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The Calls From the Earth

[Spoke to Tre this evening, although he is still in fasting in solitary, he is well and strong. He thanks everyone for their love, support, and good energy. Thanks also for your kind letters. He asked that I pass along a request from him to channel your energy toward a possitive outcome in this case. Supporters in Canada were able to help him get the following areticle, written by Tre, out]
Beyond these walls and razorwire fences, there is a greater world; beyond the concrete and steel, the polluting cars and chemical plants, beyond the humyn -made buildings and machines, there is another world. It is a place where time and age melt together and become meaningless; a place where wisdom, truth, solace and beauty weave their magic through all life; a place where the ancient wisdom of the universe flows through the water's currents, seeps from the tree's exhale, pours forth from the dancing of animals, pulsates from the rocks and the dirt.

Take a walk outside the world of lights, cars, roads and buildings, and find yourself sitting quietly among the flora and fauna. Here you will find peace and beauty which is beyond humyn creation, which is the source of all life on the planet, which flows through every living thing and binds us together as family, and which brings certainty that there is more at work than the busy-ness of capitalism, consumerism, and material acquisition. This peace and beauty is worth protecting; it is worth saving. It is from the womb of our Mother that we all emerge, and She is being attacked and assaulted. We have an obligation and responsibility to protect Her, as we would instinctually protect our biological mother...

Will you join in; will you listen to the calls for help; will you stand up and oppose the crimes against life, against all life? We are all inextricably interconnected, and an injustice to one, humyn or non-humyn, is an injustice to all life on this sacred planet.

If not now, then when? If not you and I, then who?

address: address: 4216 Wilkinson Road Victoria BC V8Z 5B2 Canada

now THATS what I call an exclusive! 06.Apr.2004 21:25

eat your heart out AP!

what an amazing article! thanks west, for all you do