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Mercenaries take revenge and shoot hundreds of Iraqis

5000 Iraqis marched on a fort in Najaf on Sunday to protest the closing of a newspaper and the US arrest warrant on a cleric. Suddenly soldiers opened up killing 30 and wounding hundreds of women and children. It turns out these were fucking mercs from Blackwater Security ( 4 fools set up by Mossad )
Revenge for the four Mercs killed the day before
Revenge for the four Mercs killed the day before
An attack by hundreds of Iraqi militia members on the U.S. government's headquarters in Najaf on Sunday was repulsed not by the U.S. military, but by eight commandos from a private security firm, according to sources familiar with the incident.

Before U.S. reinforcements could arrive, the firm, Blackwater Security Consulting, sent in its own helicopters amid an intense firefight to resupply its commandos with ammunition and to ferry out a wounded Marine, the sources said.

The role of Blackwater's commandos in Sunday's fighting in Najaf illuminates the gray zone between their formal role as bodyguards and the realities of operating in an active war zone. Thousands of armed private security contractors are operating in Iraq in a wide variety of missions and exchanging fire with Iraqis every day, according to informal after-action reports from several companies.

During the defense of the authority headquarters, thousands of rounds were fired and hundreds of 40mm grenades shot. Sources who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of Blackwater's work in Iraq reported an unspecified number of casualties among Iraqis.

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A54125-2004Apr6.html

those mercenaries 07.Apr.2004 12:42


I believe I read an article explaining that Blackwater USA had hired mercenaries from Chile (9/11/73-Pinochet) to go to Iraq and control/secure the petroleum facilities-- Blackwater and apparently Moussad hired "the best professionals" for the job-- those particular professionals certainly have a horribly frightening history....

more about those mercenaries 07.Apr.2004 13:00

news junkie

John Negroponte - the war criminal responsible to training those South American mercenaries is going to the the next coalition dictator in Iraq.

what's your evidence of direct 07.Apr.2004 13:22


connection with the Mossad? Not just what you "think" or what someone said on some internet site somewhere, but direct evidence.

Where's the need to defend the Mossad coming from? 07.Apr.2004 14:56


And why? That's like protecting the CIA on here. I don't see you questioning other references.

to '?' 07.Apr.2004 17:28


where's the evidence of Iraqi WMDs?

if they don't exist, then why has the U.S. illegally and pre-emptively invaded and militarily occupied Iraq?

No, I'm trying to understand this, not 07.Apr.2004 22:16


protect them. I see all this knee-jerk, irresponsible stuff on this site about the "Jews" and how they have their hand in everything the US does, and any problem in the Middle East is always their fault (and even in the US they deserve the anti-semitism they get because of what the Israelis do), and it's all mixed in with unexamined anti-semitism, rather than just legitimate criticism of Israel...and so I have to sort through that and throw a lot of it out to get any real information. They're an easy scapegoat, now and historically. SO, I would like to understand this better, and not see someone just throw something out like "of course the Mossad are involved." I'm ready to believe it, I really am, but I want to know some facts, not just the typical assumptions. On this topic in particular, I don't trust a lot of what I see on this site.

no one said anything about "the Jews" on this thread 07.Apr.2004 23:53


...they mentioned MOSSAD. There is a HUGE difference. Every Jew I know hates MOSSAD as deeply as every American I know hates the CIA.

Certainly don't trust anything you see on this site simply because it's here. Don't trust ANYTHING unless you examine it first.

But I'd still like to know the 08.Apr.2004 00:27


connection, since the OP editorialized it in. I'm sincerely interested in getting good information.

heh. If you can't back up what you say, 08.Apr.2004 05:07


then the least you can do to derail a topic is to go Jew-baiting. Nice.

Where is the proof? 11.Apr.2004 10:26

Bill Rice billandkath@hotmail.com

Of course it is all documented--heh heh - I mean it probably came from LYNDON lAROUCHE-THAT KOOK WHO IS STILL RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. I recall how he said the main problem with the world was we went off the gold standard and I remember he also had a lot to say about the Israelis being behind 9/11. So maybe we should ask him for direct comment now. PS I enjoy this site -butyou can't always believe what you read. Ask questions and look for more information.

