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Fedayeen as Vietcong: Iraqi Resistance is Rocking the Occupiers!!!

Fedayeen as Vietcong: Iraqi Resistance is Rocking the Occupiers!!!
General Giap with Prime Minister Ho Chi Minh, a symbol for anti-US resistance!!!
General Giap with Prime Minister Ho Chi Minh, a symbol for anti-US resistance!!!
Fedayeen as Vietcong: Iraqi Resistance is Rocking the Occupiers!!!

by John Paul Cupp


Dear Friends,

It is pure sickness to hear of the Neo-Con bastards attempting to further strangle the life, love, dignity, and resistance out of Iraq. In retaliation for the mass popular actions in Al-Fallujah, celebrating the justified and principled killings of 4 US mercenaries from the Black Water Corporation of the US state of North Carolina, the US has turned Al-Fallujah and several key cities into a Zionized Police State, with curfews, and the expectations that common citizenry wander about the streets, or an their way to a Mosque, with their hands up in the air. They kill at will, and detain on a whim. Some of the Fiercest fighting since the capture of Saddam has broken out, not only in the so-called "Sunni Triangle", but also Shia areas as well, were local militias are killing the common hated enemies, even as I write.

The human rights abuses in Al-Fallujah, are a symbol of the very nature of the imperialists, and are proof that the resistance is winning. The US is committing atrocities even greater than usual.

Why is it that the US does such things? Because, it is a fact, and now the US openly admits as such, that the resistance in Iraq is mere than "dead enders" of the Saddam Hussein "regime", but the Iraqi People. That is to say those killing occupation troops, Iraqi collaborators, and other legitimate military targets such as pro-imperialist "human rights" organizations, are none other than the Iraqi People. Perhaps such forces are Ba'athist, perhaps they are even loyal to Saddam Hussein. This is only superficial. As can be seen with the Shia resistance, the overwhelming people hate the occupiers more than each other. The killing and dragging through the streets of the Black Water Mercenaries, was actually a solid, principled, and positive event. Why? The answer is that it gives the potential Haliburton "worker" a good reason not to get to greedy. That is, they have th incentive of knowing millions of people will be trying to kill them, hit them with rocks, and spit on them. Also, these actions such as thousands pouring the streets to burn and mutilate the bodies of those dead bastards shows that the masses are one with the armed resistance, that the overwhelming majority hate the occupiers, and celebrate their death. It shows the resolved of Al-Fallujah. This builds a focal point and symbol for all of Iraq, and also for Palestine and Afghanistan, in anti-occupation armed struggles which will not end, any time soon. These sorts of actions dynamically maintain the Anti-US and Anti-Zionist resolved of wide sections of society. They also, disillusion the occupiers and their worthless fascist allies back home, who do not feel the pain of a dead Iraqi baby girl or a Martyred Resistance Fighter, but most certainly notice when their son or daughter is dead! It's called body bag for body bag. With this strategy, the Viet Cong and the Korean People's Army, both lead the way for militarily defeating the US Imperialists and Zionist Enemy.

One can not talk about the liberation of Iraq enthusiastically, without naturally supporting the attacking of and killing of Occupation forces. When two forces are diametrically opposed by force of arms, one is objectively supporting the killing of the one force or the other. Which do you want, Oh "anti-imperialists" in the US, dead Iraqi Fighters who are objectively fighting against capitalism, and imperialism, or dead GI Mercenary Goons, who are the guns and dogs of Imperialism's most militaristic impulse and designs

This is the hard reality the anti-war movement in the US has failed to realize, basically because it is controlled by Imperialist and Zionist Elements. Illusions, lies, and false "alternatives" to Pro-Resistance are being given to jusitify demonizing the Iraqi resistance, and to oust or marginalize Pro-Iraqi Resistance forces in the US. The pro-imperialist and pro-zionist forces must be ruthlessly purged, along with the false "anti-war" ideology they spew out.

The Iraqi people will not accept the UN as the occupying force in Iraq as Pro-Imperialist like Kucinich and Nader desire. Even under the UN flag we must stand with the Iraqi Resistance as it kills the occupiers. Iraq for the Iraqi's and for no one else! This is the bottom line. The solution to the war in Iraq is clear and non-negotiable. The Pro-Resistance Forces but beat down the imperialists and force them to military defeat in a war that should never have happen, and always has been and always will be unjust. By opposition, the Iraqi Resistance, including and especially the armed resistance, always has been and always will be legitimate, heroic, and demanding of our solidarity.

On the Website of the Anti-Imperialist Camp is the March 20th speech by Sammi AlaŠ, of the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance.

"There is no nation in the world who accepts occupation. There is resistance in Iraq, in Palestine and in Afghanistan. As long as occupation will continue, so will resistance. No occupation power quit voluntarily the territory occupied by them. This is a fact of history ranging from Europe in the 40s, passing by Algeria of the early 60s to Lebanon in the 80s."

The lessons of this are very clear, though to be honest, in my opinion, it seems that for the Imperialists and Zionists to cut their losses and except defeat in Iraq will be much harder than in Vietnam were more than 2.75 million souls perished in the cause of self-determination. Nothing can be a more precious reminder of Vietnamese Peoples' selfless contribution to the cause of the masses independence, than the blood, fire, and struggle of Al-Fallujah, who pay the price of freedom. May the the Lions Roar, and May the Earth Tremble Until All Occupiers Die or Flee!

As an addition I have enclosed some links regarding the Vietnamese Resistance in comparison to the Iraqi Resistance, which were posted on Indymedia.org in response to our solidarity letter with Anti-US armed struggle in Nepal. Particularly, I recommend the comments regarding the Tet Offensive launched by General Giap.

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Twin Towers 06 Apr 2004 18:43 GMT

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