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John Negroponte - the New Emperor of Iraq

so..how bad is Negroponte? Couldn't be worse. He ran a Contra training camp in Honduras, oversaw the torture of many, helped establish a variety of brutal dictators in South America.... and most telling of all he's a friend colleage of Kissinger the war criminal. geez

"John Negroponte to be Iraqi ambassador, Robert Blackwill to be presidential envoy, senior State Dept. official tells ABC News' Jonathan Karl."


"John Negroponte was ambassador to Honduras from 1981-1985. As such he supported and carried out a US-sponsored policy of violations to human rights and international law. Among other things he supervised the creation of the El Aguacate air base, where the US trained Nicaraguan Contras during the 1980's. The base was used as a secret detention and torture center, in August 2001 excavations at the base discovered the first of the corpses of the 185 people, including two Americans, who are thought to have been killed and buried at this base.

During his ambassadorship, human rights violations in Honduras became systematic. The infamous Battalion 316, trained by the CIA and Argentine military, kidnaped, tortured and killed hundreds of people. Negroponte knew about these human rights violations and yet continued to collaborate with them, while lying to Congress."

Under President George W. Bush Negroponte is the current US ambassador before the UN.
Ridiculous choice in Negroponte 19.Apr.2004 14:02

Lex - Galveston, TX

In a time when America should be expressing compassion, our "leader" sends a proven war criminal.

John Negroponte- the best choice 19.Apr.2004 20:28

New Yorker

How nice would it be if those of us who call ourselves politically aware READ and STUDIED what actually happened in Honduras and what Negroponte has DONE in his career to benefit all of us. It is a shame that some people in this country are so quick to hop on media bandwagons. We need a level head in Iraq. John Negroponte is that person.

Level head? 22.Apr.2004 01:16


"We need a level head in Iraq. John Negroponte is that person."

Leve head?

Works well with the CIA, covert military action, local death squads, understands "victory at any cost."

After all he worked well to save Central America from Evil, must be the right choice for Iraq. Should we be surprised?