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The Village Building Convergence Coming Soon to Kick Your Booty into Action

Attention activists and visionaries of the Cascadia bioregion! It's the season for...
The Village Building Convergence!
Portland, OR--
May 21st-30th

People coming together in the name of permaculture, natural building, voluntary cooperation, and the actionary re-claiming of our commons. That's right! Ten days of community action, ten nights of presentations and celebration... Intersection Repair, ecological living, cob building, the T-Horse, Radical bicycle cartoonist Andy Singer, local superstars, and a chance to make history on May 30th with the world record number of simultaneous block parties to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Portland's neighborhood associations!

The Village Building Convergence-- It's time to reclaim the Commons.

Check out www.cityrepair.org

There's a benefit coming up on april 18 for the vbc in cunjunction with the farm project. I'll be fun, food, music and spirits with a raffle, silent auction, and cakewalk, not to mention really good bands. 10-100$ donations, NO ONE TURNED AWAY. At Liberty Hall 311 n. Ivy st from 7-11 pm

Listen Mark Lakeman talk about the upcoming VBC on PDX IMC Web Radio: CLICK HERE

city repair
city repair
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