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Photos from Falluja, Aljazeera news crew inside the town

The Aljazeera crew, including cameramen Layf Muftaq and Hasan Walid, sound engineer Sayf al-Din and correspondent Hamid Hadid, are the only media personnel inside the town.
Hospital sources said at least 52 Iraqis were killed and 90 injured in attacks on the besieged town of Falluja on Wednesday, said Aljazeera correspondent in Falluja, Ahmad Mansur.

"Iraqi medic Rafi al-Isawai said the number of casualities is expected to double," he added.

Another 53 Iraqis died in attacks overnight in the besieged town which American forces sealed off on Sunday. "More than 200 Iraqis, including women children, were injured in the past 24 hours," said Mansur.







http://english.aljazeera.net/ ... scene0007copy.jpg





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Thanks for this post 07.Apr.2004 10:37


Some of these corpses look a little young to be armed terrorist insurgents.

If the corporate media showed pictures like these this so-called war would not have happened in the first place.

I hope those al-Jazeera reporters don't get assassinated. My guess is they will be murdered by US soldiers because they are the only truth tellers to the US lead massacre in Fallujah right now.

After viewing these horrible photographs 07.Apr.2004 10:46

why not do a "copy-paste"

and sent them to the White House's E-mail Center? Let them
see them.

Make sure they know that WE THE PEOPLE know what they are
doing in our name, and that we will not stand for it!

confirmed 07.Apr.2004 11:17


Seems the earlier report coming out of Occupation Watch Center has been adequately confirmed. I wonder how long til the reports of American troops in Nepal will be as well. Disturbing days to say the very least. This is only going to get worse.

Wow! 07.Apr.2004 11:21


Looks like it's time to put up or shut up if folks in that country want the insurgents out. Or maybe we can put Saddam back in office. And there can be this times 1000. Keep terrorists out of the mosques and this won't happen. Many a church was blown to hell in conflicts from WWI through Bosnia. And those didn't even have terrorists or soldiers in the very often.

Protect our troops if the Iraqis are still too traumatized from Saddam to fight on their own.

I don't remember too much outrage for the Kurds in Halabja...cause the US wasn't there.


The cost of survival of the United States of America 07.Apr.2004 11:46

get used to it

This country is fertile with the blood of the less fortunate. Slavery and conquest, it is the American Way.

you just don't get it do you? 07.Apr.2004 11:53


The insurgents and the Iraqi people are one and the same. It's not some fringe group of outsiders trying to take over the country (Like the coalition forces). This insurgency is the Iraqi people themselves stepping up their efforts at reclaiming their own country. A country the US has no right to and has no right to have armed forces in. All the blather about extremeists and al-Sadr is a bunch of bullshit. Yes, perhaps al-Sadr is more militant than other clerics in the region, but anti-US hostility is by no means isolated to him and his followers. Neither are Iraqis willing to fight and die to reclaim whats rightfully theirs.

US media--"groping in the dark" 07.Apr.2004 12:14


The US media response to the Shia and Sunni uprisings has been to link them together, to give the impression that all at once, and for no particular reason everyone just decided to attack us.

First of all, there are reports that in Ramadi, west of Fallujah, where 12 marines and an "unknown" number or Iraqis were killed, there are Sunni insurgents with posters of Moqtada al-Sadr, the Shiite cleric. There are even pictures to back these reports up. So it seems that somehow the natives got some pictures of al-Sadr (maybe an unnamed intelligence agency?) and then they were pushed in front of a few cameras, probably military-issued videocams.

This is a great propaganda tactic for the US occupiers--just link them all together, they're all the same. I was listening closely to NPR this morning and I heard Bob Edwards saying "and in the Sunni town of Ramadi 12 Marines have been killed, while supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr are out in force..." The report was very close to that, and this is NPR!

On BBC radio last night I heard a commentator say, in reference to the allegations against al-Sadr, "al-Sadr had him (a rival cleric) killed." This was not commented on by the correspondent.

The truth is that the chances of the Sunnis and Shiites coming together are as likely as Palestinians taking to the streets with posters and banners of Ariel Sharon, shouting "Long Live Israel!"

This is the current propaganda campaign under way, to make it seem less like Saddam's brutal punishment of the Shiites in 1991, just after the first Gulf War.

Blog from Iraq 07.Apr.2004 12:25


This gal is the one of the best sources on what's going on in Iraq.

Baghdad Burning

... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Check it out---

To cirej2000--The gassing of the Kurds 07.Apr.2004 12:59

anne frank

wasn't promoted at the time of its occurance because the US supported the action and even supplied the gas to do it. It was only well after the event that the corporate media picked up on it and blamed it on Saddam. Unfortunately, we respond the way we have been programmed, and the media knows how to make those connections in our brains.

Now that's the way to win hearts and minds. 07.Apr.2004 13:29


Go Bush and Republican supporters. Rah.

To JR 07.Apr.2004 14:05

Gary Sudborough IconoclastGS@aol.com

There is a history of Shiites and Sunnis cooperating together against a foreign occupier. After the British invaded Iraq in 1917, it took three years for an insurgency to develop, but when it did, the Sunnis and Shiites fought together against the British, as did the Kurds. This time the Kurds are still cooperating with the US, which is surprising from how miserably they have been treated by the US in the past and all the broken promises. Winston Churchill gave the okay to the use of mustard gas against the Kurds in 1920. Sunnis and Shiites are often intermarried and I think too much is made of the differences betweeen them when it comes to defending their country from foreign occupation.

To the Iraqi people,,,,,,,,,, 07.Apr.2004 20:50

Ponce,,,,,,,,, xxxponcexx@aol.com

Sorry for the actions of the US government, as a citizen and as a x soldier.

Sorrow and Horror 07.Apr.2004 21:59

James Walton

These kids are dead because the Evil Cabal that has taken over the US Govt. decided to rape their country for its oil. Period. It doesn't matter if they were killed yesterday or last year, by US Marines, or by Iraqi Patriots bombs, if the US had not Illegaly, and Imorrally invaded Iraq, killing over ten thousand civilians in the process, for the sake of oil, munitions industry dollars, and the insane ego of one soulless shrub, these kids would not be dead. As for Saddam, he was the puppet of the CIA for decades, and any WMD he ever had he got from the US under Daddy Bush. Clinton added to the woes of Iraq, and his unilateral blockade of Iraq caused the deaths of untold thousands of Iraqi kids. If what has been done, and is being done to Iraq, had been done to the US by some other country, you and I would be standing shoulder to shoulder with RPG in hand my friends, and we would be calling ourselves freedom fighters and patriots. US out of Iraq, long live Iraqi autonomy, freedom and national choice for Iraqis I say. Yes I know that Iraq is not actually a nation exactly, as it was cobbled together into a state by the British out of various remnants of the Ottoman Empire, none the less, let the the people of the North and Middle and South of the fertile crescent pump their own oil, and sell it on the world market to feed their children. Get Halliburtons, and the Queens Shell Oil hands off Iraqi crude.
Killers, leave those kids alone.

God cannot bear to see 07.Apr.2004 22:00


when men lose their way and fear consumes them they will be led by blackhearted men to acts like these which even God cannot bear to see

Americas thirst for blood in the name of Liberty 07.Apr.2004 22:05

steve r.

It seems that the united states has commited the most inhumane acts of barbarianism during their history as a nation. As a result of their actions this country is hated in every part of the World. Right wingers might say that its envy to the American way of life but the fact is no, the World hates your arrogance and the fact that you dont respect other cultures. The killing of innocent people is disgusting, your people eliminated the native americans, stripped mexico of half of their territory, tortured blacks barely forty years ago,and now iraq. Who help put madman saddam in power? Who put pinochet in power, the sha, and the list goes on.I hope that one day the American people wake up since the brainwashing continues to the present.

Prison 07.Apr.2004 22:48

anonymous coward anonymouscoward@yahoo.com

Clinton got impeached, but Bush, Rice, Powell, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc. wreak havoc with this war, on the environment, on our economy, on our foreign policy in general, while they and their friends get rich!? Instead of the Patriot Act and increased powers of spying on US citizens, we should be bugging their offices and watching _them_ every second, they have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can't be trusted. I constantly ask myself why these corrupt liars (this is putting it politely) aren't in prison, no less impeached. Meanwhile George Noory mentioned last night that some people were fastblasting him that we should nuke Iraq!!!!! It seems painfully obvious that a lot of Americans must be out of touch with reality. The controlled media is probably a part of that, but with public libraries everywhere, books and shows by Moyers, Chomsky and Vidal, etc. is there really an excuse? What a country! I deeply fear for our future.

Ironic 08.Apr.2004 02:30


The ironic outcome of the US occupation is that we may achieve the unification of the Iraqi people - in their shared hatred of our presence in their country. While ironic it will also be bloody. Also ironic (and disturbing) is the exact likeness of rhetoric issuing from the mouths of US commanders, and similar rhetoric employed by the US in Vietnam, and the British in Iraq nearly 80 years ago.

Truly, history happens twice, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.

