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Right Wing Eye

haha, here's a hilarious cartoon spoofing "Queer Eye For the Straight Guy", except with a right-wing makeover instead of a gay makeover. I've reposted the e-mail I received below from an unknown sender.

"Okay, it's not quite Queer Eye ... it's "Right Wing Eye," a new Flash
Action spoof featuring five of America's most outrageous conservatives:
Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, Ralph Reed, and the Prude Pats (Buchanan and
Robertson). In this episode, the Boys give young American couple Ted and
Laura a totally fab right-wing makeover. And you thought "living in sin"
was still in style? Please! That's so 90s!

Yes, "Right Wing Eye" is over the top, but it has a very serious call to
action. On April 25, the largest pro-choice march EVER will descend on
Washington, DC. Hundreds of thousands -- maybe millions -- of men and
women will stand arm-in-arm against the conservative agenda. It will be
the pro-choice march to end all marches. We hope you can be there."