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Update From Solitary

I spoke with Tre last night, he says he is well, and he wanted me to thank all the good folks who have been faxing character reference letters to his attorney, Tim Russell, and also the many kind people who have been writing to him.
Tre regrets not being able to write back, but the authorities have taken all his letter writing materials. He is getting in coming mail, and it is making al the difference in keeping him stong. Yesterday he recieved 14 letters fron friends and supporters! He hopes to be able to answer them soon, but in the meantime he asked that I convey his heart felt thanks to everyone for all you are doing to help him, and to defend Earth mother.

He says what he needs most at the moment is
Character reference letters _faxed_ to his attorney, Tim Russel,250.480.4010 letters should speak to Tre's honesty, good character and the fact that he is not a threat to society. Letters should also include your legal name, occupation/student status, how you know Tre (friend from the co-op, etc.) and your signature at the bottom (this is why faxes are better. Legal types like signatures)

He also asked that folks continue to send their good loving energy to him, the light and love we send him is making all the difference in these dark days

If you wish to send messages to Tre, but don't want the authorities to have your return address, you may email the messages to  tre@griffinsforge.com and I will send them along.


address: address: donations 125 ne 83rd ave Portland, Oregon 97220