Everybody knows... 11.Apr.2004 10:28

Marty Scheinberg

Everybody knows about the massive world-wide gentile conspiracy to frame "the Jews" for Arab terror. The reality is that the Jewish people are the light of the world. We have only ever been martyrs and saints. Israel has the most humane army that has ever existed. The Mossad is all that stands between a free USA and the slave state of Saudi America. Any other opinion is nothing but raw anti-Semitism of the vilest sort.

These slanders against the Mossad must be stopped.

Every Jew I know hates the MOSSAD? 11.Apr.2004 10:29


That is a pretty shallow comment. You have probably spoke with a couple of of communist jews and you think they represent the whole group. Every jew I know respects the MOSSAD. So what? All this time that everyone puts into hating Israel and the US is pathetic. take a look at what is happening around the world and real the FACTS, not heresay. This terrorism shit has been around since the late 70's. And it only happened in certain parts o the world. Now it's everywhere because the lazy WEST did not contain it and destroy it. We let it boil and now it is not just happening in Israel, but the US, Spain, Morocco, Bali. So now it's big news. All you isolationsists allowed this to happen. But if you would rather blame a few jews and some republicans then go ahead, it is a free country (although you may argue with that too).

Dogs of War 11.Apr.2004 10:37


These so-called mercenaries are the psychopathic residue of the mangling of our cultural value system by War. All the mental damage occasioned by the prosecution of continuous non-defensive War, and the ethical damage caused by the large scale manufacture and sale of death oriented technology. These cultural shifts can be seen in every major cultural activity and significant desired acquisition. Why do cars have names related with uncaring?Mustang-Barracuda-Rebel-Charger-Stealth-stingray. Why do U.S. airplanes have pseudo mythological names?Thunderchief-Phantom-Stealth-Fighting Falcon-Eagle. The reason is to brutalise the population into a condition of permanent overstimulation.To make war and cruelty an acceptable response to dissent or even simple competition.Unless there is a major political and social change for the better in U.S. attitudes towards just about everything, the U.S. will decline in strength and influence. All the good will towards the U.S. has been squandered since 911 and now these hired thugs are going to be part of U.S. foriegn policy. Hardly auspicious to spill ones blood for such a criminally stupid and morally execrable adventure.Your country has been hijacked,but not by the usual suspects. Regards and courage to those brave Yankees who will overcome the usurpers of the American Way.Denis Foley

of course the mossad is involved 11.Apr.2004 10:40


of course they're involved who do you think it was that faked the yellow cake story in the first place to get america involved in iraq; further i would contend that you are probably an agent of the terrorist mossad or isreali government of occupied palastine. like the man said you don't question anything else just isreali involvment. further, maybe just maybe, antisemitism is caused by jews. now there's something to mull over. also anti semitism is a missnomer since the palastinians are semites and more so than areil sharon the war criminal but i don't have any prob with them, they're not sucking up %80 of america's forgien aid and lying to us to get us to do their fighting for them. it's the jews that any right thinking person should have a problem with. so it's not antisemitism it's anti-jew.

To ? 11.Apr.2004 11:00

Foo Fighter

It continues to baffle me why (sic), whenever anyone raises the suspicion of atrocities committed by Mossad, accusations of anti-semitism abound. After all, when similar accusations are made against the CIA, this is hardly construed as anti-christian or even anti-american for that matter. We may have a secular constitution but a very "vocally" (as in "NOT by example")Christian government here in the good old US. I consider myself a patriotic american christian who is ashamed but ready to admit that my government sanctions mass murder in my name.

The bottom line is that this region is vital to Israel's geopolitical interests and not expecting Mossad to be involved here would be a conspiracy agenda IMHO. The Israeli experiment of collective punishment is being well exemplified by the actions of our american representatives in Iraq, both military and mercenary.

If you want direct evidence then why don't you also demand direct evidence for our justification in the continued wanton murder of thousands of innocent civilians and unsuspecting US soldiers. Our prinicpal reasons for the war have obviously not materailized and getting rid of Saddam as our sole reason is rather weak since we have a long and continued history of supporting dictators and mass murderers all over the globe (Saddam included).

