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Fire Truck Marching Band?

Fire Truck Marching Band - Code Pink is looking for you!
Who is the Fire Truck Marching Band?* We are trying to get in touch with the wonderful marching band, who came to the March 20 2004 protest in Portland. You played tunes as we marched. One of the tunes was "When the Saints Go Marching In.?" We want to contact you about a possible Memorial Day action we're organizing.

[*NB: Don't really know the name of this band but we saw you leaving that day in a fire truck and hoped this would catch your eye.]

If you're with this marching band, or if you know how to contact them, please get in touch with us.


homepage: homepage: http://codepinkportland.org/

I know that last year... 06.Apr.2004 16:54


they called themselves "March Forth"....