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Charges dropped on 3 Protestors from RNC

Three were charged with riot and assault from the Republican National Convention (last election cycle). After much organizing and community outreach they were vindicated today when the judge through the case out!
Judge acquits three GOP convention protesters
The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA - A judge cleared three activists Tuesday of charges that they brawled with a police unit led by the city's former police commissioner during street demonstrations at the 2000 Republican National Convention.

Judge William J. Mazzola acquitted the trio of charges including riot and assault after viewing a videotape of the fracas shot by a protester.

Defense attorneys said the tape showed that one of the defendants, Camilo Viveiros, acted peacefully as he was grabbed and hit by police despite testimony by the officers that he had resisted arrest.

Prosecutors said the tape was inconclusive, and had asked the judge to believe the officers who said Viveiros, Darby Landy, and Eric Steinberg had instigated a fight.

"I feel vindicated," said Viveiros, 34, a housing-rights activist from Somerset, Mass.

"I feel like the victory today was dependent on the solidarity of people who were out on the streets videotaping police interactions," he said. "Without that video, it would have been more difficult. It would have been my testimony against the testimony of three or four different officers."

About 400 people were arrested during the protests, most of which occurred several miles from the arena in which Republicans met to nominate George W. Bush.

Police officers battled scores of anarchists who vandalized property and tried to set fires during the demonstrations, but organizers said many of those arrested were innocent bystanders. Only a few people were convicted, although many accepted a plea bargain that placed them on probation for a short period in exchange for a clean record.

The trial for Viveiros, Landy and Steinberg was delayed for several years.

The verdict came despite the testimony of former police commissioner John Timoney, now the police chief in Miami. Timoney said he and other police officers who were on bicycles wrestled with protesters as they tried to stop a group from overturning a car.

Prosecutors alleged that during the melee, Viveiros raised a bicycle over his head and tossed it at a group of officers. One officer, Raymond Felder, was struck and suffered a concussion. Timoney said in his testimony that he did not see the person who threw the bike.

"We thought that our evidence was very strong, and we are disappointed in Judge William Mazzola's decision," said Cathie Abookire, a spokeswoman for the district attorney.

Viveiros said he was looking forward to peacefully demonstrating at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York.

April 6, 2004 6:39 PM
Timoney. Rhymes with "Perjury" 06.Apr.2004 21:22


So former Philadelphia Police Chief (now Miami Police Chief and instigator of the FTAA police terrorism) John Timony changed his testimony on the stand in the trial, huh?

He testified in a preliminary hearing that Camilio Vivieros threw a bicycle at him. Yet at the trial, he testified under direct questioning that he never saw who threw it.

Sounds like perjury to me.

Can Someone Post the Video Used? 06.Apr.2004 21:53

Paul Kotheimer - Urbana, Illinois IMC info@ucimc.org

Thanks for posting this AP newswire story! The pivotal role played by video footage in this RNC 2000 court case exemplifies the VITAL need for IMC reporters to be right there documenting direct action in the streets, elbow to elbow with demonstrators!

But where is that video? If it's you who shot it, or you happen to have a copy, could you post it for all to see?

I realize that there may be legal issues, but if the footage is your property, or in the public domain, please let us see it!

Ain't no evidence like direct evidence!
Ain't no action like direct action!
Ain't no power like human power!

Urbana-Champaign Indymedia

203 W. Main, Suite 110

thank you protest videographers! 07.Apr.2004 09:30

the registrar

The story of these acquitals shows we all need to give a big thank you to the folks on the streets with video cameras at protests! These folks were facing felony charges! It also shows the importance of prison support. Many were mobilizing to fund-raise and outreach about this case. We need to shine the light on all efforts at police repression of activists and stand behind our community members.