To ? 11.Apr.2004 11:04

Just curious

If you don't trust "a lot of what you see on this site", why the hell do you hang out here. Go to ABCNNBCBS where you can get all the news your liitle heart desires to hear.

Where is the text quoted from? 11.Apr.2004 12:25


I followed the link you posted (and even went so far as to register!), but the article makes no mention of Blackwater at all. Down the memory hole, or did you possibly post the wrong link? I'd love to have a solid source on this one, please let me know if you can find it! Thanks!

Iraq another Vietnam? 11.Apr.2004 12:48

Cool Chick

Why are we in Iraq? Kinda weird don't you think! Do we need 'the oil' (Peak Oil et al)? We should conserve our own Oil. Modesty, it seems has no place in our society. Kinda sucks all this. All the endless wars in the World - to what end? Who's behind it all? Problem is: our 'economy is kinda stuffed'. OK, so why don't try sort our finances by becoming far more modest and prudent - our founding fathers were prime examples. They were wise and acted accordingly. Lead by example. I certainly hope Iraq is not just another Vietnam, God forbid. Just remember point one finger and many will point back at you.
No sir, the innocent public is being hoodwinked. Recall all the issues about Nam? Violence begets violence and war's much the same. Any Violence is wrong. War has no future in our modern Hi-Tech world.
As youth, we seek no war with anyone. There are other more civilised ways to resolve issues. Maybe the children shall suffer because of the sins of the fathers. I hope not. We need a future. There's no WMD or Sadam in Iraq, so why stick around in Iraq? There's Oil though. But that Oil belongs to the Iraqi folks. Come to think of World War 2, Pearl Harbor and the subsequent two A-bombs over Japan and Allied bombing of Germany brought about the very same countries evolving as Major trading partners. Interesting! Is Iraq another Vietnam? Hegel must be turning in his grave. Our men must come home.

Are we being wagged by Mossad 11.Apr.2004 13:22

white eagle soaring whiteaglesoaring@yahoo.com

Hollywood has four payback films ready just in time for US payback in Iraq
Why were four "civilians" sent into the middle of a battle area where 5 Iraqis had been killed the week before in unarmored vehicles and no military backup or support, and who were those men in western clothes running alongside the attackers urging further mayhem?
"The Washington Post reported that U.S. officials 'suspect that the men were not victims of a random ambush but were set up as targets, which one defense official said suggested 'a higher degree of organization and sophistication' among insurgents." But was it really the Iraqi insurgents who set the men up as targets? Did the people of Fallujah lure the hired guns into the center of the city, or were they deliberately sent there? Some Defense officials say it was not about delivering food. Mossad got the US to attack Libya, was trying to sink the USS Liberty to set up Egypt for a US attack. Their motto is "By way of deception thou shalt do war.
Are we being wagged?
For more on the Mossad and Zionist deception go to 9-11 Investigation

mercenaries 11.Apr.2004 16:59


history tells us that the U.S. has used merk's in other situations. however regardless of who did the killing it must be painfully obvious that the mess in Iraq will not disappear. the puppet government which was put in place is comprised of Iraqui's who were exiled. the new prime minister is wanted in Jordan for bank fraud. like the leader in Afghanistan who spends his time in the capital avoiding assassination the rest the country is back being controlled by war lords and the Taliban.

The U.S. has never had a withdrawal plan for any conflict it was involved in. Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq. We are great at invading, killing civilians and supporting puppet governments.

Time to bring the troops home, develop a employment initiative to keep jobs in America, rebuild the infrastructure, pay teachers on performance and restore our faith in the Constitution and make our elected representatives responsible for their actions. An unemployed America is weak, filled with internal strifeand is easily frightened by the political menace du jour. Resorting our economy to the number one position makes us invulnerable.