On WAR ......... 08.Apr.2004 04:09

Iman Emmanuel

Greetings to all :

911 signified the REMOVAL of the spiritual protection US once had .

CIA created Al-Quaida & Taliban to destroy Russian interest (USED RELIGION as a tool )

this Reverted as 911 "KARMA" ...

Now US goverment USES again RELIGION on its own people for at a GIVEN time declare a HOLY war against islam ...

I use the name IMAN Emmanuel as IS the name given to me by the hierarchy ,I was born a christian but profess no religion as none truly represent GOD,(I am just a visitor)as Christ was but no cross is made for me (I am the one with the sword ) even to my disliking but that is as is and no more.

In 1989 I predicted 911 with full detail and the reason why ....(I did it in a Radio talk show).

A few days later I got a visit from an ARAB guy that asked me How I knew ?... I told him..
The FBI knows THE CIA KNOWS and yet you will not be stopped as is not humans that set the rules of the game, he left me an envelope that later I microwaved and opened more than one year before 911 it just said > Death to America 911 < As per intuition I destroyed it as it contained 1918 epidemic antrax espores ..

As I saw 911 I also see in the US timeline 2 destructive main events one natural (that is helped along) and one (many) human caused (nuclear attack to NY city )

One NUCLEAR device will be detonated in the center of the city the other at the coast as people seek refuge from the first ... (America will be Invaded and destroyed )

CIA and FBI has Erased all evidence of my predictions including REMOVAL of prediction registry from www.rense.com ....(investigate properly and things will be revealed)

Indirectly I had offered "capitulation" and help to change timelines properly and help humanity in its evolutionary path, like the rejected corner stone I have being cast away.

..war can be Ended in 30 days .. America destruction Avoided .....

Else spiritual entropy will lead to the release of the MAGNASTROM with the resultant eruption of YELLOWSTONE caldera raising teuton and massive natural disasters for the US nation and the world ....

Many take religion and GOD as a bad joke ,others just follow like blind sheep wharever is told by dead word .... but all are wrong in one aspect , there are people in this planet with power and ability that make fiction look like child play and only represent a small %
of what people sense as GOD TRUE hierarchy ....(Choosen ones)

Humanity has to choose Paradise or just let on itself entropic path of destruction .

Whatever you do cant change the past whatever you do cant change the future exept if not by superior will ...

(I am still waiting )


contact by posting at www.godlikeproductions.com forums

Deja Vu 08.Apr.2004 04:39

A vet

Well, if this doesn't look like Vietnam all over again I don't know what does. Maybe we shouldn't be sending these pictures to the White House ( He knows what he is doing- After all they are only gooks, ragheads- take your choice on the term used. The outcome is all the same). Maybe we should send them to everyone we can via the Internet and maybe take a few private ads out in newspapers and put them there. Then maybe the journalists will stand up and say something. Unbiased news reporting helped end Vietnam and it certainly can't hurt in this case. I should know, I went into the service in 1971 and after a year stateside went to Southeast Asia. And you can bet your ass that I'm not voting for Bush!

shocked? 08.Apr.2004 05:07

pg_tips d_jibouty5@hotmail.com

aint nothing new, just americans doing what they do best; killing innocent civilians.

at least they consistent.


Welcome to the new one world order! 08.Apr.2004 06:36

Lizzie Red Shield of Death, a.k.a. The Skull and Bonesmen

Soon playing in your neighborhood..........remember we will divide you into every splinter group possible and smash your empty skulls into the ground.......why, because your too stupid to unite and seek the truth...death or slavery is reserved for your wretched race of clueless dimwits who honor nothing worthwhile and treat what is sacred with contempt...........Say goodbye to your phony cheerished freedoms......he who submits to slavery into slavery he shall goeth.....he that lives by the sword shall dieth by the sword....REMEMBER????

We are monsters 08.Apr.2004 07:44


That this is being done is horrible. That this is being done by America is repugnant beyond words. I'm tired of being told that denouncing our actions in Iraq is abetting the enemy. We are the cowardly enemy, and the Iraqis are the freedom fighters who should have our support.

whoever runs this site needs some new photos 08.Apr.2004 08:25


This set of photos has been used several times in the past, and has nothing to do with Fallujah, whether they originated with Aljazeera or some other agency.

"Avril" 08.Apr.2004 08:50

Tony Blair's dog

"This set of photos has been used several times in the past, and has nothing to do with Fallujah"

Is that so? Please back your claim up as the images are used by many of the big news agencies in the world.

Unless you just want to whitewash the horrendous crimes being commited by the U.S. and Brittish "soldiers".

So what's it gonna be?

Hello from Spain 08.Apr.2004 08:54



From Spain, please stop this madness.... I can't believe you don't go out to the streets to scream out loud: STOP THE KILLING...!!!!! We just dump our stupid president party out of the government. I heard that some american media said that we were cowards because the terrorist won the set...What the hell, do you have any idea that we've been fighting against terrorism for 30 years now...!!! I'm affraid PROPAGANDA is working already, they're affraid that YOU, THE PEOPLE, NEXT NOVEMBER WILL VOTE WITH YOUR HEARTS AND BRAINS, and they keep lying to you, all the time... Today I heard Donal Rumsfeld saying that THERE'S NOTHING BAD HAPPENING IN IRAK... MY godness me, is this guy living in the same planet, that I'm!!!


let review both sides 08.Apr.2004 09:44


Listen guyz, ... first, no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, which labels the invation preposterous, I wish pres. Bush had assessed the situation before he sent troops.. those nitwitz in CIA feuling hatred and misinforming the president who wasnt the sharpest tool in the box in the first place, deserve to be fired... America seems to be pissing off every single person out there.. this country used to be a great country once but at the moment its just a joke and the current american gov is compared to Hitler's regime... actually today, if there is anyone who must appear in the Hague, will be the republican G. W. Bush who, becuase of his stupidity, piss'd off not only the middle east but also Europe...

now, Bushboy is realizing that 'getting oil isnt easy with using force but using the old, reliable BRAIN, which Bushboy doesnt have ...... elections are at the corner, people swimming in a dilemma, who to vote for... if you vote for Bush, he will plunge that country in to deeper, deeper chaos and problems, if u vote for Kerry, he might pull out the troops, which in turn, is a humilation for America and civil war for Iraq. ofcourse noone wants this but perhaps Kerry will approach the situation differently and not pull out the troops but try to compromise with Iraqs.. anyway, BUSH never deserved to be in the Ovall Office and now he's responsible of the endless body-bags that are being shipped to Iraq in order to bring back the bodies of the American soldier, who died for what?.. hmm beats me!!!!

Good luck guyz, but trust me, Bushboy isnt opening doors but close 'm..

thank you

to: Spain 08.Apr.2004 09:48

thank you

"I can't believe you don't go out to the streets to scream out loud: STOP THE KILLING...!!!!!"

--believe me,

many of us do just that -

but everyone else in America just keeps on SHOPPING . . .

Overstayed Welcome 08.Apr.2004 10:21


The picked the wrong Muslims to fight with. Iraq was the most secular of all Islamic countries. Iraqis are highly educated and armed which is the most dangerous combination to have in a population. Sadam never took away their guns and for good reason the population can now defend itself against invaders which is the least I can say for the US, Canada, Australia and Britian whose citizens are gun controled to death. Heaven forbid these countries are attacked if their respective military fails because it will be like shooting fish in a bucket. Knock knock. Whose there? Gun. Gun who? No gun with you Rat tat tat tat tat.

The US has tried to divide the Sunni and Shites by bombing holy sites and making it seem like the Sunnis did it. Which was a stupid, stupid, stupid move. What Sunni would waste bombs on Shites when their country is being invaded by an outside force? It does not make sense. If the US was attacked by an foriegn army would citizen then decide to bomb their favorite domestic enemy of choice? Iraqis are not stupid they know history and this is a tactic right out of the occupation handbook, although badly executed.

Sunni and Shites may or may not not like each other but they both live in the same country. An invasion of any country will pull together the inhabitants of that country because in the end they want their old lives and country back.

Freedom my ass.

So now you know..... 08.Apr.2004 10:22


Easy to see the reluctance on the part of the US government to sign up to the Human Rights tribunal in the UN.You don't want to sign up to a charter to judically deal with war criminals when you are planning on commiting crimes against humanity

OUR children 08.Apr.2004 12:06

jackcollins jacksphotography@aol.com

NO words can describe the gut wrenching pain and sorrow I feel. We are dying. Our brothers and sisters are being murdered and WE as "americans" are so blind to the truth. We all die a little every day we allow this to continue. We ARE ONE, and are killing ourselves. Look to Mars and the life that once was and now is.......and UNDERSTAND before it is too late. God forgive us, for we know NOT what we are doing.

