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just for everyone information...
there is a live streaming police/emergency scanner on the oregonlive webpage.

www.oregonlive.com and it's under the radios and cams sections.
and b e sure to remember... 07.Apr.2004 07:00


Releasing information that you got from a scanner that leads to the commission of a crime (a very subjective determination) carries a 5,000 dollar fine and years in jail if they want to pursue it. So info you get from the scanner technically can't be shared. But if shared, especially during a protest situation... at least people should'nt actually SAY they got the info from a scanner... things like "I overheard the cops talking" would be a better way to put it when talking about where you got this information.

There are reasons the public is still allowed to listen to scanners... mostly so we can know about emergencies, so search & rescue & other volunteers & communities can know what's going on in the vicinity of where they live/work, and alert others if there's danger or a need for help...

But the ability for the public to listen in has become a bit harder, with trunkated scanners becoming more & more expensive, and the computer not being available to everyone... Still, it's good we have it, not sure how long we will though...