Weapons of mass destruction 11.Apr.2004 17:07

Old short-wave radio man

WMD's? Bush knew that he had [past tense] them because Rumsfeld brokered the deal in 1988. Those chemical weapons were used on the Kurds and Iranians. Does anyone recall the video made by the "Limey" with-in the bunker during Desert Dust 1 under Papa Bush. USA was clearly marked on the ordnance in the video. Condi Rice's testimony was excellent "play-acting". In 1996 the Fed's confiscated computers in the Phillipines that contained programs of commandeering aircraft and flying them into bldgs. I was "intelled" 99/2000> After then it was reported on various short-wave stations everywhere. A quality short-wave radio is indispensable.

Where's the proof that George Bush is an elected official 11.Apr.2004 17:31

just a passer by -

Where's the proof of the Al-quaida connection with iraq or the WMD ?

If you cannot back up these claims then why don't you ask your rep to withraw US forces from Iraq ????

Yes - 11.Apr.2004 17:36

who cares ?

this is definitely shady. Use of BlackWater Security personals in war zone. Do they even folow the rules of engagements or the geneva conventions or the law. Since they are not really soldiers representing a particular country. They may be south americans or africans or europeans mercs hired by Blackwater. This sets up a very dangerous precedant. Wonder if there is any sources on the number of these guys in war zones ?? Killing 500 iraqis ( including several civilians ) to punish for 4 'however barbaric' deaths seems unjustified to me. It shows the contempt they have for the people they are there to protect.

future of iraq 11.Apr.2004 22:57

an iraqi expatriate Bal7bay@aol.com

There is no more doubt that Bush's mis-adventure in Iraq has failed,
and the widespread revolt by both Shia'a and Sunnis is clear evidence
that the entire enterprise has collapsed.
The great lie spread by Bush's propagandists that there's enmity or
rivalry between the two Muslim factions has been exposed, and any
student of Iraqi history can see a clear parallel to what is occuring
now, and what happened during the British occupation of Iraq in the
The Iraqis are the most nationalistic of all the Arab states, and
have never bowed to foreign domination in the past, and will not
change in the future.


How can anyone actually deny 12.Apr.2004 01:23

anonymouse II

the Zionist 'influence' on the US government. Are US citizens so blinded to the fucking obvious by the government/media propaganda that they really can't see this? I am beginning to believe that the majority of US citizens are clinically insane because their denial is at such a level that it indicates some form of mental illness/group psychosis.

Meet the new face of the US domestic right-wing paramilitary ton-ton macouts. 12.Apr.2004 03:50

desaparecido hydro@12move.nl

What your seeing is the evolution of the US military to a privatized group run by corporate CEOs with strong right-wing reactionary politics, backed by George Herbert Walker Bush's CIA, who will use these "soldiers" to control the streets of the US when social chaos consumes the United States after its "house of cards" collapses and everyone, and I mean everyone, realizes that the US is finished both democratically and economically.

why should it be about jews? 12.Apr.2004 06:18

james brood

why should it be about jews?
i am in sick and tired of having jews as the center of all arguments.
we cant even have a christian movie about OUR religion in OUR country without having to say sorry. what are we sorry for? go to israel and preach judaism.

Bogus link 12.Apr.2004 07:41

J K Van Nort jkvannort@yahoo.com

I have no doubt about mercenary contracted security guards killing without moderation, but at least have a link that verifies your claims. I went to the article hot-keyed here, and there was nothing about the contracted security guards, unless the USMC is the contracted security guards.

it's this kind of unverified claims that allows the Bush regime to continue their barrage of deceipt.

Find the facts, present them, and don't embellish them. Otherwise you become as deceptive as the current media conglomerate.

I have been and continue to be against this unnecessary and inexcusable war, but I won't manipulate the facts to end it.

proof 12.Apr.2004 11:40

just a reader

Go to  http://blackwatersecurity.com/ and see for yourself. There is a note of condolences for the mercs that were killed in Falluja.