Why Are We allowing This? why are we silent? 08.Apr.2004 12:07

Patriot American

I JUST don't understand us American People. we don't get it: the US evil army is killing innocent people in Irak and elsewhere in the name the Bush's OIL CONNECTION. The evil army is slaughtering kids, citizens, bulldozing mosques and houses. Do not be surprised if TOMORROW our Cathedrals, Malls and football stadiums are blown up in retaliation against american WAR CRIMES. In the mean time, SATAN BUSH is playing gulf and cutting grass in his ranch. Two weeks ago he joked about looking for WMD under his desk with complete disrespect to thousands of Iraki citizens killed and US troops sacrificed. AND he got away with it. Had it beeen Clinton, we would have seen the Evil NeoCons call for Clinton's Impeachment. Where are The Democrats and patriots?? where are the people of America? why are we not riotting againt this evil admin? why are we going with our normal life ignoring our Gov War crimes? why are we allowing this admin to KILL in the name of our country? why are we allowing them to do this in our name and thus be hated in all over the world? why are we taking this shit? why are we watching FOX CNN etc which are reporting biased news and feed us with their side of the story?

It is time to riot my friends, it s time to go into a civil desobedince and throw in jail this evil admin which is talking our country to its decline.

Massacre in Irak 08.Apr.2004 12:28

Regus Patoff gerardo.barrera@ubs.com

I encourage all ciuntries that joined forces with Bush's government, to withdraw all troops from Irak, inmediately. Do not support this mad murderer......

winning hearts and minds 08.Apr.2004 13:11

cindy abramowicz hubschmitt cinblonde@aol.com

We're killing the children of innocent people who had NOTHING to do with 9/11. This is how we will 'liberate' them? This is how we will 'win their hearts and minds'? Propaganda, all of it! Why was all the steel from 9/11 carted off and melted down before a thorough investigation could be done? Who told the fighter jets to 'stand down' and not intercept the hijacked planes? Our government orchestrated 9/11 as part of a long thought out agenda to get US troops deeply rooted in the Middle East, as part of its plan for global domination. This administration has used 9/11 for an excuse to take away our rights with the so-called Patriot Act. Now Health and Human Services has announced plans to implant mandatory RFID tracking devices in homeless people in 5 cities. Our lives are no longer our own. Now with the Pentagon's disastrous Global Warming report, the hammer must come down harder so that the elites can control the working class. Get ready - it's gonna be one hell of a ride. The question is, do we go along, or do we fight back?

Why is it happening? 08.Apr.2004 13:13


Its so easy for all of these so called "outraged" citizens to piss and moan about iraq and all the other atrocities being committed..but i'll guarantee that not ONE of them will pry their supersized fat asses off the couch or out of their ridiculous,oversized,detroit chrome mountain suvs long enough to really stand up and do something about our out of control government.Hell,they have enough problem driving with a cell phone glued to their ears,nevermind a revolution."Hey!! I WAS gonna go to the protest rally..but..thats the same night that the APPRENTICE is on.."Americans are fat,lazy,stupid cattle who are only concerned about themselves,so all this rant and rave rhetoric about some photos is bullshit.If they mean what they say i sure as hell dont see THEM storming the bastille..pathetic,over-indulged,clueless idiots.By driving around in expensive cars and living in oversized trophy homes,YOU as an AMERICAN are just as guilty as those who pull the trigger!

A challenge to Tony Blair's dog 08.Apr.2004 14:13


Tony Blair's dog link

>> "This set of photos has been used several times in the past, and has nothing to do with Fallujah"

> Is that so?

Yes, it is so, but let's go one better than "many of the big news agencies"
and go straight to the claimed source--Al Jazeerah ( http://www.aljazeerah.info).

I challenge you to provide a link to the news story, on Al Jazeerah's own
site, that includes THESE pictures in connection with THIS Fallujah story
and thread. Post the link. Further, I challenge you to provide a link
to a current Fallujah story by even one of the "big news agencies", which
includes these pictures. By big, let's go with any of the usual majors,
e.g. AP, Reuters, UPI, or any major daily paper or broadcast media sites.

> Unless you just want to whitewash the horrendous crimes being commited by
> the U.S. and Brittish [sic] "soldiers".

I don't deny that such crimes may be committed. However, posting unrelated
photos and claiming they're from the Fallujah incident of a few days ago
is disingenuous, stupid, or both.

> So what's it gonna be?

What it's gonna be is that either you provide proof that Al Jazeera is
presenting these photos as the result of this week's Fallujah uprising,
or you (and this site) are misleading readers--now intentionally.

I stand by my earlier statement--these photos are at least a year old, possibly
older, and unrelated to this week's Fallujah uprising.

Type "Rwanda + Mossad + CIA" into your browser or Google.com 08.Apr.2004 14:23


Try typing "Rwanda + Mossad + CIA"

into your browser to get the general picture of
what these guys have planned for Iraq and the Middle East.


RE:A challenge to Tony Blair's dog 08.Apr.2004 14:40

Brian B

Unfortunately that isn't the real Al Jazeera website. As that site says:-
"Al-Jazeerah Information Center is an independent USA news and research organization. It is not related to any other identity or government in the world. In particular, it is not related to the Saudi or the Qatari websites with similar names."

It's confusing when there are two sites with similar name.

The real Al Jazeera site is at

The link to the Al Jazeera article is shown in the original article above.

The photos referred to can be seen at the slide show (linked from article):

I'd be interested to know if it could be proven that the photos had been re-used however.


Are We Truly A Christian Nation? 08.Apr.2004 14:43


We in America say we are Christians, but we allow this.

Iraq was no danger to us, and we have no right to be there now.

We are killing their children, polluting their land, and creating enemies.

Stop this madness now!

Response to Avril: Bush & Blair's Petty DOG 08.Apr.2004 14:47

American Patriot

Here is the link to Aljazeera's pictures:


on the right go to "Features", and click on ""Aljazeera exclusive in pictures: Falluja siege""

Enjoy the picures....

To Avril: Bush & Blair's Doggy Bag 08.Apr.2004 15:10

American Patriot

The fficial website of Aljazeera is "www.aljazeera.net" and " http://english.aljazeera.net". NOT www.aljazeerah.info" as you suggested. TYour suggestion only shows how biased you are since you are sending people here to a link that has nothing to do with the TV Channel Aljazeera. You are just like FOX CNN ABC and NBC, the american TV channels, which are biased and controlled by te NeoCons, your friends....

Condisleezy Lies, Iraq, & 9-11 Commission 08.Apr.2004 15:19


Of course the USA are totally screwing up in Iraq. More importantly, it always amazes me that no one points out the totally obvious: that "9-11" was an INSIDE JOB executed by Neo-Conservative and Zionist elements (both the Christian End-Timers and the Jewish kinds) in the US Government. "Condisleezy Lies" whitewashed the already de-fanged 9-11 Investigation this morning... did you hear how insanely neurotic her voice sounded? If you can't see how plain-as-day this all is, then there is no hope for you, enjoy the coming souplines and concentration camps here in the Prison-Military-Industrial Complex of the USA.

The Day they all stand still 08.Apr.2004 15:23

dreamer ryk70@hotmail.com

When that Day comes when justice is served out to them,
When that Day comes when reality dawns upon the oppressors,
When they realise that everything comes with a price,
That day, they will try to trade everything to come back to this
world and right their wrongs.
Yes; sharon, bush, hitler, blair, putin, they are all singing
merrily on board the boat that is about to go over the biggest

Just because you do not believe in the Day of Judgement, it does
not mean that it is not coming

See for youselves 08.Apr.2004 16:06

Harq al-Ada

USUK is the Global Enemy. See for youselves. Take a good luck. Tanke another one. Still have doubts: picture yourself explaining to these little shredded bodies how their lives have been inproved by USUK's invasion to Iraq, explain to them how they are not free and democratic. Take another good look. Burn the images into your memory, faces (or the parts left of them), the blood, the guts... now you have privileged info: you have seen the secret of secrets, the Plan for a New Oceanian Century; you have seen the New World Order, you have seen to the heart of the Nozis (or Zio-Nazis) plan for the goym, the human cattle.

This is the Global War. What side are you on? Are you Human?

IT'S TIME 08.Apr.2004 17:40


All of the blah, blah, blah, is worth spit. It's time we all stand up and do the right thing by whatever means it takes. I'm not talking about meeting on message boards or at the "water cooler", I'm talking about walking the walk and talking the the talk or were all on the first train to hell and you can trust me the rails are greased. George Bush is a traitor to this country and it's constitution along with his dirty pack of cowardly dogs and he needs to be stopped. If they can turn an election around in Spain then BY GOD we can do it here in the USA. I'm sick and tired of this mess and ready for a change. So band with me,get some balls, open your mouth to whoever will listen and lets make things better. JUST BECAUSE WE CAN.

When were we great? 08.Apr.2004 18:16


I wanted to write an anti American comment, but lets face it, this is imperialism and all imperialist nations are as guilty as hell, my own (Britain) included. So all those who like to reminisce about how their country 'used to be great'. Your talking out of your arse. Our countries were never great, they were never moral. Someone was always living it up at the expence of someone else. The English slaughtered the natives of the US, yes the ENGLISH. I could be all biased here and blame Americans, but of course Americans are what they became, they were not at that time. Then Africans were imported by the Yanks with the support of Britain to slave for them. Even Hitler's rise to power was on the back of the support of US and UK (mainly US) money men.

