then get what they deserve, they're flippin martyrs. YOU PEOPLE MAKE ME SICK! Shame on you! It's easy to criticize those that scarifice so much to protect you while you sit on your government provided couches, in your government provided housing, eating your government provided food, watching your government provided t.v. If you want change, how about raising honest, law abiding citizens?"


"Cops don't shoot for fun. They shoot to protect. I gaurantee if Kendra and the latest dumbass would have acted like respectable citizens, they would still be alive today."


"Joe Bean, your mantra is "Police Brutality" but where are your stats to back-up your claims (see Koin 6 6:00 pm newscast on 03/07/04)? [CW note: see how they use the corporate media to butress thier attack? Isn't that convenient.]All of the documents you've posted regarding the boy you claim to be your son back the justification for his death. Your only argument is that the police must have lied. I've got news for you, you low life coward. Those officers took an oath to serve amd protect the Constitution of our great nation. They also signed up to work the war zone we call NE Portland. They actively engaged an armed suspect in a driveby shooting. He pointed a gun at them as he FLED! He already shot up his own neighborhood, then he poinyted a gun at the cops. I'd say he was a grave threat to the safety of everyone around him. I'd take their word over yours."

I should not be surprised that the Portland police have an interest in silencing this story. But somehow, their brazenness shocks me. Can they really believe the public will be supportive of this harassment? I guess they figure that if they can shoot unarmed Black people down in the streets, a little barrage of racist hate-mongering on a website is nothing.

I urge indy readers to check out the site. That's www.ppbcomplaint.com. The information Mr. Keller has gathered concerning the police killing of Deonte is important information. It was never given voice in the corporate media, and it's worth hearing. And the effort of Portlant police officers to disrupt the site is an interesting study in the inner workings of racism within the PPB.

It's true 07.Apr.2004 17:14

The cops are spamming Joe bean

Please do visit the site, and while there, please lend some support to the Keller family. They need to hear from the community that we got their back, that the racist pigs don't speak for all of us or even most of us. Go to the forum and speak up!

Who's the Webmaster? 08.Apr.2004 02:07


It might be interesting to see the addresses the PoPo trolls post from...

The PPD spams this website as well 08.Apr.2004 21:15

they're trolls

Good thing their posting are quickly taken off. "You don't know police..." was taken off. Good thing.

don't they have taxpayer paid medical insurance? 09.Apr.2004 00:55


Doesn't that mean they can get medications for brain chemical imbalances? Isn't that a better way to spend our tax dollars, as opposed to keeping them on the dole? Then, if they don't end up locked up instead, they can get a real job. Otherwise, they may come in handy making liscence plates.

Cops R Our Friends, 09.Apr.2004 05:15

Chief Wiggum

Cops are the Good Guys. They are protecting us from the Bad Guys. Just like our Brave soliders in Iraq! Support our Troops--whether they be Police or Military!

Cops with nothing to do 12.Apr.2004 16:17


In the PPB complaint forum- I'm known as Pitbullmisses also (Or as a cop calls me- Shit bull misses) These guys are crazy! The way they refer to people of the community is a shame! Deontay Keller was a personal friend of mine, and my heart broke in two to see the police calling him pond scum and other names as such. The police have talked about Joe Keller like he has a tail, and many other members of the community! It's a shame that these things cam happen, and I wish a web master could track them down, and send something to the Bureau- because it scares me to know that those are the same people there to protect me and my family!

pitbull misses! 26.Apr.2004 20:47

hey grrrl!

I love your comments on ppbcomplaint.com. Keep it up, and fuck "bee" and "po po in the know." They suck.

Deontae Keller and About that K9 Officer who didn't call EMS for an hour 21.Jul.2014 18:32

Saw this officer lie thru his teeth ahrc2009@hotmail.com

There is a document posted on the internet pertaining to this case named Joseph Keller vs Gary Beck. Portland PD. Mr. Beck was accused of standing over Deontae Keller while he lay dying from being shot in the back, unarmed and running away from officers. Officer Beck and Yee seem to have collaborated on their stories and attempted to lie about the hour they waited, until after Deontae had died, before calling for EMS. Now, move ahead to 2010 in Hemet, CA and Gary Dale Beck serving on an HOA board of directors. Story to follow. This Gary D. Beck who lives in Hemet, CA claims to be a retired police officer, however, he won't tell anyone WHERE he served. Mr. Beck has a terrible propensity to is intimidate and elbow check people, using his former police position as influence. In checking out Hemet CA Gary Dale Beck's story, it was discovered that for roughly 15 years, between 1991 and 2005, Gary D. Beck actually worked as an automotive repair instructor at the Ione Correctional Center and not at an officer level. He also served on Ione's city council for several years. Ione is half way between Portland and Hemet, CA. And this Beck had family in Ventura, CA. When Mr. Beck attempted to intimidate several people in Hemet, CA, flexing his "police officer" mentality, he was reported to the local police dept. Mr. Beck got very indignant with being exposed. Again, Beck refused to say where he was a police officer but claimed to be "fearful for his life and his family's lives should his current location being posted on the internet." He claimed that should former inmates of the long closed Ione Correction Center discover he now lives in Hemet, CA they might seek him out for retaliation. This sparked more a flurry of suspicion in this 'alleged' officer's story. Portland PD was contacted, and even though police officer employment is public record, Portland PD claimed they could not provide verification of officer's employment. Mr. Beck then got his mother in law and several of her cohorts to fabricate and back up a story about an incident of another intimidate tactic by him. This tells us that Gary Dale Beck, retired police officer 'might' just be the same Gary Beck, Portland Police Officer guilty of allowing a young man to die needlessly. We would like to hear from Deontae's family to see if we are referencing the same Portland Police Officer Gary Beck.