proof (cont.) 12.Apr.2004 12:38

just a reader

This is kind of silly to be blaming israel 12.Apr.2004 19:12

Steve Savage

Everything Bush has done in the middle east has been to protect SAUDI ARABIA. The USA has always had a policy of keeping the middle east in constant battle with itself, while they quietly cut deals with the installed dictators who don't mind making money off the infidel.
Israel has little to do with it. The USA never sent troops to assist israel in any of its wars, but mysteriously the USA sends 497,000 troops in 1991 to protect Saudi Arabia from Saddam, then in 2003 does a pre-emptive attack on iraq using 150,000 troops....again to protect saudi arabia and their little kingdom buddy kuwait. Saddam's worst crime has not been human rights violations, heck the USA could care less. No Saddam simply quit taking orders from Washington back in 1972. He's been an annoyance ever since. He became an ally of convenience in the Iran / Iraq war (Rumsfeld actually met saddam in 1983 and shook his hand no less) and was then labeled "evil" the moment he threatened Kuwait, a longtime despotic little kingdom but a strong oil buddy of the USA.
Where does israel fit into this? Well nowhere really.

I agree with anonymouse II 12.Apr.2004 23:57

anonymouse III

I agree with anonymouse II

if anyone doesnt agree with his comments than he is rather extremist who dreams of new world order either is brainwashed to believe whatever media gives. This war was no WMD. It is Israel.Whoever even critize Jews he is blamed for antisemitizm. Thats true and we all know that. There was a big reaction after "passion of Crist" and many of people had to say Sorry...sorry for what???? for recalling their ugly history!!!. Dont understand why people cant or dont want to see their influence on our lives. They actually controll America.

Religion, Money, and Power 13.Apr.2004 00:33


I think my title covers it all, don't you? Look at our history, it repeats itself over and over. It's the way man is and seems will always be, it will be our downfall. It would be great if none of these things influenced our way of thinking, but they always have and always will. I wish someone could come up with a way to unite the world without doing it as a "World Order" as the current U.S. Administration would like to do it.

I feel for you Americans who actually give a damn. 13.Apr.2004 01:12


What is happening right now is an utter shame to the people of the United States. Your country at war on several fronts, staggering unemployment rates, a failing economy and no hope in sight with the Bush government in power. Bush and his cronies are running their "democracy crusade" down other peoples throats that don't need it nor want it.
I am concerned by this, as should everyone else in the world be concerned with the happenings of today.
I hope that Bush is impeached, and sent to prison for war crimes. I know that this will never happen. He is the worst President to sit in the Oval Office. As him and his buddies get richer by the minute, more people die over in Iraq, both Americans and Iraqis, and they will never have to answer for these crimes against humanity.
Order needs to be restored to the United States. Get rid of the attack warnings, get rid of Homeland Security. You have lost all of your freedoms as a people, all in the guise of fighting terrorism. The real terrorists are sitting in the White House, sending poor soldiers to their deaths all for more oil, and control of the Middle East.
I am a concerned Canadian, concerned for the proud people of the United States. You need to get your strong country back, and not live in fear, fear that has been orchestrated so that your government can pursue its own agenda, not the agenda of the American people and certainly not the agenda of people around the world as a whole.

Mercenaries deserve death--and USA is the problem 13.Apr.2004 16:22

hand signals 4 the blind

The USA has trained more security forces for dictators----and has trained in methods of torture--ie the School of the Dictators----used to train thugs to crush deonstrators.

Americans are too self absorbed, and full of patriotic nonsense

your soldiers deserve what they get

Blackwater Mercs 13.Apr.2004 17:41

Berlin Babe

<a href="  http://berlinbabe0.tripod.com/SPECTRE/Blackwater_Mers.htm#22"> Website on Blackwater Mercs</a> </h3> </span> </span></center></font>

Uniter, not a Divider 13.Apr.2004 19:42

Jim Blake

President George Bush said during his election Campaign that he is a uniter not a divider. Well, he has united the Shias and Sunnis. Now, united, the Iraqis can take care of themself. Saddam gone. Job done. Now Bush can pull out of Iraq.

whiteaglesoaring is totally out of his mind 07.Nov.2004 13:16

representative for sanity

has anyone checked out whiteaglesoaring's website? the seventhfire or whatever?...read it, it's nuts--he blames everything on the mysterious "illuminati" (proof of which is NOT offered). It is always convenient to place blame on relatively simple (or simply confused) conspiracies instead of taking the time to sort out the real explanation.