To cut to the chase, if anyone on here, or in the world in general truly wants to see an end to these kind of pictures oppose imperialism or elite capitalism as it has become. Oppose a minority of filthy rich or should that be just filthy? in oppressing and persecuting others. Don't sit and do nothing or reminisce about a greatness that never existed. If you think yours or my country was ever 'great' tell that to the natives that were slaughtered, tell that to the black people who were enslaved and are still treated as second class citizens. Tell that to the worlds poor who remain starving, or under a fascist military dictator propped up with our taxes to benefit the corporations. Tell that to the animals languishing in 'medical research' laboratories awaiting a fate imposed upon them by a species who feel they have the divine right to do as they please with those perceived to be beneath them. Tell it to them. Or continue in the same kind of denial as those that supported this invasion. But then it is easier to deny the truth as then there is no need to feel guilty about it and have to act. Just offer the response in hindsight 'but we didn't know' Just as the German populace did.

Iman Emmanuel: Please, find a way to contact me 08.Apr.2004 18:40

Ereisor Eel Wehttam <reisorlm> et Oohay Moc

If you are who you say you are, then you know of my thoughts what go along with this message, and you will understand a way to contact me.
I am ashamed to be labeled an American. Not was I born here by choice, but by fate. I live with the burden that I am me, and that I see through mine own eyes, and that what I see before me is I. I am, therefore I am.

Our world is in chaos, and God cries for us, not out of sorry, but disappointment, sadness, and despair. We are a mistake, as a species, and we do not deserve to have all that is before us, because we truly do not understand what we have. Life and soul are the lights that empower all things, everyone, everything, and everyplace, yet, we, as a species, inherently disregard these cherished gifts. In place of them, we have pedestalled material, objects, evils that can be replaced. We take for granted the gifts granted us. We waste them, as if they were nothing more than feces from within our own bowels.
We are heading down a road of devolution, never to evolve spiritually, because we have not the capacity to understand, to love, to see. We let others do our thinking for us. We fight, over petty things. We hurt each other, over petty things. We kill, the ultimate disregard, failure, over petty things.
Nothing but significance can save us now. We are headed down a Trail of Tears, and perhaps there will be a Happy Ending. But the Happy Ending will only come with significance, something that will truly awaken us to the reality of what we have done, what we have lost, that which is not replaceable. Only a significant event will force us to change our dire course. Only then will we understand the significance of the gifts that we so ignorantly waste.
I feel a great sadness, and there are more terrible things to come. This, I can assure you of. My heart tells me it is so...

My God! What have we become. 08.Apr.2004 19:47

True American

George Bush and Dick Cheney are MAS MURDERERS. Those people who claim to supprt these sub-human creatures are NOT true Americans. They are traitors.

My heart hurts. My head spins.

I hope the freedom fighters in the Middle East take the Bush/Cheney Mafia OUT!!!!

Those in The Congress who approved this war deserve no less as well.

Welcome to the homeland!!! 08.Apr.2004 21:17

K.J.W.M burnupkxk@hotmail.com

I don't know what to say about those pics in genearal, other than the fact that that make my stomach turn. It's so sad, that this so called freedom has to take the lives of the very people they're freeing... seems kinda pointless, doesn't it??
I wrote this poem today and i think it plays in well with this topic. It is called...

Welcome to the Homeland

I see the world the way it is,
It's an evil place, I know,
I see soldier's killing kids,
As I watch the hatred grow,
Some oil here, some oil there,
"Let's all kill some more",
Cause the world don't seem to care,
Living in the free world, but we ain't got no right,
Politicians, they just make war,
It's all of us who loose the fight,
You can't kill to stop world violence, it doesn't work that way,
Take a breath, you know they kill us,
They do it everyday,
Go to war and fight for freedom, you will be considered brave,
No war is ever peaceful, can't you see?
You're just a slave,
They feel free, killing all us people,
As they fill our minds with hate,
I'd like to welcome you to the homeland,
Known as America the great.

NO MORE WAR!!!! 09.Apr.2004 05:18

Spanish woman

Please...do not allow more war.
Please...remove Bush the new fhrer of the world.
People do not want more war...no more death.
Those childs could be our childs!!!

The War to end ALL Wars 09.Apr.2004 09:00

C. Bouth

Each and every one of us has an individual responsibility and accountability......We will be remembered for what we are collectively about to do. It is time to use the authority that has been delegated to us to destroy those who are destroying the earth and mankind..... "The number of the mounted troops was two hundred million...I heard their number...." -- virtually the entire voting age population of the US. But it doesn't stop with just firing them -- "the court was seated and the books were open...." www.unveilingthem.com

I FEEL SORRY FOR GOD 09.Apr.2004 09:19


many souls will be lost

intervention 09.Apr.2004 09:37

hands solo fiendish5000@aol.com

Who can stop this violence??
an independent referee,the U.N?nothing is said of the u.n,seems like there redundant
who will police the police?
kerry being voted in or not is already decided,bush must go!!!and be tryed along with his team of monsters..
in the uk robin cook and claire short seamt to be standin up and
know a lot more than they say publicly
it is a good sign mo mowlam has stepped up to bat,kofi annan,the dalaii llamma,nelson mandela these are the people who could help bring an end to this madness,they need to be listened to en masse somehow!
along with the mass population waking up,educate the masses with the truth!!peace!

very sad 09.Apr.2004 09:56

van na

Its not the job of the U.S to police Iraq. This is a mess....and it looks like its going to get messier and messier...no matter what. Very sad. When will they ever learn?


Facists and Ignorants 09.Apr.2004 10:33

Colin Longhurst


I notice you have'nt had any smart words since your claim the pictures were recycled was shown to be patently absurd. I don't normally attack someone on a board, but your utter callousness and complete disregard for the lives of these people makes me sick. Instead of dismissing it out of hand, perhaps you should do your own farking checking. I'm sure you would never question CNN.

Are we still the liberators? Please, defend these murders with the slickness of a true neocon. I look forward to your response.

And - to all - as human beings - we should be horrified and condemn these attacks against civilians. Send them to friends, people who are pro-war, the umwashed and ingnorant tools of the corporate media. Wake them up - because if we do not, we're done for.

an insane experiment in culture-change 09.Apr.2004 11:28

Emmett Raymond Smith 'abd al-Mostaqabel pombereales@hotmail.com

THE Great horror for a society that is old, rich, corrupt, is that after a point the actions that brought success in the beginning will finally bring about that same civilisation's demise. There is running throughout the west, today, an immense profound sadness that no amount of more 'stuff' can ultimately assuage. Thus, the consumption-wheels grind faster and faster, while at the same time our proprietary elites are frantically conducting an experiment in culture-change in 'Iraq which has for its goal to make of muslims a lot of happy shoppers and consumers of goods. All of this ignores the real spiritual needs of people rooted in real cortical functions of the human brain. Hence the malaise among materielistic societies in which all truth is 'relative'. The result is to live at a less-than-human level, and to seek to drag down everyone else in the name of products, sales and pleasure. Christianity effectively is at an end, here, except among devout Roman catholic and orthodox christians, and perhaps some fundamentalists in an aging population of befuddled 'baby-boomers' of the poorer classes. Otherwise, western society is a lumbering sociopathic monstrosity without even the window-dressing of a commonly-held code of behaviour. The majority of us today, in fact, have no morals beyond a sort of nominal liberal chatter about 'cultural diversity'. On facts, as matters now stand, and barring a miracle, the west is at the end of its time. Thus, all of these dead soldiers, marines, airmen, and men, women and children in 'Iraq. It is an orgy of senescent emeritism, aptly symbolised by the sadistic sneers of that man in the White House at death-row inmates, and by the vampiric figure of War Secretary Rumsfeld. Al-Hamdulil-Mostaqabel, Naml ibn Raimud al-Haddad 'abd al-Mostaqabel

117 East pleasant street, Lincoln Park, Mankato, MN 56001-3824

to all Americans 09.Apr.2004 13:48


saying they are sorry: Remember Dresden and many more German cities were carpet-bombed after Hitler was beaten. No sorry for the Germans who didn't support Hitler. All were burned alive, supporters as well as enemies of Hitler. Millions. You better get used to the idea of revenge.

Suffer the children to come unto me 09.Apr.2004 15:36

Robert W. Dozer BDozer1947

A prayer of dispair
God forgive us as we murder children in their homes, God forgive the violence and greed that is rampent in our world. When my eyes behold the children dead from the macinations of powerful men it makes me realize the cost of war. Our sons and daughters are there and we are watching like boyers of life. Terrorist that hide behind Mosqe and children, Leaders that ignore the world opinion and dive in where we are not needed, petty oil men that push for war profit, all these and more are the cause of this grief, yet the children pay, both theirs and ours. GOD BRING SANITY TO OUR WORLD NOW.Amen DOZER

Send the pictures to the media 09.Apr.2004 15:54


Rather than send these pics to the White House - who have surely seen these, and worse... let's forward these to the Times, the Post, the Globe - Obviously this is news that they've missed, and surely they would appreciate our help. Right?

