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Tricking the old with deciving mailers and websites.
Hello, I just wanted to inform you all that today my grandmother received a mailed from a group called "USA_ United Seniors Association" and she wanted me to look into them for her because, like AARP whose mailers we receive regularly they are supporting bush's privatization of Medicare.
So I looked into them by first visiting their website and if that was all you did you would be convinced that they were a great organization working for the better good of the poor defenseless old people, but as we know the elderly are not defenseless and can figure out when they are being duped. With further research I found this website:


which does a good job telling us who these people really are. So be on the lookout for the newest propaganda machine!
Peace and Love,
SORRY 06.Apr.2004 20:55


I am sorry about the misspelling in the headline.

IT'S OKAY, RAVEN 06.Apr.2004 21:14


I mabluh mustaiks awl the time myself.

Thanks for your articles here at Indymedia.