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Copwatch 101

How to copwatch
Infoshop.org and the Alternative Media Project are pleased to announce the public release of our new Copwatch 101 booklet. This is the first booklet in the pamphlet series published by our Breaking Glass Press imprint. The booklet is filled with useful information on setting up your own local Copwatch group, how to do Copwatch activities by yourself or with others, and suggestions on legislative solutions to poor policing practices. We feel that Copwatch is an important project that should be in every community that has a police force. Setting up your own neighborhood Copwatch is an act of solidarity with your neighbors and against the enforcement arm of the state.

Texas Copwatch describes Copwatch as "a group of ordinary people who observe and record police activity on the streets. We do this because we believe that police brutality is widespread in our communities and that the only way to stop it is to challenge it directly." Copwatch groups are spreading across the United States and the movement has also gone international.

Download Copwatch 101 [PDF]