REAL AMERICANS STAND UP. NOW ! 09.Apr.2004 16:08


Now is the time for the real majority ( the non-voters in the last US election ) to STAND UP and take your country back from the evil reptilian administration. Prove to the your fellow Humans on this planet you are REALLY FREE. Kick them out, and dont let them back in ( that means Kerry too ).
If this means a Revolution, in Ideology or a new way of thinking, then so be it. If it saves the planet.

let it go 09.Apr.2004 20:40


Just let it go. This is a populated area and to think we can storm in and bring retribution is insanity. This will just fan the flames of hatred. Don't put our troops in the position of firing into crowded neighborhoods after some "bad guys". Remember the Alamo? Yeah, the Mexicans won the battle, but look what happened in the end. Abandon Fallujah and win the peace.

IT'S A SHAME 09.Apr.2004 22:43

Brian Ally

It's a shame, all these deaths and terrorism for oil power and for world domination. Who has caused more deaths? Bush or Saddam? Nothing has changed as one powerful nation attacks a weaker nation all based on lies and brainwashing. The problem has never been religion or race. In South Africa the division is between blacks and whites, in Palestine and Isreal, it's between Jews, Christians and Muslims...It's called divide and rule. If you could divide people, then you could keep them fighting. Wake up people! You are being used. So who gained from the Americans attacking the Iraqis? How has this benefited the American people? Are the American people better off? Are the Iraqis people better off with over 20,000 deaths? Wake up people!

I voted for the shrub... 09.Apr.2004 23:08

Paul pgput2003@hotmail.com

..And I was wrong. Many things have changed in the last four years. I understood and supported the invasion of Afghanistan...and I still do. When the shrub started talking of Iraq, however, I was extremely skeptical. I didn't agree with it, I didn't support it, and I told everyone I knew that there had better be some damn good proof for the claims that the shrub had made. So here we are a year later. There were no WMD, and there hadn't been for years. There was no imminent threat. There was nothing at all to justify us being there. However, there are 600+ dead Americans, there are thousands and thousands of dead Iraqi's. God knows how many wounded, how many Hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars spent, how many families displaced and broken.

Now the justification is that we are "liberating the Iraqi people". We are "Keeping America safe". No we aren't. How can we expect to liberate a people if we are killing hundreds of them on a regular basis? How can we think we are keeping America safe by invading an oil-rich country and managing to completely piss off just about everyone who isn't Republican? Does this endear our cause to anyone... or does it just provide more motivation and justification for the same type of thing we saw on 9/11/2001?
Osama is a cancer and a horrible person and I hope he dies a horrible death, but he did say for years that the U.S. would invade an oil rich Arabian country on unfounded reasons. Damn... I hate it, but it appears that he's right.

My heart goes out to our soldiers who are fighting and dying. I support them and I will continue to do so. My grandfather and three of his brothers fought in WWII. Two of them were wounded... my grandfather was shot twice while fighting for Guadalcanal.
He fought and sacrificed for a reason. A real reason, not an imagined one.

I grieve for the thousands of Iraqi's who have lost their lives.

I have nothing but hatred, contempt and remorse for those who caused this. What we are doing now is sick and wrong and pointless. It must be stopped.

Please read the news... please verify your sources, please cross check what you hear. It's all out there. It isn't hard to find. Please do these things, realize what is happening, and then vote that son of a bitch out of office...

words are not enough 10.Apr.2004 01:10

helen courtney lewis

The world of thinking caring people is in ferment. What can we do other than protest?
We must
1 .See that all troops are withdrawn from Irak immediately. There is no excuse for keeping them there. No WMD's were found , so all excuses are invalid. The Irakis want to govern their own country; well let them. They will be at their own throats within days. Civil war is inevitable. That is their problem. And if this means supplies of oil for export dry up or are curtailed, nations will have to step up research on solar and other alternative sources of fuel.

2. Create a force of free thinking nations whose job it is to search for weapons of WMD in the U.S, Britain and Israel for starters.
3. See to it that the manufacturiing of all war weapons becomes illegal. The vast sums that are earned by his evil trade can be earned by manufacturing articles that benfit humanity.
4.The most powerful influences in the world are religions. None of which is the only one.
Money and the lust for power, will never be eradicated, but major efforts must be made to educate new generations to behave with tolerance.
This is my pipe dream, impossible to realise.? I fear so, but of one thing I am sure ;we must all push for is BRING BACK ALL FORCES FROM IRAK

34 971 144 103

Unfortunately, the US will flatten Fallujah 10.Apr.2004 01:29

A Canadian

To any Americans reading this, I think it would be naive to think that the US has lost only 650 soldiers in Iraq thus far. They are not going to tell you the truth. The same applies in Afghanistan. The people there are warriors and know how to fight (they've been fighting for the last 20 years). I know of someone who worked on a US base in Bahrain and said American body bags (not empty) were being flown in all the time.

Desperate times will call for desperate measures and the US will bomb Fallujah so severely that there will be no "militia" (civilians defending their homeland).

What's worse is that Israel is pulling all the strings here and the avg. American doesn't know it.
Don't believe me? Take a good look at your administration.


America is Unmasked for all the World to See 10.Apr.2004 07:22


Don't expect a whole lot of protest out of Americans. The best you will get out of Americans are those people who will protest this obscene American massacre based upon US self-interest (i.e. those people who believe that the Fallujah massacre is "bad for America's image" or that it will not help the USA pacify Iraq--as if the USA has any moral or political right to be there in the first place).

No. Killing is part of the American way. Always has been. Always will be.

So are lies and bullshit justifications for American wars of aggression. This is true under Democrats as it is true under Republicans. And don't you dare think that all you need to do is to get rid of Bush and the Republicans. The Democrats are evil warmongers just as surely as the Republicans. Remember who presided over most of the Vietnam War if you don't believe that.

America was born in blood. It was forged in blood. And hopefully, one day, America will die in blood.

How to Win Hearts & Minds 10.Apr.2004 09:00

Phil (Canada)

This approach to "winning hearts and minds" reminds one of German reprisals in WWII. I never supported the invasion, in part because what has since taken place was all too predictable. But when Saddam Hussein fell, the US had an excellent chance to actually bring positive change to Iraq. Investing in the Iraqi people by hiring Iraqi contractors and workers for the reconstruction, by helping Iraqis to help themselves, by ensuring Iraqis had full employment and enough food to eat and water to drink, and the "myth" of Iraqis cheering the US as liberators might have become a reality. Instead, the US penchant for crony capitalism ensured that most of the spoils went to US mega-corporations, that Iraqis themselves remained under-employed and in deprivation, and that Iraqi assets could be sold off at fire sale prices to foreigners. Of course the reaction was bound to happen sooner or leter. Have the lessons of the 20th century been forgotten so quickly?

NESARA Will Bring The Peace 10.Apr.2004 09:59


We, the world's people, mostly desire peace. Only the last dark cabal in Washington resists. Along with it's evil allies in London and Jerusalem. The mechanism for peace and justice is in place, but is awaiting activation. That political and economic mechanism is NESARA: The National Economic Security & Reformation Act. What was 911 REALLY about? The secret is coming out, more and more.... See http://www.nesara.us or http://www.nesara.de The truth will set you free. Regards, Omega

puppets 10.Apr.2004 11:50


The one world government people are in control of this and all other situations around the world! It does us little good to get mad at Bush because he is really no more than a glorified puppet--which is to say that most political leaders (knowingly or unknowingly)are also puppets. The agenda is the same: reduce the population of the human race to a more manageable number by ANY means in order to gain control and submission. Each event is carefully planned by such a small group of evil, power hungry folks, that has an ultimate goal of world domination. They wish to rule 'The Roman Empire" of this time. They don't care how many children die, they actually enjoy the fact that it is an insult to God. I'm sure to many of you reading this, you cannot imagine such a group exists, but they do! They sacrafice children on their altars regularly, so they truly do not care one bit about pictures of mutilated bodies. It does no good accept to prove that they do know how to cause an emotional response in the society at large.
The only true thing that can help in such times is prayer and preparedness; one day soon it will be our country and our children...they will not stop...

MY GREAT NATION 10.Apr.2004 20:01


I live in Philly. The cops patrol nightly in copters. I have seen an innocent man who came out to check on the noise shot into three pieces and one who stood up for homelss rights virtually vaporised in front of MY City Hall. These photos should sicken me, but they are the way I face the week... Funny, no press here to fight it. Like AIDS, you are hot shit if you cover it in Botswana... the guys and moms dying in the US in shelters don't make great press. I love your ideas, truly, and your causes, come hit Philly and see what we the dying have to face... I have given up. losy job, lost house dur to a disease I never looked for. Basically given up... I have poor brothers and sisters that need help... bare?

photos of murdered Iraqi children 10.Apr.2004 21:18

Although i've seen these photos, thanks for posting them b2flyer@hotmail..com

One would only have to look at history of U.S war mongering around the world since WW2.What would we see? ,or should i say, those that WANT TO SEE THE TRUTH,would see that, America has BOMBED and KILLED more people around the world that any other country.During the Vietnam war,The U.S.Illeally BOMBED Laos(totally against the Geneva Accords)to this day there are farmers being killed by un-exploded cluster bomblets dropped from U.S planes,paid for by the u.s. tax payer.The nightly news refuse to show the effects of the bombing in Iraq, and how many innocent children that have lost they're lives during this Liberation(the word used by our media to enhance MIND CONTROLL)over it's citizens to support such illeagal activity conducted by the military.The effects of this bombing will be felt for years to come.All of the weapons used by our military are laced with DU(DEPLETED URANIUM).DU is left-overs from spent uranium fuel rods.Once exploded leaves radioactive dust that have a have life of 4billion years(thats BILLION with a B)Since OUR TROOPS are fighting in this area THEY to are exposed and will come home sick only to pass they're symptoms on to the next sex partner.So you see the War Hawks really support our troops only to poison them!

its called war. 10.Apr.2004 21:45

j. m. storm

this is what war looks like. *all* wars look like this.

there is nothing about this war that is more perverse or unkind or savage than any war that came before it.

and there is nothing in these pictures that would suprise anyone who understands what war is.

which is exactly why these photos should be forcibly tattood on the children of every man and woman who voted a neo-conservative adventurist substance abuser cowboy into office. these tattoos should be performed by a palsy ridden pcp addict, using a rusty length of piano wire and some india ink, or perhaps a shark tooth wielded by the white knuckled fist of any one of these slain childrens parents.

For the record: "Uprising" in Iraq 10.Apr.2004 23:57

DeviantSaint Deviantsaint@hushmail.com

As a soldier IN Iraq, I would like to say a few things regarding the current events. These statements do not reflect anything my command has told me, any official policy, or any other sentiments sanctioned by the U.S. Army, The United States Government or other Coalition forces. I would also like to make it explicitly known that I AM NOT part of the intelligence community.

I'm pretty much a grunt and this is just my two cents.

The reason I mention this first, is to make sure I have a leg to stand on if somehow I piss off the wrong brass and get some Sh*t for this.

So here's the deal.

The Muqtada Sadr incident and what is going down in Falluja are two different events entirely.
Also, the majority of Iraqis are not involved in this insurgency, however I'm not going to lie to you and say that the sadr incident hasn't actually increased his support base. That has to do with Shia internal politics of The Sistani and Sadr split. Sadr appeals to the more extremist (that's probably not a good term, closer to... less moderate) sections of the shia in Iraq whereas sistani has a broader appeal in general with the more moderate sections of the shia here.

Sadr up until this point was more or less looked upon as an upstart and a thug. The stories you may have heard about liquor stores (yes, there are liquore stores in Iraq, there were/are also distilleries and brewerys here, no joe soldier is not allowed to drink and generaly doesn't get out enough to even find the liquor let alone by it.) being burned to the ground, or women getting beaten because their hair and face was uncovered are reports stemming from his actions. His followers in the Mehdi army (jaish al-mehdi) where creating their own version of the iranian "virtue police". There are allegations that I have varying degrees of belief in but safe to say this is not an entirely innocent man.

He is definately not some virtuous freedom fighter for Iraq. That's the nature of the beast, everyone's hands are covered in blood at this point and have been for a long time.

If you do some research on our friend Sadr you'll also notice a lot of very strange facts regarding himself, and the man/organization that he derives his authority from.

But all that isn't as pressing right now as what is actually occuring. Which is to say that due to the U.S. opposition to him and his organization, and more specifically, his resistance to it, he has actually gained more followers from the more frustrated and impoverished sections of shia society who have not benefitted from the coalition presence in Baghdad.

I would like to make a point right now that I cannot speak about the areas of Najaf, kut, and Karbala very well since I have no direct experience in those matters.

The largest sector of the Iraqi economy pre-war was govenrmental. After the invasion most of those government positions were eliminated with no compensation made in the economic structure to deal with the influx of unemployed into the private sector. This has created huge amounts of out of work, and frustrated people who had hoped for things to immediately turn into a modern bustling country after husseins fall.

the reality is that nothing is ever that easy. I'm also pretty sure that our plans where made without enough direct input from reality. It's something that I see alot in the military. It's one of the reasons that we often refer to our higher command's higher command as "echelons above reality." Think of it as a interchangeable term for "the powers that be."

But now I'm getting off topic. So, lots of frustrated out of work shia, and a man who has a golden populist touch, fiery rhetoric, and the ability to pay his people 6 dollars a day. In this economy, that's not too bad, and all you have to do is show up for his rallies, protests, and occasionally shoot someone.

You might be skeptical at this point, but trust me, I couldn't MAKE this sh*t up.

The next question of course is where does Muqtada Sadr get the money to pay his 5,000 soldiers that he claims to have in Baghdad alone 6$ a day? quick math and you have approximately $900,000.00 per month (in an average 30 day month.)

And that's just supposed to be in Baghdad alone (or so he claims).

So, either he's lying his ass off, or he's getting supported from somewhere. But where would a religious leader get that much money from a country that is not exactly filled with wealthy patrons. Perhaps he's getting it from HIS religios teacher. A man named al-haeri(sp?) who is based out of Qom Iran.

al-Haeri is the only actual known link between Muqtada's father, and His uncle who were both incredibly well respected shia religious authorities who ALSO were both assasinated by Saddam Hussein.

Muqtada's father was killed in 1999 and afterwards Muqtada himself went underground and didn't emerge until right after Saddam was toppled.

he came back with an assload of money, a mentor in Iran, and what looked like an agenda to create a fundamentalist shiite movement in Iraq. There's a whole lot more detail that goes with muqtada's actions in Iraq post war, but it would take up more than a few pages in and of itself.

However, the point I am trying to make is that this is not exactly a popular or indigenous uprising. This is political maneuvering by some outside force. I have my quesses and I'm sure your average person can do some research and figure it out.

Now, Falluja being what falluja is.

According to the locals around here, Falluja was ALWAYS a violent rebellious place. Saddam had a rather middle eastern method of dealing with it. He paid off all teh tribal leaders an amount of money in order to keep their people in line and not cause trouble. he more or less subsidized that tribal leaders and thus that mans authority inside the tribe. Everyone came out happy and those in power stayed in power.

We, however, don't do that. And ofcourse we are foreign infidels who are obviously part of a zionist conspiracy against all muslims. So, this has caused a series of problems. When you add to that the fact that Joe is not the most culturally sensitive person in the world (to put it lightly) and you have all kinds of problems waiting to happen.

and they have happened.

For the record, the reason that we have closed down all traveling arround falluja has to do with transportation. Take out a big map of iraq that includes the road system and look at where the borders are, where baghdad is, and the routes that falluja's lies on. You'll probably figure it out.

What we are seeing is small portions of the country's over all population being prodded (and it's not hard to do) and supported by outside interests. Wether it's sunni or shia, eastern border or western border. Then again, it's more or less the same thing wthat we're doing with the GC or any other faction.

It's just the nature of the beast.

I can also say that we are more worried about civilian casualties and collateral damage than they extremist opposition are. Do you really think joe soldier is running around thinking to himself that he's gonna find him some kid to kill? Like he's shapening a bayonet incase he "finds him some haji kid?"


It's also not a matter of policy. Collateral damage has to be rebuilt by the coalition, and civilian casualties are too costly a thing as far as political pressure goes. So why would the coaltion try to do it? The answer is that we don't. Unfortunately this is combat and these things do happen. Just like aid workers and journalists get kidnapped and are threatened with immolation or torture. War is not something anyone enjoys, at least not anyone I know. I'm a proffessional soldier, and I volunteered to be in the army, no one forced me, I'm not a conscript. This is my second war in as many years. I'm not a stranger to it at all, however just because I"m familiar with it doesn't mean I have to like it. Most of you reading this see isolated images and soundbites, you get the text of an event scrolled along the bottoms of your screen. You read headlines that are fed to you and murmur about conspiracies and what you're not seeing.

well I'm seeing it. Although you may never believe me, I have to at least make an effort to tell you that your mind is comming up with far more menacing monsters than exists. Is everything okay here? no, it's not okay, it IS pretty F*cked up, but it is a manageable kind of f*cked up. It's a normal kind of F*cked up. I'm not saying this as some pogue who never gets outside the wire, I'm out there more than I'm in here, and I can still say that most of the people back home (ON BOTH SIDES) are completely misunderstanding this thing.

I am glad that you are engaged in what is going on. It would disturb me more if Iraq just fell off the radar of the media or of activist groups. However, I request that more thought, more research, and more critical thinking is done before anyone wants to reach a conclusion. I've had boots on the ground here for a while and I know that I don't see or understand everything. I'm honest with myself about that. However, you're half a world away being spoon fed your information from sources who's agenda it is to sell papers, or to further their politics.

Buyer beware my friends, because the old adage is still true, you can't believe everything that you read, and now I think most of what you see is bullsh*t too.

But that's just my two cents.

"Live from Baghdad."

Not a very Pretty Postcard, is it? 11.Apr.2004 01:03


Print these on postcards and send them eo every INDIVIDUAL in the White House, especially to Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz. For lack of legal capacity, we cannot hold the President accountable. He's only doing what he's told.

grieving 11.Apr.2004 07:50


I imagine that these are our children, grandchildren, or in my heart the family of all men. The mother who will not hold her sacred child to her breast, the empty feelings that have numbed a country over the years of scarring wars and interference to any humane treatment. Old men put down your arms. Fund-a-mental was thought to be your favorite catch word, it appears to suit you better as a catch phrase. Evil or live, which beast identifies innocent children and those who subscribe to no mans war. You live in the shadow never knowing the sun shines on all of humanity. Pray hard and hope for the redemption of your unrecognizable soul.

ATTENTION! 13.Apr.2004 08:46

Appalled!!! tothestarsnow@yahoo.com

I'm a United States citizen. I do NOT believe US soldiers enjoy killing children. BUT I DO believe that our US government/administration has put our *soldiers* in a no win situation. As far as DOD, etc., I do not trust them either! I truly believe these photos are legitimate and from this past week or so. So for the idiot who thinks they're not, WAKE UP! I blame our government/administration for these murders; not our soldiers. However, that doesn't make the pain of these children and their families feel any comfort! Further, any US soldier who stays or re-enlists in our pathetic military (if ever given the option to get out), surely has no compassion left in their hearts. Of course, that is considering that this war will be over, which I personally believe it will NOT! This war has begun a situation of no return. We NEVER had ANY business going into Iraq and scaring people to death!!! I am beyond disgusted and ashamed to be an American. For God's sake, these are CHILDREN, BABIES!!!


AP: Occupation forces violate Falluja ceasefire 4-13-04

Can't war be made illegal? 13.Apr.2004 14:25


Its horrible what is going on in Iraq. People firing on soldiers and soldiers firing back. Can't something be done about it? Why isn't war illegal and effectively policed? What if all countries spent money on making war illegal and effectively policing it, instead of on waging it?

These kind of pictures are not new 13.Apr.2004 23:23


These kind of pictures, gruesome as it is, is not new. I have seen a lot of these kind of pictures of the Palestinians killed by the Israeli soldiers. I hope the TV network will show it on TV so everybody knows what is going on. Bush keep on saying that everybody wants freedom. The question I want to ask him is why the seven hundred thousand Palestinian refugees kicked out of their homeland cannot have the freedom to return. What kind of justice is that?

Are they free yet????? 14.Apr.2004 12:04


This is how the US Government is freeing the Iraqi people.
You have to think if they really are better of than when Saddam was in power. It is a shame that the "average" American has yet become indignant about the actions of Bush and his band of killers.

The true Evil 17.Apr.2004 04:04

Bruce wiese

America's war on Iraqi's....Why?

As alluded to in the posts previous with a lot touching on the heart of the subject,the points are simply this...

1-This is a war of pure greed..
The simple fact is this.Iraq could have never been allowed to export it's massive oil reserves(the second largest on Earth)under saddam or any other leader to come from within Iraq,no matter how moderate or outwardly looking.
The economic power in those reserves would leave Iraq in a situation where if chosen could have flooded the World's Oil marked(to rebuild herself),therefore reducing Oil prices greatly and have an enormous economical affect on Bush's Oil industry friend's and Domestic political backers,England's heavy reliance on the massive North Sea Oil Projects,not to mention the peace loving and Democratic countries of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia(where they still burry women up to there necks then stone them for adultry,where most of the 911 hijackers came from,where Osama Bin Laden/Al Queada are well funded from).

2-Now the Americans are in Iraq,signing up contracts with mainly U.S companies and it's so called coalition.It's a double bonus,give enormous wealth to U.S Companies and restrict the oil supply to maintain a high World Oil Price.

aaaaaahhhh Perfect!!!!!Free enterprise at the barrel of a Tank.Bush should should give lessons on how to exploit the 3rd world's resouces ,to prop up one's own economy

3-Hypocrisy--One could go into detail about the many double standards in the U.S foriegn Policy ie:Isreal's Illegal and criminal asperations to expand it's borders and at the expense of millions of innocents--but somehow this is ok and alright.
Others to list,but what is the point.

How can these things be allowed to occure?,the answer is tragic but simple..The American Public and Media.

In a Country that has a diabolical and expensive health care system for it's own communities/citizens compared to the majority of other so called first world nations.

In a Country that has such a dubiuos Justice/Legal system,where money and wealth talk and if your poor,tough shit ,take what's coming boy.Where dozens of Death row prisoners have been freed,due to D.N.A testing.(How many people have been executed who were innocent?).

In a country that is so fundamentalist in it's sense of Nationalism,that the poorest personal with no shelter,healthcare or food,will rise to the chant of Political leaders saying we are the best,we are a democracy,we have freedom,we are American's.With not one ounce of thought to the situation they themselves find themself in....Bizarre.Adolf Hitler would be proud.

We are all different and not one among'st us is perfect.Till the American people demand a higher standard from their leaders and refuse to except movie sets as press conference backgrounds,cliche's by the hundreds which lack any kind of substance in relation to any issue and comprehend we are equal to every other nation and also have an understanding that we all have different histories background and cultures and that if we set out to murder and kill and steal other nations wealth,we will be repaid in kind.

It is amazingly funny how the World's Major Economies/countries refused to get involved in such a diabolical expiditon,because it was outside of the laws as agreed by all countries...and who amongst us is believes we are above the law?

The big wheel keeps on turning...How stupid can one country be?
Greed,it will be the end of all of us..

Think people,think.How hard can it be?
Don't get me wrong,I am no fan of saddam or any other criminal politican/leader.

George Bush--Nobel prize winner for "phsychology" in the field of "How to manipulate the masses".I feel cheated ...He had such an easy audience..Doh

The Question of Our Sleep 18.Apr.2004 01:32


For a long time now I have been pondering the issue of our collective American
sleep regarding the current Administration's many wars, only three-- or is it four?-- of which have been military. ("Only!" God help us all.) It is just stunning to live in the midst of a war on the environment, a war on public education, a war on the Bill of Rights, a war on dissent, a war on the poor, the military, the elderly, the vulnerable and the needy here at home-- and a brutal, brutal war on our brothers and sisters in our human family who live in Iraq. I grieve and grieve these little ones whom we have so callously killed-- I am a mom-- I know what it is to bear and cherish a child-- I cannot imagine seeing my own lying on the hard floor, all torn and forever still-- never to hear that little voice-- the loving trust in those dark dark eyes-- any one of them could so easily be mine-- there is nothing we can say to the parents-- and what of the men who found it appropriate, in a moment, to shoot them, or the ambulances, or the old woman who was pulling her grandkids into their house (they shot those kids too), or the people they told to get out before nightfall or they'd be shot, and then detained until after sundown, and slaughtered at the gate? What of those American men? Who will heal them when they come home and see their own babies sleeping like the little Iraqi ones they shot? Or playing as the Iraqi children played? What will they do with themselves? How will they ever be free of what they have done? How do you re-humanize? And so I have thought a lot about our sleep here in the US,and I would like to throw some possibilities into the conversation. Americans are not any more stupid or selfish or evil than any one else; we're all human, we all have our good and bad sides. The question is, why do we allow criminals to run the country even after the evidence is available, despite the press (and what is THAT), that proves their criminality? It doesn't surprise me that there are thugs and murderers and thieves and war profiteers among us. What surprises me is that we allow them to continue to be thugs and liars and murderers and thieves and war profiteers, AND the leaders of our nation! So I propose the following two ideas: that the marriage of a profit-seeking corporate agenda with government, which is part of the definition of fascism, has occurred through a political Party that this country has traditionally associated with morality, moral conservatism, and therefore a certain uprightness, which uprightness we don't want to question, because it is uncomfortably close to home; and that the functional "god" of our Administration
is money: not oil, because it's not the black stuff that's important, it's what it translates into in coffers and political power, that claims the devotees. And the disproportionate love of money is an affliction we also all share. We would be the first to describe ourselves, however ruefully, as materialistic consumers. We live in a culture of possessiveness and acquisition. All our favorite people are wealthy. In America, wealth goes a long way towards equalling worth, even among the ordinary, good-hearted, citizens. We could hate Nixon because he was breaking into people's offices and compiling blacklists. We just didn't relate to that, so it was easy to turn against him. But Bush? He speaks Bible verses ("moral; must be a Christian man") and his actions all worship money. And we see ourselves as a moral people, and we sure do like money. So-- couldn't there be a sense of shame, of guilt, of disloyalty, if we turn against someone for doing what we do ourselves? Aren't we all just hoping that this other nasty stuff will go away on its own? In facing Bush, wouldn't we have to face our own
national "dark side?" The fact that it is VERY dark makes it even harder. And the fact that Bush is openly practicing deceit and murder and waging all of his many wars all through our world makes me think of the battered woman syndrome, the wife trembling in the kitchen while her abuser storms through the house, and even taking his beatings, but never leaving, never saying You son of a bitch, enough is enough and I'm out of here-- just that nervous hoping, Maybe he'll stop, maybe it will all go away, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and the Towers will
be standing and the sun will be shining and it will all have been just a very very bad dream. I think we have to face ourselves to face Bush. We are afraid of THAT. But if we don't, I think that we will live in ever greater fear in the abuser's house, no longer, notice, a house we call our own; until one of the neighbors he has shot or angered gets through a window, and we see our babies cold and still, little hearts stopped, eyes closed against the floor.

thanks to deviant saint 18.Apr.2004 02:07


Thank you for your perspective which is a lot closer to the blood and horror than most of us will ever know. Your comments struck me as honest and from the heart, and I think we need a glimpse into the world of those who have their boots, as you say, on the ground.

Most soldiers don't go around looking for kids to shoot, I know; but I do also know that any guy who is stuck in a miserable war in a miserable desert for the interests of the desperately rich, who knows that there is so much pretense and lying that half of America still thinks there is a man named Osama Bin Hussein, or Saddama Bin Laden, and the mysterious weapons of mass destruction turned out NOT to be the cause of his interment there; that such a guy, far from home, surrounded by people whose language, culture, religion, thinking, dress, and food are radically different from anything back in Hometown or anything Mom ever cooked, whose personal habits and ways of imagining gender have nothing to do with what is familiar; such a guy, holed up as a sniper in a town where you can't tell the difference between a friend and a foe and anyone might shoot you or blow you up, you fear, can get behind a gun on a roof and just take out everything that moves. And after a while, if it's a child, well, so what, or whatever; he doesn't think, now there is a little child; he thinks something that makes him want to shoot it down. Because the Christian Peacemaker Team that just left Fallujah were eyewitnesses to that kind of sniper activity, and are not known either for their politics or their dishonesty, if you know what I mean.

Most guys are not like the few (I hope few) who are killing criminally in Fallujah. But that doesn't mean that it didn't happen or couldn't have happened. It just means what it says.

The real problem isn't the military, with its pay cuts and extended tours and
slashed benefits and depleted uranium exposure. The real problem is the Administration who found it so important to take out this one dictator-- when our nation has put more Ferdinand Marcoses in more countries than any other government on earth in the history of the world, and even now supports dictators as bad or worse than Saddam in Africa and Indonesia-- that they had to lie to Congress, and to us, and to the military, and to the U.N., and to the world, just to send you there.

That's the real problem. And it's as much a domestic issue as it is a military one. Hussein used up the WMD we gave him; we were in such a rush to go to war because Blix had almost completed his work, and WMD were our ticket in, by linking them to 9/11 (quite acrobatic, really; but everyone bought it. Or almost.)And we were going in, we were going to find a way in, no matter what. Oil? Yes. Strategic geography? Yes. Israel? Yes. Oil. Did I say that?

Thanks for your straightforward message to us civilian homebound citizens.

Please come home soon, and God bless you.

WHY DO THEY FIGHT ISLAM? 18.Apr.2004 05:19


whith eyes full of tears and pity we watch what the us & un forces do in iraq really i do not know why? but it looks to be a war against islam and moslem people.when moslems were the dominant power in the world for over 1000 years they did not offer to the christ people except all love & tolerance so,why do the christian people now treat us in that way? it is a message to all the christians &europeans and all the civilized nations please do your best to affect your governments to withdraw all its forces from iraq and to let iraqians deside how to live on their own.

america: ill-gotten 24.Apr.2004 07:56

JP Sartre

America has been contaminated by FASCISM
Patients contaminated by such disease must be isolated and be treated as plague victims she is

For the record 20.May.2004 09:08

Deviant Saint beckyj42002@yahoo.com

With all due respect, do you read the headlines? "40 killed in a wedding party." "3,000 Al Quida prisoners murdered, hideously, AFTER they were assured they would be safe." Horrible abuse of prisoners. (Hmm, Sanchez, etal, admit the fault was theirs, BUUUTTT, the punishment is only going to the guys in the trenches????)

Do any of you remember Kosovo? Vietnam? To name only a couple. We had all best wake up. Our presidents, from BOTH Parties have covered more than half the world with Depleted Uranium. How many of our kids have fought on in those countries AFTER the DU was dropped? How many are still there, in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afganistan, Viet Nam, etc.? What is going to happen to the citizens in those countries in just the foreseeable future?

DU has a half life of over 4 1/2 Billion years, but the problem is, the effects aren't immediately evident. The idiotic part is WE accuse others of having WMDs. Hello! DU, is the worst WMD known to mankind, short of the Nuclear Bombs. BUT DU IS Nuclear. It is banned by the Geneva Convention. How in the name of all that is Holy does this country get away with using it, time after time, after time?

Prior to Bosnia and Kosovo, 500 American Airmen took out a full page ad in the Washington Post telling the public and their fellow service members, that they were being lied to by Clinton. I started listening to WHAT they were saying when we entered Kosovo. The news Anchors, The General giving the daily update, and Clinton, ALL claimed on the second day after entering Kosovo that they had interviewed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Muslim women who all said they were raped by Serbian Soldiers. From there the lies just multiplied.

Then we have Bush. 9/11 sure was convenient for him. Maybe that's why he continued to read with the kids AFTER he had been told of the first plane hitting the Towers. Maybe that is why a guy who had TOLD them it was going to happen, was kept in a German jail until well after 9/11. Or why the intercept was sent up 45 minutes after a plane was obviously off course, headed for the White House. Course, Bush wasn't there so why worry?

5 US Presidents were the "Authors" of the Pentagon Papers. They came from both Parties. Pretty sick reading.

We have made enemies of most of the rest of the world. Thanks to our 'leaders'. Somebody said "absolute power corrupts". Knowing this, why have we given President after President the absolute power to wage war? So, as History repeats itself yet again, America will fall and we have only ourselves to blame.

Humanism will continue to fight against americanism. 22.Jun.2004 04:31

A Human (Not american) haumans@fight4humanity.worldagainstamerica

Now they defend it again! Pity for humanity... but how long will it continue... God is looking and believe it or not u americans GOD HAS STOPPED BLESSING america; as u want it at the cost of Blood of innocents. U americans can feel pain for ur so called BRAVE soldiers who have no mind to think and no heart to feel. By looking at these pictures it is apparent that now americans have again changed the definition of 'TERRORIST' (after 9/11 it was "any body who is Muslim and ever had a chance to put eye over an aeroplane")
The new definition is now, "Any body who is Muslim and can open eyes and breath air".
So no doubt the BRAVE army has succeded in reducing the amount of terrorists.
Bhaooo! afraid u americans? OOPs u americans have another terrorist to take care of

US WASN`T THERE 18.Sep.2004 12:22


"I don't remember too much outrage for the Kurds in Halabja...cause the US wasn't there."
Thats show the US Propangda works
Saddam don't Attack his neighbors alone!

16. und 18. march 1988-The Halabja Massacre was part of the 'Anfal offensiv' 1986 to 1988
The War with Iran ends August 1988!

more than 60 officers of the Defense Intelligence Agency who
helped Iraq in its eight-year war with Iran by providing detailed information on Iranian military deployments, tactical planning for battles, plans for airstrikes and bomb-damage assessments, the Times said.


 link to www.cooperativeresearch.org

who to blame 16.Nov.2004 20:28

watching and learning

the people to blame for all the death and destruction on all sides of the conflicts and terror attacks around the world are the religious crackpots who called for a holy war.ps theres no such thing as a marter,when your dead or dead.religion has caused more wars throughout history than anything else.

licensed criminals 03.Jan.2005 10:06


Assult against fallujans is the crime against humanity, but do not expect justice

Sad...truly sad and tragic... 16.Nov.2005 13:03

Garrick A. Farria gfarria@yahoo.com

All of this death and destruction....and for what?....really?....Seriously...for what?

The World doesn't hate Americans 16.Nov.2005 21:30


After the september 11 attacks ,I remember seeing a headline saying" Why do they hate us?"in a major news paper.I think who ever wrote that headline was dead wrong.The rest of the world doesn't hate Americans but rather, hate the pratices of the American Government.I think if ordinary citizens knew what their government was doing in other countries ,they would be appalled.The world does not hate the ordinary American,but I think the world hates American policies to third world nations and hipocracy.If only this country will practice what it preaches,if only America will live up to it's true potential then my friends we will see a new era.

photos ..... Aljazeera.Net English 24.Nov.2005 09:56


can't get on the Aljazeera net work anymore ... the US sure dosen't want you to see a different view other than their own .. they have block the site ..

This war was everything but THE TRUTH 12.Feb.2006 18:05


I would like to say, its not true. what the gov. fed us were all lies and more lies. Its hard to see your own gov. lie to you. but its the truth, they were lieing to us, just to Squeeze some oil and make hattred in the islamic and arabin world. The media covers the truth. Let me tell you what would happen to them if they didn't. well, lets just say they will all be "EXTINCT". you see our country lives on oil. If anything goes wrong, then our mean country will soon find its way of getting what it wants. And the only way to prevent this, is to get some soldiers that really mean nothing to the gov. and occupie nations.